How To Enter EDL Mode On Xiaomi Phones 2024

Enter EDL mode Xiaomi: Officially Xiaomi does not allow bootloaders for reasons of increasing user security. Of course not all of the apparatus, only the latest. In effect, we can no longer flash HP via fastboot. Another way to flash a Xiaomi cellphone is through EDL-Mode. But there are still many Xiaomi users who don’t understand how to enter the device into EDL Mode, the reason is that entering EDL Mode is much more complex than entering Fastboot mode. Certain tools and files are required.

How to enter EDL (Emergency Download) Mode on a Xiaomi phone will be discussed in full and clear in this tutorial.

Please read and follow this tutorial if you want to boot your phone into EDL mode.

What is EDL Mode?

EDL mode stands for Emergency Download. This is a Special Mode to give users a greater level of access to your Xiaomi device. EDL uses include you can unlock the Bootloader unofficially, Flash Stock Firmware, Unbrick your device from Bootloop, etc.

When EDL mode is active, the Snapdragon Processor is in image download mode.

EDL mode can be an alternative to Fastboot to flash ROM on your Xiaomi cellphone.

Important Things to Pay Attention to Before Starting:

  • First of all, Install the USB Driver of your Xiaomi device on a PC/Laptop.
  • Enable USB Debugging.
  • Install ADB & Fastboot USB Drivers.
  • This tutorial only works for Xiaomi smartphones with Qualcomm Chipset Processor.

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How to Boot Xiaomi into EDL Mode?

There are 2 ways that you can choose and use to boot your Xiaomi cellphone into Emergency Download Mode:

1. Via ADB Method

  1. Download & Install ADB Drivers on PC/Laptop.
  2. Enable USB Debugging.
  3. Open CMD / Command Prompt on Windows PC/Laptop by pressing Windows Key + R and typing CMD then click Run.
  4. Connect your Xiaomi Mobile to a PC/Laptop using a USB Cable.
  5. type or copy the following command to check if the Xiaomi device is connected or not.
  6. “adb device” *Without quotes
  7. Now, If the smartphone and PC are connected, then enter the following command to boot your device into EDL Mode (Emergency Download Mode).
  8. “ adb reboot edl” *without quotes pe
  9. There he is!!! Now your Xiaomi Redmi has entered edl mode.

2. Via Fastboot Method

This method is useful for users who can’t boot into EDL mode via adb procedure [method 01], just because your device is software or maybe for some other reason. In that condition use this method to enter EDL mode via fastboot mode. control.

1. Download the Fastboot EDL File & Extract it on your PC/Laptop. You will see 2-3 extracted files there.

2. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone to Fastboot Mode. To do this, Turn off your Smartphone first. Turn it on (Boot to Fasbtoot) by pressing the Power on + Volume Down button until the Mi Bunny Logo appears.

3. Now, double-click or run the edl. cmd file. When you run this file, Mi Bunny will disappear and your device will be rebooted into EDL Mode using Blank display. This is the process to boot into your device in Emergency Download Mode on Xiaomi devices.

This method works for every Qualcomm device. Therefore, you can use this method in other devices running on Qualcomm Chipset.

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