5 Best Free Movies Apps To Watch Free Movies 2024

Free Movies Apps: Many of us like to watch movies on mobile phones and no one would have thought that the mobile industry would boom like this. Today everybody has their mobile phone and you can that they are carrying a cinema in their pockets. These have mobile bigger displays with bigger battery life and even bigger storage as well and day by day this is becoming the best way to watch movies

After seeing this market opportunity some big tech giants dive into this like Netflix and Amazon Prime and because of these companies this industry has grown massively. When other companies saw that these companies were growing very much along with the industry, they also thought of joining this industry to make profits Amazon Prime Netflix.

Lockdown is also a huge and causal reason for this industry’s massive growth. While most of the people were on lockdown they started watching web series, reality shows, dramas, and movies. So to provide you with a huge library of movies and shows we have compiled a list of apps to watch free movies.

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List Of Best Movies Apps To Watch Free Movies

1. Momix


Momix is an app like flixoid and one of the best unknown applications which has a ton of movies, videos, and TV shows in its library. This is a streaming application but you can download your favorite ones to watch later. You just have registered for the first time so that the application can get access to your storage. It is quite hard sometimes to register but once you are logged in you can seamlessly consume content without any issues. 

This app has a super convenient interface so that you can choose your genre and category. The app offers categories based on streaming networks, languages, and genres. You can filter content by release date, category, and more. 

Download Momix

2. Mr. TV

Mr tv

Mr. TV is an app like momix and an IPTV protocol-based free movie platform. This lets you watch movies, web shows even all the live channels. You can steam all this on your Android device with a single app. This is quite unknown till now but this could be the best application to stream that too with a limited amount of ads so that you don’t get disturbed much while consuming the content. If you are connected with a wifi connection and cannot stream currently, you can download the content to your device to watch it later.

Mr.TV has an easy user interface so that you can navigate easily and can watch your favorite movies without any hassle. This application supports dark mode as well so that you can watch your content comfortably at night. The best part is there is no subscription or any one-time payment to use this app. This is free so you can use it without any interruption. 

Download MR.TV

3. Netflix SV4

Netflix SV4

Now we have Netflix SV4 and it is a flixoid alternative site on the list and this would be the best alternative to paid Netflix. This app allows you to watch all the Shows and movies in different quality. It has a very minimalistic user interface and lets you navigate through all the videos, series, and dramas. 

The content is high-quality in resolution. The application is very responsive and doesn’t buffer much to stream the content. Along with everything it has Chromecast support and as you know the application does not charge you anything. 

Download Netflix SV4

4. Flixoid


Flixoid is another awesome application that is free of cost. We know you guys love to watch TV shows and movies and Flixoid will help you to watch hundreds of shows and movies without any effort. The cherry on the cake is you can download the shows on your internal and external storage. 

The home of this app is pretty minimal, you’ll be able to see some shows on the home screen and as you scroll down it will reveal more and more content. There is a drop-down menu that has categories such as Favourite, Discover, Trending, Popular, Top Rated, Airing Today, etc.

This could be also the best platform alternative for paid streaming applications and this app has high-quality resolution content.

Download Flixoid 



Flix4U is a momix-similar app site and also Flixoid APK alternative is best known for movie their huge library of movies. They have a massive list of movies with multiple languages and different genres. The application includes Bollywood, Hollywood movies, web series, dramas, reality shows, documentaries, and much more. 

The application has an attractive user interface that you can navigate easily. It has all the paid features for free. So why are you waiting, click the link below and download the application. 

Download Flix4U

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best free movie app?

You can download:

  • Momix
  • Netflix SV4
  • Mr.Tv

What is the best app to watch free movies?

We have tested all the apps, we found out that Momix offers a vast number of content from different streaming platforms.

What app has all the movies for free?

You should try Mr. TV.

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