How To Add Someone On Snapchat Without Use Name Or Number 2024

Finding and adding friends on Snapchat has become easier over the years as the app has introduced new features, but it can still be tricky if you don’t know the person’s username or phone number. Here are some tips and tricks for locating Snapchat users and sending friend requests without this key identifying information.

Use Snapchat Snap Map

One of the easiest ways to find Snapchat friends is by using the Snap Map, which allows you to view public Snaps from users around the world. To access the Snap Map, simply pinch to zoom out while on the Camera screen in the app. This will bring up an overview of the Map showing your location as well as heat markers indicating where recent Snaps have been posted.

You can tap on these heat markers to view images and videos shared by Snapchat users in that location. If you see someone you know, you can tap on their “Bitmoji” to bring up their profile and add them as a friend directly from the Snap Map. The Snap Map is especially helpful for finding friends in your local area or seeing what people are up to at events or popular destinations.

Search By Name

Snapchat also allows you to search for users by their names. To do this, go to the Add Friends screen and tap on the search bar at the top. Type in the full name of the person you are looking for and tap Search. This will bring up a list of matches based on users who have that name connected to their Snapchat account.

If your search is too broad, you may see verification icons next to some users with a blue checkmark indicating they are celebrities, public figures, or brands. Focus on the results without checkmarks, as these are likely everyday Snapchat users. Please tap on the name you want to pull up their profile and add them as friends.

Connecting Through Mutual Friends

Seeing mutual friends in common with another user is a signal that you may know them in real life. To find potential friends this way, go to your Friends page in the app. Tap on any friend’s name, then scroll down on their profile page and tap “Mutual Friends.”

This will show a list of users you are both friends with on Snapchat. Browse this list to see if there are any familiar names of people you would like to connect with. Tap on their name to view their profile, then tap “Add Friend.” Keep in mind they will have to accept your request before you are officially friends.

Use Quick Add

Snapchat’s Quick Add feature allows you to find friends by syncing your Snapchat contacts with your phone’s address book. To use Quick Add, go to the Add Friends page and tap the button labeled “Quick Add.” Snapchat will compare your phone contacts to its user base and show you any matches.

If any friends pop up that you want to connect with, simply tap the “Add” button next to their name. This is an easy way to find Snapchat friends if you have their phone number but not their username. One thing to note is that Quick Add will only show results for users who have also opted into the Quick Add system.

Connect Through Snapcodes

Each Snapchat user has a unique Snapcode which looks like a QR code and can be used to add friends. If you can get someone to share their Snapcode with you, you can scan it using Snapchat to add them instantly.

To find your own Snapcode, go to your profile and tap the ghost icon in the top corner. Your code will show up which you can share with others so they can scan it to add you. To scan someone else’s Snapcode, go to the Add Friends page and tap on the Snapcode icon in the top right. This will open up your camera so you can scan their code. Once scanned, you’ll be able to add them as a friend.

Search Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories from public accounts can be discovered and viewed by anyone. You can browse Stories from publishers, celebrities, influencers, and more by going to the Discover page on Snapchat. Here you’ll also find featured Stories from Snapchat users who have chosen to share their content publicly.

Tap on any Story you find interesting and you’ll be able to see the author’s username and add them as a friend directly from their Story. This is a great way to connect with Snapchat users who have similar interests or whose content you enjoy watching. Just be aware that they have the option to accept or deny your friend request.

Connect Your Other Social Accounts

On Snapchat’s Additional Services screen, you can choose to connect your Snapchat account to other social networks you use including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This will allow Snapchat to scan your friends lists on these platforms and suggest possible friends who also have Snapchat.

To connect your accounts, go to your profile, tap the gear icon, select “Additional Services” and tap “Connect” next to the platforms you use. Snapchat may then show friend recommendations of users from those networks who are also Snapchatters. Tap “Add” next to their names to send them a friend request.

Post On Other Social Media

If you can’t find someone through Snapchat’s built-in tools, try posting on other social networks asking if anyone knows their Snapchat. For example, post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram saying you want to add a certain friend but don’t know their Snapchat username. Mutual friends who see your post may be able to make the connection for you and share that person’s Snapchat handle so you can find them.

This works best when the person you are trying to find is active on the same social platforms, increasing the likelihood they will be connected to someone who can help share their info. Just be careful not to share anything too personal or embarrassing about the reason you want to connect with them.

Use Reverse Image Search

If you happen to have a photo of the person you want to add on Snapchat, you may be able to track down their username through a reverse image search. This technique allows you to upload a photo to a site like Google Images and search for online matches.

If that person has shared selfies publicly on their social media profiles, Google may be able to find copies of the same photo and point you to their accounts. You can then check platforms like Instagram and Twitter to see if the person lists their Snapchat handle on their bio or posts about their account.

Search By Phone Number or Email

Some apps and online directories allow you to search for people by entering their phone number, email address, or even just their first and last name. If you have this basic contact information about someone, you can try looking them up on sites like TruePeopleSearch, PeekYou, or PeopleFinder to potentially discover their other social media profiles.

From there, look around for any links to or mentions of Snapchat to find the username. However, keep in mind these public search tools rely on available data connections, so you may not always get definitive results.

Ask Around

Don’t underestimate old-fashioned word of mouth. Let your real-life friends know you are trying to find someone’s Snapchat and see if they have any knowledge about that person’s account. Chances are you know people who know them or who could help get you in touch.

Your network may seem small, but we often underestimate how many indirect connections we have through friends of friends. Tell people the first and last name and city or school of the person you are looking for on Snapchat. Jogging others’ memories might lead to the breakthrough you need to find their username.

Contact Them Elsewhere Online

If you can communicate with this person through another social media site or app, you can simply ask them directly for their Snapchat username. For example, send them a DM on Twitter or Instagram or find their Facebook profile and send a message asking them to connect on Snapchat.

Make sure to identify yourself so they know who is asking. If they are open to being Snapchat friends, they may happily provide you with their username. This is often the simplest option if you already have a way to contact them online.

Ask for it in Person

Ultimately, the surest way to get someone’s Snapchat is to ask them for it directly. If this is someone you know in real life or have mutual friends with, seek them out in person and ask if they use Snapchat. If they say yes, follow up by asking if they would be willing to share their Snapchat username.

This may take some courage on your part, but is often more likely to work than relying on roundabout online methods. You can explain that you would like to stay in touch via Snapchat and want to add them. As long as you ask politely, most people will probably be happy to provide their username.

Be Persistent, But Not Pushy

Trying to find someone on Snapchat without much information can take patience and some sleuthing. It may require trying multiple approaches before you are successful. But don’t become overly pushy or go overboard in your quest to make a Snapchat connection.

If someone declines a friend request or doesn’t want to share their username, respect their decision and move on. With persistence and creativity, you can usually find ways to locate Snapchat friends without crossing any lines or violating someone’s privacy.

Protect Your Privacy

When searching for Snapchat friends without a username, be cautious about how much of your personal information you reveal in the process. Don’t share anything publicly online that could compromise your privacy or safety.

Avoid giving out details like phone numbers, addresses, last names, or any content someone could use to identify or contact you outside of Snapchat. With the proper precautions, you can safely discover new Snapchat connections without overexposing yourself.

Follow Snapchat’s Terms of Service

It’s important to follow Snapchat’s rules whenever you are searching for new friends. Don’t use third-party apps or other questionable methods that claim to uncover usernames. This can get you banned from Snapchat. Also, be sure not to spam people with repeated friend requests, which is against Snapchat’s terms.

Be thoughtful in how you reach out to find and connect with new Snapchat friends without crossing lines or engaging in sketchy behavior. You want to appear approachable so people will be receptive and responsive when you try to add them.

Make a Great First Impression

Once you do add new Snapchat friends, put some effort into making a good first impression. Come up with fun, original content to share on your Story or send directly to new friends. Respond promptly to messages or Snaps you receive from them.

This will start building a foundation for friendship and keep them interested in staying connected on Snapchat. The work to find someone can pay off greatly if you showcase how fun and engaging you are as a Snapchat friend right from the start.

In summary, finding and adding new friends on Snapchat without a username or number is possible. It may take some innovative thinking and diligence, but there are numerous strategies you can try. Tap into social media connections, mutual friends, image recognition, contact information, and word of mouth. Just remember to be respectful, protect privacy, and follow Snapchat’s guidelines throughout the process. With creativity and persistence, you’ll be expanding your Snapchat circle in no time.

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