How To Lock Snapchat on Android with Locker for SnapApp Chat 2024

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, allowing users to share photos, videos, and messages that disappear after being viewed. While the disappearing messages can be fun, they also present some privacy concerns. If you want to lock down Snapchat and limit access on your Android device, Locker for SnapApp Chat is an easy option.

Overview of Snapchat

Snapchat launched in 2011 as a unique way to share moments that would not stick around permanently. Users take snaps (photos or short videos), add filters or drawings, and share them with friends. By default, snaps disappear after being viewed, usually within a few seconds up to 24 hours. Users also have Stories where they can share snaps that remain visible for 24 hours. Snapchat has Chat for text messages, Group Chats, Memories for saving some snaps, and Discover for watching curated content.

The ephemeral nature of Snapchat provided a sense of freedom to share everyday moments without worrying about them coming back to haunt you. However, the privacy controls are not foolproof. Recipients can take screenshots to save snaps without the sender knowing. There are also third-party apps that can secretly record Snapchat activity. So if you want to lock down Snapchat access, third-party tools like Locker for SnapApp Chat can help.

Benefits of Locking Snapchat with App Lock

Here are some of the benefits of locking Snapchat with an app lock like Locker:

  • Prevent Snooping– Locking Snapchat can prevent friends, siblings, or anyone else from accessing and snooping through your Snapchat app when you lend them your phone. The app lock adds an extra layer of security.
  • Limit Usage– App locks allow you to limit Snapchat usage with timed access or by setting daily limits. This can help reduce distractions and manage screen time.
  • Hide Private Snaps & Chats– Locking the Snapchat app will hide all your private snaps, stories, and chats from being visible if someone swipes open your phone. Everything remains hidden until the app lock is unlocked.
  • Remote Locking Options– Many app locks like Locker allow you to remotely lock apps if you misplace your device. This ensures no one else can access your Snapchat until you recover your phone.
  • Additional Password– Having a separate app lock password adds extra security beyond your normal phone unlock password or screen lock. So even if someone guesses your phone PIN or pattern, Snapchat remains locked down.

Introducing Locker for SnapApp Chat

Locker is a popular app locking and privacy app developed by Asurion. It is available for free on the Google Play Store with in-app purchases for premium features. Locker allows you to lock down specific apps like Snapchat with a PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint lock.

Some key features of Locker include:

  • Lock individual apps or lock all apps for complete privacy mode
  • Set time limits for app access when locked
  • Use fingerprint lock for quick and easy access
  • Randomly scramble PIN layout for maximum security
  • Block screenshots and screen recordings when the app is locked
  • Remotely lock the phone if lost or stolen

The main version of Locker is free and provides basic app-locking functionality. The premium version called Locker+ starts at $7.99 per month for advanced features like remote locking, location tracking, and cloud backup.

Step-by-Step Guide to Lock Snapchat with Locker

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for how to download, set up, and use Locker to lock Snapchat on your Android device:

  1. Download Locker from the Google Play Store

First, download and install the Locker app from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Search for “Locker” and look for the icon that says “App Lock & Photo Vault.” The developer’s name should be “Asurion.”

  1. Set Up Your Locker App Lock

Once installed, open the Locker app. On the Welcome screen, tap “Get Started.” First, you can skip through the tutorial screens which highlight the main features.

Then you will be prompted to create a master PIN or password for Locker. Make sure to create a secure PIN or password you won’t forget. This will be your main passcode to access Locker and any apps you lock.

  1. Enable App Lock for Snapchat

From the Locker home screen, tap “Locked Apps” and then tap the toggle next to Snapchat to enable locking. Snapchat will now show under the Locked Apps list.

Tap on Snapchat in the list to configure the lock settings:

  • Choose lock type – PIN, pattern, or fingerprint
  • Set access time limit
  • Enable/Disable notifications
  • Block screenshots (Locker+ only)

Once configured, tap “Start Lock” to activate the Snapchat lock.

  1. Locking Snapchat

Now when you open Snapchat, Locker will require your unlock PIN, pattern, or fingerprint before providing access. This extra security prevents snooping or unapproved usage.

To fully close and lock Snapchat, be sure to swipe it away from the recent apps list. Then it will be fully locked down again.

  1. Unlocking and Customizing Lock Screen

To edit lock settings, open Locker and use your master PIN/password. You can change the lock type, scramble the PIN layout, set new time limits, and customize the app lock screen.

Under “Lock Screen” you can change the background, and text colors, enter custom text, and more. This lets you personalize Locker.

  1. Advanced Features (Locker+ Only)

The premium Locker+ subscription unlocks additional capabilities like:

  • Remote locking for lost or stolen devices
  • Cloud backup to restore Locker settings
  • Location tracking to find lost devices
  • Block screenshots when apps are locked
  • Priority support and no ads

If you want extra security, Locker+ has these useful upgrades. A 7-day free trial is available to test it out.

Tips for Using Locker with Snapchat

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Locker to lock down Snapchat:

  • Set a strong master PIN or password that is hard to crack
  • Use a complex pattern lock with at least 7 points
  • Enable fingerprint unlocking for quick and easy access
  • Customize notification settings so Snapchat alerts don’t display private info when locked
  • Use Limit Access to restrict Snapchat usage during certain times or after a duration
  • Scramble your PIN layout for extra security against onlookers
  • Change your Locker PIN/pattern periodically for added safety
  • Enable Locker autolock so it automatically re-locks apps if the phone is idle

Locking Other Apps with Locker

Locker can lock down and protect access to almost any app on your Android. Some other apps people commonly lock include:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)
  • Messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal)
  • Photos & Videos
  • Email & Work Apps
  • Banking & Finance Apps
  • Dating Apps
  • Games

So whether you want to limit social media usage, hide private chats and photos, restrict kids from accessing your phone, or prevent unauthorized access to business apps, Locker provides a simple solution for locking almost any app.


Locking Snapchat with Locker for SnapApp Chat is an easy way to add an extra layer of security and privacy on Android devices. It allows you to restrict Snapchat access with an app lock PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. Locker also provides usage limits, remote locking, and customization options.

Locking down Snapchat prevents snooping and gives you more control over who can access your snaps, stories, and chats. Locker makes it quick and convenient to lock Snapchat and other apps without limiting functionality. Give it a try for locking down Snapchat on your Android!

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