How To Fix Liftmaster Error Code 1-5 – Best Ways In 2023

When liftmaster error code 1-5 happens, it means that the garage door doesn’t open all the way and stops halfway open. Many things could lead to this problem. Error number 1-5 indicates a motor error. A lot of people have said that liftmaster error code 1-5 happens when the garage door only opens halfway.

Liftmaster error codes 1-5 can occur with different types. Also, here are a few examples of situations in which this error message is likely to happen. The Liftmaster Wi-Fi models, such as the 8550W, 8557W, 8587W, and others, are advanced garage door openers that offer wireless connectivity capabilities.

If the user is getting liftmaster error codes 1-5, they are having trouble. Here is a complete list of the steps you need to take to fix Liftmaster error codes 1-5 and get Liftmaster back to working as it should.

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What is liftmaster error code 1-5?

Liftmaster has a complete, all-in-one system for automating doors in both commercial and residential buildings. When Liftmaster error code 1-5 shows up on a Liftmaster device, it means that the machine didn’t find any RPM in the first second of movement.

In this case, the door moves about 15–20 cm and then stops, changes direction, or doesn’t move at all. A single click may also be heard, or the opener may make a humming sound for 1-2 seconds without moving.

Please keep reading this article for detailed directions on how to fix liftmaster error codes 1-5.

Why is liftmaster error code 1-5 occurring?

If there is a problem with the motor or engine, the liftmaster system is set up to show error numbers 1-5. The problem could also be caused by a logic board that isn’t working right or a connection error in the travel module. Several things, like a broken fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, or a loose wire, can cause this.

There may also be another reason for this problem. One problem that could happen is that there isn’t enough power.  Because of this, the Liftmaster can only open the door halfway. So, we tried everything we could think of and fixed the problem.

How to fix liftmaster error code 1-5?

Follow the steps given to fix the error 1-5 code on your Liftmaster. Follow each step in the instructions:

  1. Disconnecting power supply

Disconnecting the device from the power supply makes it easier to get all the electricity out of the device. Because of this, overheating and other genetic problems are successfully stopped from happening. Please follow the following set of steps for how to fix  liftmaster error code 1-5 to complete this task:

  • Check that the breaker panel is set up correctly and that the opener is getting the right amount of power.
  • Check the fuse box and circuit breaker panel to see if any fuses are open or have blown.
  • Check the circuit breaker panel to see if any of the lines are overloaded.
  • Check to see if there are any loose wires or broken connections in the opener’s power source.
  • Check the way the door works and the indicators to make sure they are working correctly.

Once the job is done, check to see if the mistake is still there. When the door opens and closes with no problems. The error has been fixed. Place the top cover on the machine and turn it off.

  1. Check obstructions 

The door occasionally slides 15-20 cm before stopping or turning around. You can manually open and close the door in this situation. Alternatively, you can look for binding or obstructions like a broken spring or door lock.

  • Use a camera or other tracking device to look for things in the way of the tracks.
  • If the problem is found, get rid of it.
  • If the blockage can’t be found, continue to step 4.

If you check the tracks several times and can’t find the obstructions, the liftmaster error code 1-5 is caused by a problem with the lift or the cable. In this case, you need to get a new Liftmaster.

  1. Replace logic board

The Liftmaster system shows an error number but doesn’t do anything to open the door. There is a chance that the logic board isn’t working right or has been damaged. To fix the liftmaster error code 1-5 problem, the logic board will need to be changed.

If you have any questions or problems with your Liftmaster device, you should call the customer service line or ask a trained technician to help you replace the logic board. Also, it’s important to know that the logic board can be different based on the model of the device. When talking to customer service, you must give a full account of all the models involved.

  1. Please verify the force setting

  • Go to the “Home” area of your Liftmaster account and then choose the “Device Profile” that matches the garage door that is giving you trouble.
  • To get to the setting you want, go to the Force Setting drop-down menu and then choose the choice you want to look at.
  • Please click the Check Force button to see what the present force setting is.
  • Find the “Change Force” button and press it to change the force setting. This move will let you change the force setting to what you want.
  1. Customer service

To fix the liftmaster problem 1-5, it is best to ask for help from the liftmaster’s customer service. To start a conversation with customer service, go to the page given and make a connection.

  1. Nearest approved dealer

If you don’t have much experience and don’t know how to sort out liftmaster error codes 1-5, it’s best to ask the nearest approved dealer for help. Please go to the specified page to find sellers close to where you are.


What does liftmaster error code 1-5 mean?

Error number 1-5 is shown on a liftmaster when there is no RPM in the first second of movement.

How do you get rid of trouble from liftmaster error code 1-5?

Most of the time, this problem can be quickly fixed by opening or closing the door by hand or removing any blockages, such as a broken spring or door lock.

How do I reset my garage door opener?

Find the learn button on the control panel and hold it down until the LED light goes out. By doing this, the opener will be reset, and the keypad and any remote buttons that you set up to work the opener will no longer work. The light built into the unit that opens will flash to let you know that it worked.

How can I tell if my Liftmaster has a bad logic board?

An obvious sign of a bad logic board is when the garage door opener clicks, but the door doesn’t move. Then something is wrong with the logic board.

How do I fix my Liftmaster garage door opener when it stops working?

Check to see if the remote’s batteries need to be changed, if the springs are broken, or if the door needs to be oiled.


Liftmaster error code 1-5 means that the RPM couldn’t be found in the first second of movement. The problem can be easily fixed by replacing the broken logic board and then taking all of the cords off of the device.

To solve this problem, you should either open or close the door manually or remove any obstacles, such as a broken spring. The above methods are meant to make it easy for you to fix the liftmaster error code 1-5.

If you have any questions about the Liftmaster, the commonly asked questions about how to fix Liftmaster error codes 1-5 are listed above. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a note.

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