15+ Best Free Prank Websites & Best Funny Websites 2024

If you’re trying to find the simplest Pranking Websites, you’ve got to come to the proper place. A prank is the act of a true joke or troublesome act to fool someone. Pranks have been brought into the digital age.

Let’s discuss some funny prank websites for fun. Pranking someone shows how foolish the person is, this sometimes is embarrassing for the sufferer. Many people watch pranks and funny pranks on the web, but some aren’t conscious of these prank videos.

1st April is widely known as Fool’s Day per annum, so people attempt to be more cautious so that they don’t get pranked.

Here are the simplest funny prank websites for friends:-

So, here is the list of websites to troll your friends only for fun. These pranks are harmless, so dig ahead and check out a couple of them on your best friends or classmates. So let’s start.

1. Ship Your Enemies Glitter [Recommended]

Ship Your Enemies Glitter
Ship Your Enemies Glitter

ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com is one of the simplest prank websites available online.

Pay the website, and they will send your message wrapped in glitter to your friends or enemies, they’re going to receive such a lot of filters in an envelope that they won’t be ready to clean their house for weeks.

You can visit this site to send messages to your friends. Send a glitter bomb to your friend and await the response. They’re going to be annoyed.

The moment you place the order, you’ll get the glitter bomb delivered anywhere in the world. You’ll also send a note of why they’re receiving this terrible gift.

This website had tons of media coverage. It’s one of the simplest pranks to try!

2. Shit Express

Shit Express
Shit Express

If you’re looking to troll your friend or enemy, this prank is very recommended. Sending sh*t to someone is disgusting. Imagine people that annoy you the foremost how will they react to this gift?

They deliver animal sh*t around the world. Yeah! You read that, right? They deliver through mail to altogether countries of the planet.

The best thing about this website is your name will never be revealed. Isn’t that amazing? Prank those people that annoy you by sending them this gift. You can pay through Bitcoins, Credit, and Debit cards.

3. Blow Up The Phone

Blow Up The Phone
Blow Up The Phone

Through this service, you’ll send many funny messages to your friends. You’ll prank them by sending these messages from different phone numbers everywhere on the planet.

This service can send funny preset messages and spread comedic themes. Your friends will never understand who is sending the messages. You’ll only send one message in 24 hours, according to their policy.

To send a message, you are required to pay $6.50/prank, for pranking any single number, therefore the website can cover the cost to keep the location up.

You can quickly stop these pranks by merely replying “STOP” to any text, and every prank will terminate automatically.

4. Mail A Spud [Popular]

Mail A Spud
Mail A Spud

It is on our list of best prank websites which is enough to make sure that it’s a superb site to fool people. Send a potato through the mail. Mailing a potato is that this real or a joke?

It is a 100% real prank!

The website delivers your message on potatoes and the need to spread potatoes to the planet. If your friends are potato lovers, then send a potato as a present through the mail.

The service costs $13 for the first russet potato. They accept Bitcoins, PayPal, Debit, and MasterCard, Apple Pay as payment methods.

5. Joker Greeting

Joker Greeting
Joker Greeting

It offers lots of prank gifts such as Prank Candles, Endless Singing Greeting Cards, Joker Rubber Chicken, and more. The prank candles, once you lit them, begin with a pleasing smell and suddenly become a fart smell. Victims of this prank get confused about where the odor is coming from. You can buy these prank candles easily online!

6. Message Bomber

Message Bomber
Message Bomber

Message Bomber is among the favored prank websites; you’ll ever encounter. We will assure you that the website is filled with surprises. It has tons to supply. Additionally, to be user-friendly, it’s entirely free.

Yes, you read it right, you don’t need to pay one penny to enjoy the website services. To further enhance the accessibility of the website, they offer an app for Android and iOS devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Prank your friends by sending them thousands of messages and funny text pranks.

7. Great Big Stuff

Great Big Stuff
Great Big Stuff

We can never deny the very fact that Great Big Stuff is among the simplest prank websites. You’ll gift regular things sort as a pencil, paper pin, timepiece, and lots more but not in regular size.

They are large, their products weigh on fun and functionality. Their consumers are both corporate and entertainment customers.

Their corporate consumer includes the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Invention Channel, O Magazine, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, NBC Studios, E! Network, the May Company, Mervyn’s, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, and lots of others.

I hope you’ll enjoy their product the way other customers gave them an honest response.

8. Love Calculator Prank

Love Calculator Prank
Love Calculator Prank

How can we miss out on the Love Calculator prank? It is a funny prank website to fool people crazy. Do this mischievous prank on your friend. Find your friend’s crush or love with this interesting prank website. Create a singular link and send the love calculator to your friend.

When they open the love calculator, it’ll ask them to write down the name of their crush.

After they click on the calculator button, they will receive the name of their friend through an email. This may shock them after they realize they were pranked.

9. WhatsApp Fake Chat

Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator
Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

Another excellent and one of the simplest prank websites is WhatsApp fake chat. Confuse your friend with a fake conversation that appears sort of a real WhatsApp chat.

Fake Chat Generator allows you to simulate a realistic WhatsApp chat quickly.

This website allows you to vary the delivery status and time of the chat. You’ll download your fake WhatsApp chat, and it’s so real that it’s hardly possible to differentiate between real and fake chat.

It shows the delivery status as if the person is typing or away for a short time, or he/she is online. You can also change the time or choose a background image. With numerous options, it also allows you to point out, and quickly switch between sent or received status.

10. Geek Prank Hacker Typer

Geek Prank Hacker Typer
Geek Prank Hacker Typer

You can easily pretend to be a hacker ahead of anyone. With its added graphics, it allows you to type sort of a hacker.

You can easily fool someone; it’s real that you simply are a hacker and may hack anyone’s system or website. Thanks to its high graphics, it’s convincing. Use this prank website and you’ll enjoy it.

This is one of the cool pranks to mislead your friends.

11. Key Prank


We do believe that Key Prank is one of the simplest prank websites; you’ve ever encountered. This website offers a set of key pranks like Space Key Prank, Vowel Prank, etc. It’s very helpful to troll a lover.

This website seems like a traditional word editor, but it’s not! It works whenever you press that specified key, which changes the sentence into something weird line.

To tease your friends and family, you’ll find some ways to troll them on this prank website.

12. News of Future

News of Future
News of Future

As the name hints, this website publishes future News. It shows you what the planet is going to be like after 50 years. Its publisher gathers news about the planet through realistic predictions for the longer term.

The world is changing rapidly, so they publish the news consistent with the scenario of today. It allows everyone to participate in shaping the world; this is the rationale you’ll find arguments on their every news.

If any of the comments on this argument are realistic, the website will revise its news and can republish it.

13. Send Random Facts

Send Random Facts
Send Random Facts

This website will automatically and anonymously add your friends and sign them up to receive a huge amount of random facts.

You can send cat facts, trump facts, and lots more.

14. Shady URL

Shady URL
Shady URL

Shadyurl is one of the simplest prank websites. It’s a superb website. You’ll edit any website, and obtain a brief and bizarre URL for the online page.

The URL you’ll get through this website will look suspicious and can make it to the subsequent level. The main exciting thing about this website is you’ll make as many URLs as you would like.

You can even hide any URL during this link and shock your friend. Prank your friends, and luxuriate in the reaction.

15. JibJab

JibJab Messages

Another great website on our list of best prank websites is JibJab. It’s filled with fun. Enjoy by sticking your face in funny GIFs and videos.

Download its app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Snap a selfie and alter your face with the Jib Jab “Funny Photo Montage” camera. With its face change camera app, you’ll create the simplest photo montage and funny dress-up games, or just enjoy Jibjab dance together with your face.

Be an excellent superhero wearing a JibJab costume before messaging a lover. Jibjab offers to undertake a superhero costume, funny dance video with face edit, dress-up games, and lots more.

You can reserve it and share it with your friends via social media.

16. Peter Answers

Peter Answers
Peter Answers

Peter Answer made it to our list of best prank websites effortlessly. Why not ask an issue Peter Answer, and you’ll enjoy the solution from it.

Peter gives you space to write down your question. It’ll provide you with a hilarious answer that may troll anyone.

Its theme is analogous to Siri, but replies are different. Always file a petition before asking Peter any question; the solution could be what you’re expecting. This experience will cause you to ask questions again.

17. Fake Windows Update

Fake Windows Update
Fake Windows Update

Let’s prank your friend with false Windows or phone updates. This website allows you to make counterfeit Windows 7, and Windows 10 in your browser. You can also generate false mobile updates on your browser screen. Troll your friend and see the reaction, you’ll enjoy the expression on your friend’s face.

Press enter during a browser. The browser screen will show a blue screen of death on your screen. Enjoy this fantastic window prank.

18. Pug A Day

Pug A Day
Pug A Day

If your friend is a pug lover, then this website is the best place you could be trying to find.

Give them your friend’s number, and they will send your friend an excellent personalized message and a movie of Pug a day. This service is merely available within the USA and Canada.

Payment methods- Credit and Debit cards that are allotted by American Express, Visa & Mastercard.

My Final Words:-

Nowadays, it’s trendy to troll or prank someone, and for that, we’ve come up with an inventory of the best prank websites. We tried our best to offer you as many trolling /prank sites as we could.

We know what the possible way of pranking your friend is. There are more websites, and their list continues. Troll your friends, enemies, family, or colleagues. I hope you liked the article.

Comment down below your favorite prank. Do check all the pranks because every prank is simply entertaining.

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