50+ Best Android Themes – Best Theme For Android 2024

Best Theme For Android Device: First of all, thanks for reading this article. If you are searching Best themes for Android, then we must say you are in the right place, so without getting into a query let’s directly jump into cool pieces for Android.

In this article, a comprehensive analysis of the top 50+ themes available for Android devices will be presented. These images were captured following specific research studies. The studies comprise an analysis of download volume, user reviews, and user ratings. An attempt was made to compile a list of 50+ best Android themes belonging to various categories. It is recommended that you review the brief discussion to identify the most suitable theme for your needs. All of these Android theme apps are free to install, therefore there is no need for any concern regarding payment.

What Are The Best Themes For Android 2024 free download?

Lots of people are using Android Mobiles today. So the Android operating system is an open-source made by Google.

The Android launcher can change the operating system style. It will also change like Home screen, Settings, Menu, and Keyboard style if we change the theme. This can be different from the theme that you are going to apply. However, you can just surprise people using these cool Android themes.

What Will Change On My Mobile If I Apply A Theme?

Your mobile might change those below. (Note: This will depend on the theme that you select)

  1. Home Screen
  2. Setting menu
  3. Main menu
  4. Icons
  5. Font
  6. Keyboard
  7. Media Players

What Are The Disadvantages Of Applying An Android Theme?

There are no disadvantages to using Android themes. In my experience, the only bad thing is the mobile phone will slow down a little bit when the theme is applied but we will give you 20+ best Android themes that do not decrease your mobile phone speed.

Here Are 24 + Best Themes For Android In 2024

1. MIUI-ify

  • Key Features – Notification Shade, Battery saver, Bottom Status Bar, Quick Setting Tiles, Handle Trigger Area, Backup/Restore.

2. Smart Launcher 5 (Rating: 4.4)

Smart Launcher 5
Smart Launcher 5
  • Key Features: Ambient theme, Adaptive icons, Automatic app sorting, Designed to be used with one hand, Ultra immersive mode, Smart search, Built-in clock widget with the weather, On-screen notifications, Gestures, and hotkeys, Customization, Protect your apps, and Wallpaper selection.

3. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
  •  Key Features: AppLock–Protect privacy with pattern and password, Personalized Themes & Icon Pack Center, Efficiency, Easy to Use, Effects, Optimize, Customization, Manage with Ease, Hide Apps, Locker, Gesture Operation, Themes to Explore, Backup, and more.

4. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
  • Key Features: Custom Icon Themes, Night Mode and Dark Theme, Customizable App Drawer, Subgrid Positioning, Backup, and Restore Speed.

5. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher
Evie Launcher
  • Key Features: Universal Search, Quick Navigation, Custom Shortcuts, Personalization.

6. Google Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher
Pixel Launcher
  • Key Features: Swipe the right side of your Home screen to see Google Now cards, Quick access to Search, Say “OK Google” to search with your voice, A-Z apps list with fast scrolling, and App Suggestions.

7. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher

  • Key Features: Video Live Wallpapers, Stylish and personalized, Fast and efficient, Famous, Smart, and convenient.

8. C Launcher

C launcher
C launcher
  • Key Features: Fast, Secure, Smart, Customizable Interface.

9. GO Launcher

GO Launcher
GO Launcher
  • Key Features: Provide 10000+ free mobile themes for Android, Go Wallpaper, Transition Effect, Widget, APPs management, Dr. Clean, DIY Live Wallpaper.

10. U Launcher 3D

U Launcher 3D
U Launcher 3D
  • Key Features: Themes & Icon Pack Center, 3D Animation Effects, 3D Themes & Live Wallpapers, Unity Themes & VR Themes, Trending Themes, DIY Themes, Hide & Lock Apps, Boost your phone, Smart App Manager, Notification Reminder.

We spend a lot of time on our phones when we wake up in the morning, during the day, and before we go to sleep at night. We set the wallpaper on our phones to match our moods and arrange them in a way that fits our style. This is where these apps come in. So, many best Android themes and settings can be changed to fit anyone’s style.

11. ME Launcher

ME Launcher
ME Launcher
  • Key Features: Change the phone theme, Customize app icons, and great visual effects, and Change the font and color.

12. Ace Launcher

Ace Launcher
Ace Launcher
  • Key Features: Customization Center, Phone Optimization, Smart Launcher, Detailed and Accurate Weather, Handy Search, Privacy Protection.

13. POCO Launcher

POCO Launcher
POCO Launcher
  • Key Features: Minimalist design, Personalization, Convenient search, managed apps, Quick and smooth.

14. MiX Launcher

MiX Launcher
MiX Launcher
  • Key Features: Theme, Icon Pack, Apps Drawer, hide unused or private apps, notification dots, gestures, Gesture ball, and more.

15. Pie Launcher

Pie Launcher
Pie Launcher
  • Key Features: Icon pack, More than 1000+ cool themes, Apps drawer, hide unused or private apps, notification dots, and more features coming soon.

16. O Launcher

O Launcher
O Launcher
  • Key Features: Themes & icon pack, launcher style drawer, Icon themes, Wallpapers, Gestures, Hide App, Side Screen, Notifier/Counter, Edit app icon, Icon dot, Drawer color, Lock desktop.

17. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
  • Key Features: Personalize Your Feed, Give your phone a new look, Cortana, Continue on PC, Search the Web, Gesture Customization, and Organize Contacts.

18. Launcher iOS 15

Launcher iOS 14
Launcher iOS 15
  • Key Features: Assistive Touch, Control Center, Change your wallpaper, and more cool features coming soon.

19. Launcher Galaxy S10

Launcher Galaxy S10
Launcher Galaxy S10
  • Key Features: Start Menu, Android application in Stylish Tiles, Easy Navigation to the Apps, File Explorer, Create Folders, Taskbar, put the files to Recycle Bin and delete later, Built-in ZIP support, Action Center.

20. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2
ADW Launcher 2
  • Key Features: Added new icons effects section, Dynamic UI coloring using wallpaper colors, New way to manage screens, New way to add widgets and shortcuts, change the wallpaper, lock/unlock the desktop or access settings, fast scroll app drawer style, desktop transitions, and more.

There is a wide range of best themes for Android 2024 available, each with its distinct visual impact, ranging from simplistic to vibrant designs. In addition to their themes, these launchers offer a variety of customization options that can be applied to enhance the appearance and functionality of the launcher. The utilization of custom themes is a common practice for Android users. It offers the ability to personalize the appearance and functionality of a mobile to meet specific requirements. The Android themes provide numerous customization options that are not available in the default version.

21. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher - Pixel Edition
Action Launcher – Pixel Edition

Key Features: Based on Pixel Launcher and All features of Pixel Launcher, Full customizable dock search box, At a Glance widget, Adaptive icon support, App shortcuts, An inbuilt weather widget, Google Discover integration for all, Full Notification Dots support, Quicktheme, Shutters and more.

22. Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2
Lawnchair 2

Key Features: Support for Adaptive Icons, Flexible Desktop, Dock, and Drawer, Drawer Categories (Tabs and folders), Integration with Android Recents, Automatic Dark Mode, Contextual data in At a Glance, Notification Dots, Integration with Google Feed and Homefeeder

23. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Key Features: Create customized watches like Digital and Analog Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticated Battery or Memory meters, randomly changing images, Music Players, World clocks, Astronomy widgets, and much much more. Imagination is the limit.

24. Walli


Key Features: Automatic wallpaper changer at the preferred frequency, change your phone background directly from the app, Large selection of wallpapers on various themes, Multiple sizes of wallpapers available, Get to know your preferred artists

25. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher

The AIO is an application designed to provide a comprehensive and unified interface for accessing various functions and features of a device. The home screen is comprised of multiple categories that showcase diverse information. The application is offered at no cost, however, it provides premium functionalities that can be obtained through in-app purchases.


  • A hardware monitor widget can be added to the home screen to display information such as available storage space and remaining battery life.
  • The timer can be set directly from the home screen.
  • The home screen provides users with a variety of options, such as initiating a call to a frequently dialed number, performing currency conversions, reviewing notifications, and additional functionalities.

26. Lines Icon Pack

Lines Icon Pack

The Lines Icon Pack showcases a distinctive design. The package comprises a collection of more than 3,000 icons, which have been optimized to ensure optimal visual appeal across all devices.


  • There are more than 200 wallpapers of skies, clouds, and scenery that were chosen by hand.
  • The outline of the icon is clear, so you can see your background through it.
  • This information was given by the creator, who may change it in the future.

27. Heart Milk Theme

Heart Milk Theme

This Android theme with a pastel color scheme is highly likely to be appealing to you. The Heart Milk Theme, developed by Ateam Entertainment, is a very popular cute theme. The launcher of the theme will provide a clear and uncomplicated interface, featuring prominent themes, wallpapers, and fonts.


  • The software comprises approximately 1,000 distinct themes.
  • Themes are available in various bright and pastel colors.
  • Users have the option to select their preferred widget and icon pack, both of which offer a wide range of customization options.

28. Simple Theme – Space Feather

Simple Theme – Space Feather

This app is great if you want a theme that is clean and easy. A beautiful picture of a feather floating in space comes with a simple theme. It looks great on any kind of smartphone, and the icons and tools are in the right places. Also, you have a lot of ways to change the way it looks.


  • It is easy to change how big the icons are and where they are placed.
  • Because the background is black space, it can be used as a night mode style theme.
  • It is a safe app that doesn’t drain the battery too much.

29. POCO Launcher 2.0 – Customize

poco launcher 2.0

If you like POCO phones but haven’t been able to buy one in the US or other places, you’re in luck today. You can get the same look and feel as a POCO phone with the POCO app. It became famous because of its unique app drawer, which put apps into groups based on what they did and let users change almost everything.


  • The product showcases a minimalistic design language.
  • Users can create additional categories for their apps. It is possible to create a personalized category with privacy considerations in place, which enables the user to conceal applications.
  • The product exhibits a low weight, resulting in enhanced speed and smooth performance.

30. Modern Theme

Modern Theme

The Modern Theme features a blue color scheme in its design. Hundreds of wallpapers will be provided for your display. This theme is deemed exceptional due to its seamless animations and remarkable icon packs. This theme provides a novel theme category experience on your device.


  • The animations of icons exhibit a high degree of smoothness, and there exist icon packs for a wide range of popular applications.
  • Thousands of high-definition black wallpapers are readily accessible and can be easily personalized.
  • The power consumption of this theme is lower.

31. Cherry Blossom Launcher Theme

Cherry Blossom Launcher Theme

The theme features visually appealing cherry blossom images and has low download requirements. The theme is exclusively compatible with Android smartphones and allows for personalized customization. Users can personalize app icons and curate a selection according to their preferences.


  • You only have to tap once inside the app to change the look without doing anything else.
  • For extra protection, the theme has a lock screen.
  • Free icon masks are also part of the theme.

32. Themes App

Themes App

The Themes App offers a selection of fantasy themes for Android devices, complete with the most up-to-date icon pack. This feature is intended for individuals who utilize the Neox Launcher. The product is compatible with all versions of Android and features high-definition icons and wallpapers.


  • The system features a Dashboard that utilizes a material design.
  • Themes can be applied with a single click, and a clock widget of high quality is available.
  • Daily, the appearance will vary from the previous day.

33. White Flower Launcher Theme

White Flower Launcher Theme

The theme comprises high-definition wallpapers with white flowers such as dandelions, lilies, and others. The installation process for the theme is simple. To obtain the theme, simply download it at no cost from the Play Store. Ensure that you possess a compatible launcher, and the theme will initiate automatically.



  • The white theme comes with free icon faces that go with it.
  • It also lets you creatively make your app icons.
  • It also has a lock screen that can be changed to make it even safer.

34. Action Launcher

Action Launcher

The interface is designed with an easy-to-use layout, featuring a dock located at the bottom of the screen and additional icons positioned above it. This design is similar to that of Pixel and other stock Android devices. The software includes the Material You design language and includes the capability to extract colors from themes, a feature introduced by Google in Android 12. Older Android devices are now capable of utilizing the same features.


  • The interface of the device resembles the clean design found on stock Android and Pixel phones.
  • Users can adjust the size of icons, modify the text color of labels, and perform other customization tasks.
  • The application provides users with the ability to extract and apply color themes to their homescreen.

35. Niagara launcher

Niagara launcher

The Niagara launcher shows a distinct and exclusive theme. The application displays all relevant information on the device’s home screen, providing immediate access to necessary data upon unlocking the smartphone. The home screen displays the clock at the top, followed by the date, notifications, and frequently accessed applications.


  • Operating a smartphone with one hand can be challenging, especially if the device has a large screen. This is a common issue faced by many Android users.
  • The feature enables users to access all applications efficiently without the need to open an application drawer. The launcher incorporates visually appealing animations that enhance the user experience while navigating through the interface.

36. Themes for Android

Themes for Android

This application includes over 75 wallpapers, each with a high-quality definition to enhance visual appeal. The application updates its wallpapers and launcher themes daily to enhance the user’s experience and uplift their mood. In addition, there are visually attractive neon clock widgets and dynamic live wallpaper options available for the home screen.


  • The device’s themes provide a feature that enables users to share pictures on social media platforms with a single tap, thereby customizing the device’s functionality.
  • The themes provide a personalized touch to the home and lock screen views, enhancing their visual appeal.
  • Additionally, all of the wallpapers featured are subject to the CC0 License, allowing for unrestricted use across all platforms.

37. Themes, Wallpapers, Icons

Themes, Wallpapers, Icons

This app was made by Themes and Wallpapers, which works with Android phones from Huawei Honor and other brands. This app has a lot of 3D and live wallpapers that will catch your eye. It also has fonts for your gadget that are both serious and funny. From the app’s theme collection, you can change your phone’s whole look to one that looks better and is more real.



  • The styles let you change how the app icons, home screen, and lock screen look.
  • Through the app’s wallpaper themes, wallpapers can also be set as moving GIFs.
  • Besides that, this app also works with EMUI 4 shells.

38. Tapet Wallpapers

Tapet Wallpapers

Tapet Wallpapers is a mobile application that generates custom wallpapers in real-time. This app stands out from other wallpaper apps due to its unique ability to create wallpapers on demand. The application generates wallpapers that correspond to the screen resolution of the user’s mobile device. The product will include high-resolution wallpapers that are custom-designed for the user. Furthermore, the application operates offline as it generates all wallpapers locally on the user’s device, without relying on any internet connectivity to download any external content.


  • This is a collection of wallpapers that are both easy to use and unique to design.
  • A diverse selection of wallpapers featuring various patterns and color combinations is available.
  • This article showcases a collection of wallpapers designed in the Material You theme of Android 12.

39. High Style Launcher

High Style Launcher

Another cool theme is High Style Launcher, which you can use to decorate the screen of your phone. On a black background, there are different abstract patterns made of LED lights. The best thing about this app is that it works well and has a lot of icons and apps that can be changed. Different 3D backgrounds have nice designs, and I do not doubt that you will soon love them.


  • This Android theme app offers bonus points for its full UI color and high-definition visual effects.
  • This feature will enhance the visual appeal of your phone with a modern metropolitan appearance.
  • The themes and wallpapers will undergo regular updates.

40. Pirate Ship Launcher Theme

Pirate Ship Launcher Theme

If you are interested in the adventurous lifestyle of pirates, I can provide you with an option. The Beautiful Themes application offers a unique and exclusive theme that is only compatible with Android operating systems. The theme comprises antique pirate vessels that are well-known for being owned by experienced pirates.



  • Additionally, it enables the lighting of the app icons and modifies their appearance upon launch.
  • The software is compatible with various smartphone brands, including Samsung, Huawei, and others.
  • The theme does not have any impact on the battery percentage or battery life of the phone.

41. 3D Balls Launcher Theme

3D Balls Launcher Theme

The use of this theme will modify the phone’s interface, specifically the home and lock screen, to enhance its visual appeal. The theme is characterized by a minimalist design and features blue and white colored balls that create a mesmerizing effect. The download process is straightforward, and the accompanying instructions are user-friendly, facilitating easy setup on your device.


The theme is responsible for customizing the pattern and passcode interface of the phone’s lock screen.

The theme features a dedicated lock screen that provides an extra layer of security for your device.

If there are no compatible applications to execute the theme, the system will guide a seamless download process.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the best themes for Android and are worth a shot if you love to customize your Android. If you are a beginner and looking for a Quick makeover, then try your hands on the Launchers. Some Android themes are free but some are paid themes. You don’t need to buy themes because there are tons of free themes out there.

And if you are an advanced user who can sit and spend a lot of time in theming, then try KWGT and KLWP.

What Theme Did I Recommend For You?

I like the Nova theme that I mentioned in my list above. Anyway, you can choose any theme you want. It depends on your passion. So I hope you download the best themes for the Android phone list.

Don’t forget to tell your Favorite Launcher and Apps to theme Android in the Comment section.


To summarize, the utilization of the best Android themes is an effective method to customize your device and showcase your style and preferences. The Google Play Store offers a wide range of best themes for Android to choose from, allowing users to select a theme that aligns with their preferences and enhances the appearance of their device.

Selecting a theme necessitates downloading it from a trustworthy developer and verifying its compatibility with your device. It is advisable to consider the impact of certain themes on your device’s performance. Opting for a theme that does not cause any lag or performance issues is recommended.

In general, the utilization of the best themes for Android is an enjoyable and uncomplicated approach to providing your device with a novel and customized appearance.

The following applications are recommended: Nova theme, Microsoft Launcher, Themes for Android, Tapet Wallpapers, and AIO Launcher. These were previously listed. The user is given the option to select any desired theme. The choice is dependent upon your interests and passion. It is recommended that you download the optimal themes from the list for your Android phone.

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