15 Games Like Corruption Of Champions 2024

Everyone’s got something they love may it be movies, anime, comics, etc. But there is something that is undeniably the favorite of all the choices – Video games. Video games are there to help you get through your worst days but also to do wonders when in need to be creative.

Video games give you a chance to do whatever you want while in that virtual reality. It gives you an escape which you want after a busy, tiring day. It provides you with an option to reset and refresh.  So, let’s get ready to revive yourself, and gear up as we go through some of these fantastic games.

What Is Corruption Of Champions?

Corruption of Champions is a browser-based game. For those who are new to the term browser-based game, well these kinds of games are nothing different from the other PC games but played through the world wide web using a web browser. It is a flash game with some erotic elements in it.

The plot of The Corruption of Champions goes something like this- the game is set up in a village, and every champion entering the game has to follow some ancient rituals and traditions of fighting demons and evil forces geared toward saving the village.

So, the game sends the champions or the players into an alien dimension. The players are sent using a portal to that unknown dimension which is the Demon Realm. While in the dimensions players or champions are free to pick sides that are either they can fight the evil and save the village (all hero stuff) or they also can side with the evil and low-down their in-game player.

Let us come to how the game treats you, as you enter Corruption of Champions, it allows you to select the traits that you want your character to have during the game. Players should pay attention while choosing the traits for their character as it would affect their performance in the game.

Though as you level up you start gaining new powers and traits the initial characteristics (the ones you choose) would remain the same. A player can gain traits while performing some events or challenges and winning them that the game throws you, these extra bonuses are called Perks.

While in the game you will meet different characters:

The Camp Recruits-

These are the ones that a player can recruit to their camps. When meeting these special in-game characters the game allows you to interact with them through a special menu. This special menu provides you with different interaction options like collecting an item, a sexual interaction, etc Note that some special interactions are offered only when the players are with a certain character.


As the game proceeds, you will come across multiple enemies. Well, these enemies are unarmed and random characters so the chances of a player coming across the same one are very low.

Persistent Characters-

These are unique and generally named characters. They are the ones that a player cannot recruit to their camps. These persistent characters do affect the player’s game stats, behavior/choices with other in-game characters, maybe sometimes influence the other in-game characters, etc.

During the game, a player comes across various items that can be used to improve performance. These can be transformative items that can change the physical appearance of the player, weapons that can help players during combat or enhance their spellcasting ability or more, key items used to unlock some special event or a location, armor & clothing to improve defense rate of a player and some other consumables which can have notable effects on a player or can be used for performing a task.

There are different locations that a player can explore while in the game like forests, deep woods, mountains, lakes, deserts, swamps, bogs, etc. Apart from these, there are some special locations for a player to discover including Zetaz’s cave, salon, Owca, Town ruins, Bizzare Bazar, Cathedral, farm, Tel’Adre, and much more.

These and some more stuff make an integral part of Corruption of Champions. These will help you through the game while facing a challenge or event or when introduced to special characters.

You won’t find much of this kind of game. Corruption of Champions along with some other action-erotic browser-based games make up a small list. So, here are 15 other games similar to Corruption of Champions.

Here is the list of Games like COC2

1. Kingdom Of Loathing

Kingdom Of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing was first released in the year 2003. It is another game similar to the corruption of Champions which is a browser-based roleplaying game (RPG). This roleplaying game is developed by Asymmetric Publication by game developer Zack and his small team.

This game requires you to fight demons and evil characters, keep improving your stats during the games, collect items when you get the chance, and do other things. Kingdom of Loathing is a turn-based game that makes the player go through a series of adventures and events each day.

Kingdom of Loathing automatically resets itself after a certain period during the game, this is called Rollover. Most of the work a player would be doing is crafting various items and exploring their use in the game.

Once a player has crossed the level 3 they can join a clan and continue the adventure. The Kingdom of Loathing gives you an option to chat with other online players and if there’s a clan they can have a private chat window.

The main aim of the Kingdom of Loathing for a player is to be an adventurer, solve lots of puzzles, and kill the demons.

2. Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls

If you have already played the corruption of the champions game and liked it then you will surely be going to love Carnel Souls. This game offers a somewhat similar experience to the corruption of champions. It is a text-based erotic game played on the browser.

This game has picked up some ideas from Elder Scrolls and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt etc. This game allows a player to choose their character and define every aspect of its appearance apart from this you can choose the combat style for the player and some other stuff as well.

This game has got two offline versions, a demo version, and an alpha version. It is a highly engaging game and compatible with almost all browsers.

3. Trails in Tainted Space


Trails in Tainted Space is more like a sci-fi erotic roleplay game. This game is developed by Fenexo and the developers of the corruption of Champions. It is also one of the most popular text-based games after the corruption of Champions.

This game though somewhat based on the corruption of the champions does not possess all its characteristics lrails in Tainted Space is about exploring the galaxy while the corruption of champions is set up on the earth.

In the game Corruption of the Champions, you cannot recognize the evil characters while trials in tainted spaces help you in recognizing them. While choosing the player this game allows you a lot of options that include characters from other species as well. It allows a player to customize their character in any way they want.

This game is about the player inheriting a ship left by their father as they set on an expedition to gain more power and wealth. A player will be going through several adventures, collecting items, and more while playing the game. This game allows you lots of modifications and is one of the best alternatives to the corruption of champions.

4. Free Cities

Free Cities

This RPG (roleplay game) is a slave management game where the player has to play the role of a slave merchant. This game is not at all similar to the corruption of the champions.

The first thing this game asks a player is to choose the appearance, habits of your character, etc that the merchant (player) will have. Unlike other roleplay games (RPG) Free Cities gives you very few options while customizing the player. For compensating this drawback developers have done a great job on graphics and some other features as well.

The game’s main aim is to take control of the city and increase your power and wealth. The player will have to perform different tasks to be in power. They will have to increase revenue by attracting tourists and other events during the game. The player’s job also includes protecting the people of their city.

Free cities have fewer images and more texts which can be boring sometimes. Overall if you need a break from the corruption of champions for a while free cities can be a nice option.

5. Fall Of Eden

Fall Of Eden

The Fall of Eden is very similar to the corruption of champions. It is a supernatural roleplay game (RPG) from the developers of the corruption of the champions. This game allows you to customize the appearance and traits of the in-game player.

The game puts you in an abandoned house and you will have to explore the neighborhood. While discovering the houses in the neighborhood you will find one which has a portal that connects the hell (the demon world) and the earth.

While in hell the queen there will try to seduce you but to escape and finish the game the player will have to interact with Aria the goddess queen. In hell, the players will explore different locations and other portals to escape hell. This game has some of the best features and adventures and makes a good alternative to the corruption of champions.

6. Gift of Phallus 2: The Key to Eternity

This game will provide you with an overall good experience of an RFG (roleplay game). Very similar to the corruption of the champions. For playing this browser-based game you will have to download the text-only or the multimedia.

The storyline of The Gift of the Phallus is that you are a 14-year-old princess and you will have to make sexual interaction between your character (the princess) and the guard and the rest you will know as you proceed further in the game. Gift of Phallius allows you very few options for customizing the character but can be good erotic gameplay as well as a better alternative to the corruption of champions.

7. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

Cypher Cyberpunk Adventure

If you want a break from these erotic gameplays Cypher can be a good choice. This game is very similar to the Corruption of Champions except for the erotic or sexual content. Cypher is a very engaging text-based RPG (roleplay game).

Cypher has some best soundtracks and graphics. The game is set up in NeoShushi City which the players can explore during the game. Cypher has got some very cool interactive stuff like capsules hotels, elevators that talk, etc. Cypher can be a good option for the corruption of champions and also if you are in search of anything less erotic.

8. Fallen London

Fallen London

Fallen London is developed by the FailBetter Games. Fallen London is another best option if you want to escape the erotic content for a while. This game is an amazing action-packed text-based RPGZ (roleplay game) with some fantastic soundtracks and mind-blowing graphics. The game’s storyline is that you are a new human who learns to survive by performing different tasks and challenges.

The players can watch over their character’s stats including persuasive, dangerous, watchful, etc which the players get to improve as they go further in the game. The game allows the players to discover more about the character as they face challenges. Fallen London can be a good option to take a break from erotic stuff and also makes a good alternative to the corruption of champions.

9. Anchorhead


Big fan of horror and fantasy then this game is surely for you. If you are new to the text-based adventure concept, then this game can help you a lot before you set foot with some advanced text-based games.

This game is set up in a dark dimension, in the town named Anchorhead. You aim to maintain the peace of the town and stop evil activities or rituals from being performed. This game allows you to experience some best horror-based fantasy games with little or no erotic content at all. This is one of the best roleplay games and yet another good alternative for the corruption of the champions.

10. Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival is developed by Nuku Velente. This is one of the best RPGs and has an environment similar to that of the corruption of champions. The storyline of this game has an apocalyptic situation where there is an outbreak of a deadly virus and you have to face it using different tactics.

The players have to keep themselves safe until reduced by the rescue forces. This game allows you to customize your character and even choose the world you want to play in. This game also provides you with some erotic elements and stuff. Geared up with some good content this can surely be a good alternative to the corruption of the champions.

11. Torn


Torn – this game gives you endless possibilities to be whatever you want to be while playing it from mafia to starting your own company and more. It is a special interactive RPG with several exciting features. It gives you a chance to customize your character in any way you desire. This makes it an awesome alternative for the corruption of champions.

12. InstLife

This is a unique text-based browser game that gives you an awe-inspiring experience. You can customize your character according to your will. This game aims to make responsible and effective development of the character. The game gives you some rare features explicitly found here.

13. Spider And Web

This game was developed in 1998, the plot of this game is that you are a spy and are kidnapped while you are on a mission. Though the graphics are pretty normal you will surely enjoy the storyline and other features.

14. Zork


Zork is one of the best text-based fantasy games. It provides you with some of the best storylines and other features. The game is divided into 3 parts allowing you to customize the amount of help you get from the game.

15. Kill Of The Dragon Pass

Kill Of The Dragon Pass

This game is one of the best ones containing some very engaging RPG elements and a fantasy storyline. As the game proceeds, you will have to collect items and renew and upgrade your powers. You will be slaying monsters and demons. Overall it will provide a good experience.


So, if you need a break from the corruption of champions for a while, these are some of the best text-based RPGs. You will surely enjoy their amazing soundtrack, graphics, and other special features. So, fire up your laptops and start with these games already.

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