Best Android Browser Available On Play Store 2022

Fastest Browser For Android

Best Android Browser: Does anyone know, what’s powering the Smartphone? Battery! No. Well, that’s the solution first involves your mind right. But the solution is the INTERNET. Yes without the internet what’s the purpose of using a smartphone. So to interact with the internet, we’d like some kinda tool, that features an interface. Here comes the Android BROWSER. Its main job is to attach us to the web.

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Fastest Android Browser

So why not we just look for Browser and install any random browser from the play store and begin interacting with the internet. And why there are numerous Android Browsers to settle on from, confused right? Yeah, there are many Android Browsers with unique features aside from just surfing the web. And now we’re only getting to mention Speed here because everyone loves the Fast browsing experience.

So we conducted a test to seek out which of the browsers are fast and straightforward therefore the android phone we used for this test is Redmi Note 5 Pro and the tools are Speedbattle, Octane 2.0, and Wirple. and everyone of the browsers listed down below is updated to the latest versions till this very article is published.

Let’s Find The Fastest & Best Android Browser

1. Opera Touch

This is my favorite browser during this segment. Because it’s an amazing modern interface and pretty good looking and also I’m having smoothest experience from this browser. Yes, it’s a replacement browser for the famous Opera. The interface is clean and straightforward to use, there’s only one button at heart. But that one button can do most of the roles that we will expect from a browser. Flow is introduced, it’s a kinda timeline and online sync tool.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 327.48
Octane 2.0 = 8445
3D Bench = 272


  • Fast, lightweight, and lovely.
  • Well designed and easy to use.
  • Instantly search for anything you would like.
  • Ad-block features are also available.
  • Google Playstore link

2. Xbrowser

A simple, plain, and fast browser. this is often a lite browser with almost every feature out there. It’s so small in size, just lesser than 1MB. It’s insanely fast for normal browsing that the majority of people use. It lacks some features like cloud sync and flash player but it’s worth having it since it’s a lite browser.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 327.48
Octane 2.0 = 8445
3D Bench = 272


  • Insanely super-fast experience.
  • Neat and clean homepage with no ads.
  • Powerful ad-blocking and gesture controls.
  • And also its plugins and other theming options.
  • Google Playstore link

3. CM Browser

CM browser is the best lightweight browser in my opinion. Because it’s the main theme is to dam annoying popup ads and intrusive ads. And also the good feature is that there’s an in-built video downloader. Hence whenever you watch or play videos, it might show a choice to download that video. And it’s a secure browser too since they use some best antivirus engines to power up the browser.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 321.59
Octane 2.0 = 8103
3D Bench = 267


  • Lightweight and straightforward design.
  • Pre-built video downloader.
  • Great ad-block functionality.
  • Secure browsing experience.
  • Google Playstore link

4. Chrome

The default browser in most Android phones. The Chrome browser gives a faster and smoother experience to the users. and therefore the main advantage of this browser is everything is synced with google, so just check in with our google account, and boom, all the saved passwords, bookmarks, and even we will open tabs from the PC.

And what’s making it even special is, chrome features an AMP viewer which instantly opens an internet site without even loading it, pretty cool right.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 326.46
Octane 2.0 = 8784
3D Bench = 439


  • The auto-Fill feature is extremely handy.
  • Auto translate sites.
  • Instant page loading with AMP viewer.
  • Supports HTML 5 and every one major javascript.
  • Regular updates and support from Google.
  • Google Playstore link

5. Puffin

Puffin browser already has the crown for the Fastest browser for android in some aspects of ratio. And it’s true because it’s a cloud-based algorithm, which helps to load the online page faster than others. And also Puffin developers claim that it can save up to 90% of the information when normally browsing.

What’s the niche feature that I like is, that it’s a virtual mouse and keyboard with a scroll button, so that we will use a desktop site with no worry.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 1023.75
Octane 2.0 = 21410
3D Bench = 1984


  • Super lightning-fast web browsing experience.
  • Virtual mouse and keyboard and gamepad.
  • The free version of this browser contains an ad, hence install a paid version and you won’t regret it.
  • Add-on plugins are available.
  • Google Playstore link

6. Microsoft Edge

Everyone has got to be conversant in the Edge browser on Windows 10. Since it’s a product of Microsoft, if we use Microsoft’s other products fairly often, this browser comes in handy. Because it’s a feature, that permits us to interact with the browser within the PC and mobile at an equivalent time and even it shows the timeline.

On the PC side without a little question Edge browser is the fastest but the memory consumption and lack of plugins made Chrome popular. But on the android side, they’re pretty good with fast scrolling and animation. But the only downside is that this is often a heavy browser so it could run badly on low-end phones.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 308.41
Octane 2.0 = 8953
3D Bench = 290


  • Sync with one drive and obtain connected with your windows.
  • Better looking interface.
  • Smooth and fluid experience.
  • Plugins and add-ons are coming soon.
  • Google Playstore link

7. Apus browser

Another lightweight browser and it’s tiny but it can easily compete with chrome or edge browsers. Because it holds pretty powerful features in it like flash player support, HTML 5 support, no image mode, additional plugins, speed mode, etc. And this app is lesser than 10Mb, which can’t be believable right. The sole annoying thing is the recommended ads within the home screen, aside from that this mini browser is pretty cool.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 319
Octane 2.0 = 8314
3D Bench = 254


  • Small, fast, and secured.
  • Plugins and add-ons are available.
  • The download speed is great.
  • Warns when some malicious site tries to steal something.
  • Google Playstore link

8. Dolphin browser

Most android enthusiasts still use the Dolphin browser. Because it offers some cool functionalities and lots of surprising features. And also has its own cloud space, so we will seamlessly be connected to the internet. The unique feature of this browser that a lot of others don’t have is advanced Gesture control.

We will just draw any shape and made it to travel to any website that we assign. And also web to pdf converter is out there as a plugin. An advanced ad-block algorithm is employed to stop annoying popups.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 330.28
Octane 2.0 = 8488
3D Bench = 213


  • Adobe flash player and another HTML player.
  • Sidebar and advance gesture control.
  • Amazing voice assistant called Sonar.
  • Many themes to customize the design.
  • Google Playstore link

9. Firefox

Familiar with Mozilla on PC. Yeah, equivalent developers made this browser for android. Connect with many Firefox users. It’s fast and smart. Why I said smart is, because this browser shows the ads consistent with the user preference and also provides an intelligent search.

Everything is customizable from the home theme to download. This browser has the award for having the most add-ons and plugins because this browser is open source and any developer can create a plugin. Also, connect with the Firefox account and sync everything.

Test scores

SpeedBattle = 458.39
Octane 2.0 = 6361
3D Bench = 230


  • Sync with the firefox account.
  • Smart and intelligent.
  • Adblocking and video downloading plugins.
  • Privacy has a higher importance
  • Quick share with share snap feature.
  • Google Playstore link

Winner of the fastest android browser 2022?


This is just a result of a supported test that we conducted and every browser above is updated to the newest version to the present date. But my personal opinion is Opera touch, yeah it lacks some features compared to others, but the way it handles the browsing experience is amazing and fun.

Also, check these lite browsers

  • UC mini -All-time great mini browser.
  • Via browser – Fast and lightweight with some features.
  • Firefox lite – Mini version of firefox.
  • Opera mini – Evergreen opera mini is here.
  • Aloha lite – a New and interesting lite browser.
  • Atlas browser – Simple and great material theme.


Everyone needs a browser so choose wisely lots of Android browsers are out there with their unique features, but today we just targeting speed so aside from speed some things need to be considered like Adblock and personal browser. I’ll confirm that I keep posting articles with different topics to assist you to discover your needs in the best way possible.

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