15+ Best Low MB Android Games Under 20MB Free 2023

Are you looking for low MB Android games but can’t find them because you have a limited data plan or not enough space on your device? Don’t worry, because the Google Play Store has a lot of great games that don’t take up much space and work well on even the most basic Android devices.

Android users can play games without having to spend a lot of money or fill up their device’s storage space. This list shows the top 15 low MB Android games for 2023 that are made to take up the least amount of memory. The games listed above are not only fun but also take up little space. This makes them great for use on cheap smartphones or devices with limited memory.

Advantages of low MB Android games

  • Wide Audience Reach
  • Ease of Distribution
  • Low Barrier to Entry
  • Free-to-Play Model
  • Diverse Genres and Gameplay
  • Regular Updates and Support
  • Social and Multiplayer Integration
  • Portability
  • Community and Feedback
  • Technological Advancements
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Requires less RAM to run
  • Less lagging
  • Decent graphics
  • Lightweight
  • Most are offline games
  • Can play on a variety of low-end Android phones
  • Easy to download and install

List of top 15 low MB Games for Android

1. Rocket Joyride

rocket Joyride

Rocket Joyride lets you put on a high-tech rocket and go on a thrilling ride. You’ll have to use your skills to avoid obstacles, get coins, and finish tasks.

2. Real Cricket Go

Real Cricket Go

Real Cricket is one of the best cricket games for Android. Real Cricket Go, a lite version of Real Cricket 2021, was also released by the company. It’s made for low-end Android phones, as the name suggests, and the best part is that it’s another small MB game for Android. There are different ways to play the game, such as Quick Play, International Tournaments, different levels of difficulty, and more. If you like to watch cricket, you should give the Real Cricket Go a try.

3. Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is a simple game that cricket fans will enjoy because it is fun to play. In this fun cricket game, you can step up to the box and face tough bowlers.

4. Chess


Use Chess Free to work out your brain. You can play against AI opponents with different levels of difficulty, or you can challenge your friends to a battle of strategy.

5. Tiny Archers

Tiny Archers

Tiny Archers is a game where you have to protect your tower from goblins and trolls. In this fun 2D action game, you have to use your archery skills to kill baddies.

6. Pool King

Pool King

If you’ve ever played 8-ball pool, you’ll enjoy playing Pool King on your phone. Yes, the idea behind the game is the same as the idea behind the 8-ball pool. When it comes to how it’s played, it’s very similar to an 8-ball pool. It can also be played with other people. You can also play against people from all over the world. One of the best things is that the barriers (sticks) can be changed. If you like an 8-ball pool, you should check out Pool King.

7. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Move across the road, rivers, and train tracks while avoiding obstacles and earning coins. Crossy Road is a great game for casual players because it has cute blocky graphics and a lot of ways to play.

8. Duet


Duet is a fascinating arcade game in which you guide two ships through several twisted shapes. It will test your reflexes. The difficult gameplay goes well with the relaxing music.

9. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Get ready for some off-road thrills in Hill Climb Racing. You can drive different cars over a hilly landscape and do stunts while collecting coins.

10. Sky Fighters 3D

Sky Fighters 3D

This game puts you in the pilot of a jet plane and lets you race against other planes and fight them. Sky Fighters 3D isn’t too big, so it won’t take up too much room on your phone, and you can play it by yourself. You can also lead your fleet, play more than 48 realistic missions, fly more than 10 real planes, and enjoy the game’s immersive gameplay.

11. Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is an unusual racing game that combines classic racing games with endless runs. Dead Ahead is a racing game that takes place in an 8-bit world where there is a huge zombie apocalypse. In this game, you have to race for your life.

12. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

If you like shooting games but don’t understand why they have to be so big, Modern Sniper is what you should download. This game is very small. The game is only about 10 MB, and you can choose from 50 different tasks that can be played on 6 different maps. What about the guns and knives? They come in a set of seven. It may seem like a little less, but that’s what happens when a game is this small. The game has been downloaded about 5 million times and has a 3.9-star ranking.

13. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing

If you like to ride bikes more than drive cars, you should check out Real Bike Racing. The game lets you ride more than 10 different kinds of superbikes on a few different tracks. The controls are pretty easy to use, and the game even works with VR headsets like Google Cardboard if you want to play it with one of those. Even though the graphics are pretty good, the installation size is surprisingly small. This makes it a good racing game to have on your phone if you don’t have much room.

14. Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure

Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure

Top Run is a fun arcade-style game that you can play offline on your Android phone. It has graphics that look like old pixel art. It’s a 2D game where you can run indefinitely and jump from platform to platform to avoid monsters and kill them.

All of this is set to a very intense, retro-futuristic score with music that is very soothing. It’s free, works without the internet, and only takes 52MB to download.

15. OutRush

OutRush is a very fast-paced video game about fighting in space. In it, you’ll be in charge of a spaceship. To get to the end, you’ll have to avoid the most complicated and strange objects and shoot your enemies.

It’s a simple game with a lot of action that will keep you busy for hours. It has images that look like synth-wave and are simple and futuristic. This game can be played without the internet.


In conclusion, low MB Android games have a lot of benefits for players with limited data plans or phones with limited storage space. These games offer a wide range of styles and ways to play, but they don’t take up much space or data. Their small size doesn’t make them less fun, which makes them perfect for casual players and people who want an immersive experience on a cheap device.

The Google Play Store is getting more and more low MB Android games, so users can play fun and interesting games without spending a lot of money or worrying about storage space. Explore the world of low MB Android games and you can have hours of fun on your Android device, even if you don’t have much space or memory.

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