10 Best Audiobook Apps In 2024

Audiobook apps are one of the quickest categories in digital publishing, making it simple to read and listen to music while on the road. Audiobooks are now more accessible than ever thanks to advances in technology, which have contributed to their steady rise in popularity.

Because a strong audiobook narrator can make the difference between an audiobook becoming a bestseller (ranking at the top of the list) and getting lost in the crowd, this has increased demand for trained voice-over artists for audiobooks.

However, you may want to first read up on selecting an application for your audiobook before pressing play on that best-seller. With this comprehensive list of both free and paid audiobook applications with subscription options, I have you covered if you’re seeking the best audiobook apps for iPhone and Android.

Here is the list of Audiobook Apps for Android Devices

1-  Spotify: Unlimited Free Music and Audiobooks

Spotify Unlimited Free Music and Audiobooks

Spotify is a terrific option if you’re seeking the best audiobook apps available.

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service that gives its subscribers access to a wide variety of audiobooks. All Android devices can use the audiobook app. Biographies, fantasy entertainment, and non-fiction, children’s stories, science fiction, and fantasy are all included in its book collection.

The best thing about Spotify is that all of its audiobook collections are available without a paid subscription. You can also convert to its premium subscription, which offers a free 30-day trial period for an ad-free experience.

2- Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Over a million bestseller textbooks, manga, textbooks, and audiobooks are available on Google Play Books, a cross-platform service. You can download a free sample of the audiobooks before making a purchase. It makes it simple to switch audiobooks between platforms, including smartphones, e-readers, desktop computers, and tablets.

Although this app does not use a subscription-based business model, in-app transactions are permitted. On both iOS and Android devices, it may be downloaded. The good news is that all downloaded audiobooks instantly sync on all devices linked to your Google account, making it simple to continue where you left off.

3- Audible and Kindle books from Amazon

Audible and Kindle books from Amazon

With the Amazon Kindle app, you can now easily switch between reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks. All you have to do to upgrade your Amazon e-book with an Amazon audiobook if you already have a Kindle e-reader is to have one.

The books you purchase from the Amazon Kindle Store will also be synced with their audio versions thanks to Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice function, giving you the wonderful choice of hearing what you are studying while you are on the road.

So get going and buy a digital audiobook that you can read aloud on your Fire tablet, Kindle device, or Kindle reading app.

4- Serial Box

Serial Box

Another one of the best audiobook apps that you can explore and download for free is this one. For one low price, you can read or listen to audiobooks and eBooks from Serial Box on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Additionally, their Flow Reader function lets you switch between the two at the push of a button.

This audiobook software provides bite-sized stories in a variety of genres, including but not limited to drama, humor, fiction, non-fiction, and sci-fi/fantasy.

5- eStories


The best audiobook app for mobile applications or iPhone devices is eStories, which has over 120,000 audiobook titles available. Its extensive collection includes mystery and thrillers, history, young adult literature, NYT bestsellers, new releases, and both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.

Finding your next favorite audiobook to watch or purchase for offline listening is simple with a personalized search. Additionally, up to ten separate devices can automatically sync your audiobooks between them.

6- Audible


Audible is one of the best audiobook apps, offering over 1 million English and Hindi audiobooks as well as unique novels, 400 of which were written by Indian writers. It boasts the largest collection of audiobooks, which spans a variety of genres, including romance, science fiction, fantasy, history, technology, and non-fiction.

On Kindle as well as other Amazon products, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones, the Audible app can be downloaded (Echo, Tap, or Echo Dot). On the Audible website, you can also instantly listen on your computer. Therefore, start your trial right away by downloading the Audible app for free!

7- Audiobooks


Although this cloud-based platform’s library is not as large as Audible’s, the Audiobooks app has an excellent collection of 175,000+ premium audiobooks. Bestseller fiction and non-fiction; economics and business; literary works; award-winning drama and comedy; mystery, thriller, and horror; and books in other languages are just some of the genres available.

For iOS and Android devices, this free audiobook app lets you live-stream ebooks or download them for offline listening. Additionally, it enables readers to access more than 1.2 million free podcasts.

8- LibriVox


LibriVox, one of the best audiobook apps for free available, is a wise choice for new users who want to test out audiobooks before signing up for a premium plan. People from all around the world donate recordings in various languages to the public realm through the non-profit, non-commercial, and ad-free Librivox project.

9-  Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

You can borrow audiobooks, movies, eBooks, music, and more from Hoopla as a digital media service, and then watch them on your tablet, TV, desktop computer, or mobile device.

You can explore and select from a sizable selection of hundreds of thousands of titles. You can download it and enjoy it offline whenever you want, or you can stream digital content.

10- Loyal Books

Loyal Books

Loyal Books provides you with a choice of more than 7,000 audiobooks and eBooks, making it an excellent alternative to the best audiobook apps for Android. The majority of the items on this site are available in a variety of languages, including English, Hindu, Tamil, French, Urdu, and others, in addition to a wide range of genres.

It provides you with a simple search feature that allows you to look for eBooks and audiobooks by title, author, or keyword.

Wrapping up:

These are the 10 best audiobook apps to read books and your favorite novels. They are both free and paid audiobook applications. These are the greatest places to start for anyone who has even the slightest interest in audiobooks.

You can choose one of these applications after giving each of them a try, as most of them provide a free trial. Finally, listen to your favorite novels now and enjoy them whenever it suits you. Send others this article’s way as well.

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