10+ Best Live Streaming Apps For Android in 2024

Live streaming has become incredibly popular in recent years. From live concerts and sports to gaming and vlogging, there are tons of live content options available. With so many live-streaming apps on the Android platform, it can be tricky to figure out which ones are worth using. In this article, we’ll highlight the 20 best live-streaming apps for Android devices in 2024.

Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

1. Twitch


Twitch is the premier live streaming platform, especially for gaming content. It features channels from some of the biggest names in gaming along with smaller, up-and-coming streamers. The Twitch app for Android makes it easy to watch your favorite streamers, chat with fellow viewers, and get notifications when the channels you follow go live.

2. YouTube Live

YouTube TV

As the world’s largest video platform, YouTube also offers live-streaming capabilities. The YouTube Live app allows you to view live streams from a range of creators as well as scheduled events. You can use your YouTube account to stream live directly from your Android device as well.

3. Facebook Live


Facebook Live allows you to stream footage directly to your Facebook feed. Just open the Facebook app on your Android, go Live, and start streaming to all your followers. It’s great for quick updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and connecting with your audience in real time.

4. Instagram Live


Similar to Facebook Live, Instagram Live lets you share live videos with your Instagram followers. You can go live within the Instagram app itself or use third-party tools to stream high-quality broadcasts. Your live videos will also be saved to your story or profile.

5. Twitch Studio

For streamers who want to broadcast directly from their Android device, Twitch Studio is a must-have app. It allows you to manage your Twitch channel and stream HD footage right from your phone. Useful built-in features include chat, alerts, overlays, and more.

6. Streamlabs


Streamlabs is an excellent utility app for streaming on various platforms. It includes powerful mobile production tools like customizable overlays, alerts, chatbots, and more. You can use it to enhance your streams on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

7. LiveMe


LiveMe is a popular broadcasting app focused on live shows, talent competitions, music performances, and other entertainment. You can watch popular LiveMe creators in the app or start broadcasting yourself to build your following.

8. Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Bigo Live has a massive global community of streamers and viewers. The app makes it easy to watch live video broadcasts on all kinds of topics. You can also use fun interactive features like virtual gifts, multiplayer games, and video chats while streaming.

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9. Periscope


Owned by Twitter, Periscope is all about letting you broadcast live video to share instant moments with the world. Just open the app, hit the broadcast button and you’ll be streaming live in seconds. Plus, replays stick around for 24 hours.

10. YouNow


YouNow is an underrated app that offers live streaming in a variety of genres like music, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. In addition to watching popular broadcasters, you can chat with creators in real time and even go live yourself.

11. Smule


For musicians and singers, Smule lets you perform live with a real-time audience. It offers a range of interactive music experiences like karaoke, rap battles, and collab performances. You can even form duos with gifted vocalists around the world.

12. Ustream


Ustream has been offering reliable live streaming since 2007. The Android app makes it easy to watch anything from breaking news coverage to music concerts to corporate events. You can also use it to broadcast your content.

13. LiveOne

LiveOne offers a full spectrum of live broadcasting features, allowing you to stream solo or invite up to three friends. Viewers can interact through real-time comments and show their appreciation with digital gifts that you can redeem.

14. Woo Live

Woo Live

Woo Live positions itself as the live streaming app for professionals. It allows you to schedule live streams, invite guests, brand your broadcast, and stream in HD quality. The app is aimed at thought leaders and industry experts.

PheedLive brings live broadcasting to the world of blogging. The app allows you to share thoughts, everyday moments, and hobbies through live video. You can also follow favorite bloggers and interact through real-time chat.

And there you have it – the 20 top live-streaming apps for Android devices in 2024! Try out a few that catch your interest to start watching or broadcasting live content. Just be sure to have a strong and stable internet connection before you go live. Enjoy exploring the exciting world of mobile live streaming.

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