IDP.Generic- How To Remove IDP Generic Virus Warning- Best In 2021

What Is IDP.Generic?

Users facing the difficulty of IDP.Generic infection warning even when accessing some legitimate programs. So is it really an epidemic or simply a false positive. Actually, we found that this was a bug of AVG and Avast antivirus software. Avast and AVG detect it as an Identity protection vulnerability. IDP means identity protection. there’s no specific sort of program, it’s showing warning for. But users face issues with legitimate software and games. Steam users also are facing this issue.

What is the cause of the issue?

The major explanation for the IDP.generic warning is outdated programs. Most are the outdated version of AVG or Avast Antivirus software. Though False-positive warning by Avast & AVG has been fixed within the latest update. So if you’re still facing this issue take care either you’ve got not updated the antivirus program or it’s a true infection.

If the infection is within the temp folder it might be an epidemic or trojan, so you ought to clean it or delete it. And if it’s showing a warning with the exe program, it cloud be falsely positive, if you think the program is from a trusted source.

IDP.Generic Warning message
IDP.Generic Warning message

Actually, the behaviour shield catches the file thinking that it might be malware. Behaviour Shield may be a component of antivirus to catch the files that supported their behaviour to offer Zero-day protection. So it might be a false positive. Another major cause is that the outdated version of Java within the computer. So always update your installed software up so far to avoid problems.

How to fix the IDP.generic warning issue?

Follow the below steps to remove this warning or remove the infection from the system.

2. Update Antivirus software

If you’re getting a warning with a legitimate game or program then the likelihood is that that it’s a false positive, and a known issue by the safety company which they might fix within the latest version. So your initiative should be to update to the newest version of Antivirus software. Update both program and virus definition especially if you’re using AVG or Avast.

3. Update Java run time environment

You java run time environment could be outdated or conflicting. Download Latest Java. And remove all old versions of Java using Add / Remove Programs in the control panel. Then install the latest version.

Make sure IDP.Generic is not a real threat

If the above methods are unable to solve the issue the chances are strong it is a real virus infection and not a false positive.

Scan with other anti-malware software

To make sure then your system is clean and you are not at risk it is better to scan the computer with an Antimalware Program or with an Online Scanner.


Please do not remove or disable the Antivirus software just to fix this issue. What if the file is infected with the real virus and not a false positive? Also please don’t add any file to the exclusion list in antivirus software.

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