PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker APK Free Download With License 2024

PowerAMP is one of the most popular and highly-rated music players for Android. It offers an excellent audio experience with tons of customization options. However, the free version of PowerAMP has some limitations.

To unlock the full potential of PowerAMP, you need the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker. This premium unlocker app removes all restrictions of the free version and gives you access to all advanced features.

In this detailed guide, we will show you how to get the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker for free to enjoy the best music experience on your Android device.

What is PowerAMP and Why is it Popular?

PowerAMP is a robust music player for Android developed by Max MP (Dev). It has been consistently rated as one of the best Android music players due to its top-notch sound quality, extensive audio format support, personalization options, and great usability.

Here are some key reasons behind PowerAMP’s popularity:

  • Excellent audio quality– PowerAMP uses its audio engine that delivers a studio-level audio experience with bass boost, stereo expansion, and 10 band optimizer.
  • Support for extensive audio formats– It can play almost any audio format including MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MIDI, WMA, WAV, M4A, APE, etc.
  • Highly customizable– The app offers plenty of customization settings like theming, customizable widgets lock screen controls, etc.
  • Great interface– PowerAMP has a clean, intuitive, and responsive interface appreciated by many users. Navigation is simple and all features are easily accessible.
  • Bundled equalizer & widgets– It includes an excellent 10-band equalizer with presets. The homescreen widgets make music control super convenient.
  • Regular updates– PowerAMP receives updates frequently that bring new features and improvements. It is actively developed.

In summary, if you are looking for an all-around music app for Android with great sound quality, top-notch features, and a highly customizable experience, PowerAMP is one of the best choices out there.

Limitations of PowerAMP Free Version

The free version of PowerAMP offers a great music experience and comes loaded with features. However, there are some limitations:

  • Audio playback is limited to 30 seconds in the free version. After 30 seconds, playback stops and you have to manually play the next song.
  • It shows ads that can be distracting and annoying. These ads appear on the main interface and notification drawer.
  • Several advanced audio settings are locked including gapless playback, mono downmix, bass boost, etc.
  • Many themes and customization options are unavailable in the free version.
  • Features like tag editor, equalizer settings, widgets, etc cannot be accessed in the unlocker free version.
  • Certain plugins and add-ons don’t work with the free version of PowerAMP.

To remove all these limitations and unlock the full potential of PowerAMP, you need to install the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker.

Benefits of Unlocking PowerAMP Full Version

Here are the key benefits you get after unlocking the full version of PowerAMP:

  • Enjoy unlimited music playback– There will be no interruptions or audio cutoff after 30 seconds. Play music as long as you want.
  • Get rid of ads– Unlocker removes all kinds of advertisements in PowerAMP for an uninterrupted experience.
  • Access all advanced audio settings– Unlock powerful audio settings like gapless playback, mono downmix, bass boost, and much more.
  • Use all themes & customization options– Apply beautiful themes to change PowerAMP’s look and feel. Tweak all available customization settings.
  • Edit music tags easily– The tag editor allows you to edit metadata of your music files like title, artist, album name, etc.
  • Configure equalizer as per your taste– Get access to the best equalizer available for Android. Customize it fully by tweaking all bands.
  • Get add-ons and plugins– Unlocker enables plugins, extensions, and add-on packs that further improve your music experience.
  • Remove in-app billing– With the full unlocker, you won’t have to deal with in-app purchases. There are no additional charges.

In a nutshell, the unlocker takes your music experience with PowerAMP to a whole new level. You get the app’s full potential without any restrictions.

How to Get PowerAMP full version license key free

Here are a few legal methods to get the PowerAMP unlocker for free and enjoy the app without limitations:

  1. Use Free Trial Period

PowerAMP offers a free 15-day trial of the unlocker. When you install PowerAMP, it will show a popup asking if you want to start the free trial. Tap on Start Trial.

This will unlock all features of the app for 15 days. You can cancel anytime during the trial period to avoid being charged.

Use this free trial to experience PowerAMP’s full features before deciding to purchase the unlocker.

  1. Participate in Giveaways

The PowerAMP developer often organizes giveaways on forums and social media where free unlocker codes are distributed.

Participate in these giveaways actively and get lucky to win a free code. Stay updated about upcoming giveaways for your chance to win.

  1. Take Surveys

Many survey platforms like Google Opinion Rewards offer Play Store credits for completing surveys.

You can download these rewards apps and use the credits earned to purchase the PowerAMP unlocker. The unlocker is priced at $5.99 on Play Store.

Complete surveys in your free time to quickly earn enough credits to get it for free.

  1. Refer Friends

PowerAMP has a refer-a-friend program through which you can earn free unlocker codes.

When your referred friends buy the unlocker, you get rewarded with a promo code that can be redeemed to get the full version for free.

Share your referral link so that when someone buys through it, you’ll get a free unlocker code.

  1. Wait for Promotions

The unlocker often goes on sale during special occasions and festive seasons. The price gets discounted by upto 50%.

You can grab the unlocker at 50% off during these promotional sales. This way you can get it at the lowest possible price.

Make sure to check the listings during big annual sales and festive times to avail the discount.

WARNING: Avoid Modified APKs

You may come across some modified APKs and IPA files of PowerAMP Pro online that promise to unlock the full version for free.

Never download or install such fake APKs or IPA files because they:

  • Contains viruses and malware that can damage your device.
  • Come loaded with annoying and disturbing ads.
  • Lack the stability and performance of the original app.
  • May not work properly or cause your app to crash frequently.
  • Are illegal and breach PowerAMP’s copyright. Using them is equivalent to stealing.

These shady apps try to lure unsuspecting users who want to get the full version for free. Stay away from such APKs/IPAs and download the official unlocker only through legal methods.

How to get a Poweramp Pro Apk license without root

NamePowrAmp Pro Full Version
Version3 build 825
Size6.5 MB
DeveloperMax MP
  1. Download both Poweramp files via the link above
  2. Install Poweramp Full unlocker (don’t open it yet)
  3. Install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker v2-build-26.apk  Until it’s finished
  4. Open and run the application
  5. Then enjoy the features.

PowerAMP Pro Apk No Root feature

  • Can play various types of music files such as mp3, FLAC, Wav, ape, WV, tta, mpc, AIFF, mp4 / m4a, Ogg, WMA, etc. very smoothly
  • 10 band graphic equalizers can be optimized for all supported formats, presets and custom presets.
  • Separate table and powerful bass settings.
  • Has 4 types of widgets with many styles to choose from, advanced customization; Android 4.2 lock screen widget
  • Separate powerful bass and treble settings
  • Can play various types of songs from folders and also own music library
  • Stereo expansion, mono mixing, and balance
  • Tags Editor.
  • Playback (Replay gain)
  • OpenGL-based cover art animation.
  • can display song lyrics, including lyrics search via the musiXmatch plugin.
  • Can download album art.
  • Auto pause when the headset is unplugged and Auto resume when the headset is plugged back in.
  • 4 types of widgets can be selected and adjusted
  • High level of customization via the settings menu
  • And many other features.

Poweramp Music Player offers very clear sound quality and is also comfortable when used to play music on Android devices.

Lots of features can be used to adjust according to our tastes such as setting up a strong Bass equalizer and treble adjustment.

Pros of Poweramp Pro

We highly recommend this application, of course, there is a reason because the Poweramp Pro application has many advantages, including:

  • Has a small size (only 6 MB) so it is quite light when used
  • Can play almost all types of audio formats without burdening the device used
  • Lots of features
  • Does not require root access.

Poweramp Unlocker v3

By using the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker application, we will be able to listen to various types of our favorite music with very good quality.

This application can also produce a very clear and comfortable sound when we play music on Android.

The features in the free Poweramp Full Version Unlocker will certainly spoil its users.

Because there is already a feature to adjust the sound from bass, treble, and other advanced features.

Rexdl Poweramp full version unlocker can be used to play various types of music files.

Also, the quality of the sound produced is no doubt, the point is really good.

Thus an explanation of the latest  PowerAMP Pro Apk starts from how to download it to how to install it to become the full version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common queries related to PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker:

Q1. Does the PowerAMP unlocker work forever?

Yes, once you install the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker, it will unlock all app features forever. It is a one-time purchase.

Q2. Will the unlocker work on multiple devices?

The unlocker license can only be used on one mobile device at a time. You’ll need separate unlocker purchases for each device.

Q3. Is the PowerAMP unlocker worth purchasing?

Absolutely! For its superior audio quality and custom features, PowerAMP is worth every penny. The unlocker gives you the best music experience.

Q4. Does the unlocker offer a money-back guarantee?

PowerAMP provides a 15-day refund period in case you aren’t satisfied with the unlocker and wish to undo the purchase.

Q5. Will the unlocker work on unofficial Android builds like Lineage OS?

Yes, the unlocker will work perfectly with custom ROMs like Lineage OS as long the core is still Android.

Q6. Can I use opinion rewards credit to purchase the PowerAMP unlocker?

Certainly! The credits you earn from Google Opinion rewards and similar apps can be utilized to buy the PowerAMP unlocker from the Play Store.

Q7. Is there any lifetime free version of the PowerAMP unlocker?

Unfortunately no, there is no permanent free version of the full app. You can only test it for 15 days with the free trial.

Q8. Are there any risks in using the modded APK of PowerAMP Pro?

Yes, the modded APK can contain malware, show annoying ads, crash frequently, and even damage your device. Avoid using it.

Q9. Will I lose my settings if I uninstall the PowerAMP free version before installing the unlocker?

No, your settings and preferences will be retained even if you uninstall the free version before installing the unlocker.

Q10. Can I use PowerAMP unlocker on multiple accounts on the same device?

No, the PowerAMP unlocker is device-specific. It will work only on the account that was used to purchase it from the Play Store.

This application is Joss really for those who like to listen to music using a headset.

Please select the Poweramp application that suits your music needs.


PowerAMP is undoubtedly one of the top Android music players that offers a great experience even in the free version. However, unlocking its full potential requires the PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker.

While the unlocker is priced at $5.99, you can still get it for free through the free trial, giveaways, surveys, referrals, and occasional promotions.

Use only legal methods to get the unlocker so that you can enjoy unlimited music and the best sound quality without any restrictions. Avoid illegal modded APKs that can harm your device and data.

Unlock the complete features of PowerAMP to take your music experience to new heights!

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