15+ Best KWGT Widgets For Android In 2024

KWGT Widgets (Kustom Widget) is a highly customizable widget-maker app for Android that allows users to create their widgets with various elements like text, images, progress bars, music players, etc. It has an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor using which we can build widgets of different shapes, sizes, and styles. KWGT widgets support real-time data from weather, calendar, battery, etc. as well as gpio, TASKER, etc. We can have multiple pages of widgets with each page being scrollable.

The PRO version unlocks more features like more widgets, imported elements, etc. With a bit of time & creativity, we can design minimal, clean, and beautiful home screens and lock screens using KWGT widgets tailored to our needs which is something that makes this app stand out. The active development and helpful community further add to making KWGT one of the most popular widget engine apps for Android.

List Of Free KWGT Widgets For Android In 2024

1. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

And what are often more versatile than KWGT Widgets? For those who are still unaware of KWGT Widgets, here’s a fast walkthrough. In easy words, KWGT is Photoshop for creating stunning widgets. But what exactly does that mean? It allows you to build a customized widget layer by layer.

With precise control over what you’re trying to splash on your canvas, KWGT allows enthusiasts to craft their personalized widgets consistent with their requirements.

Price: Free+

Getting started with KWGT Widgets is sort of effortless. Just install the KWGT Kustom Widget Maker app from Google Play and begin crafting beautiful widgets for what you would like. However, before puzzling together your widgets, you ought to consider pre-made widgets compatible with KWGT. Google Play got bucketed a lot of widget apps that enjoy KWGT.

Here are the 10 Best KWGT Widget Packs that have caught our attention.



For people who prefer minimalistic designs, Fusion is an exceptional app. Great for AMOLED displays, this widget brings pure white or pure black-themed widgets that look stunning with contrasty wallpapers. Not just white and black, but Fusion also provides customizable color themes and gradients.

3. Fusion for KWGT Dark Theme

Fusion for KWGT Dark Theme

Once you install the pack, you’ll surely love the pre-made widgets, including battery stats, clock, music control, weather, and whatnot.



Rainbow offers precisely almost what it seems like. It comes with many colorful themed KWGT clock widgets, search widgets, and weather ones too. The story doesn’t end here. The app also allows you to customize the pre-made themes as sketching out of your mind.

The app’s collection includes 40+ tailor-crafted widgets with 10+ wallpapers to match the background. And with some best KWGT Weather widgets, there’s no wonder why this ranks second.



It’s always annoying to line every widget one by one. Thus, Fiction has developed this ingenious way of adding every useful widget directly. Fiction KWGT features block-based widget themes that include a clock, music, and weather widgets.

By using Fiction KWGT, you’ll save time because it allows you to customize color, font, and size once and for all. This app is additionally compatible with KWGT Kustom Pro and unlocks another bunch of features there.



If you’re trying to find colorful widgets, you ought to inspect Ocea. The Ocea is one of the unique KWGT widget packs and unarguably one of our top choices. The standout feature of Ocea is the ability to line any image as widget backgrounds.

You’ll also find minimal and cartoonish widgets that look attractive. With the KWGT free version, Ocea boasts 250+ widgets and 50+ wallpapers. Whoa! You’ll have a tough time choosing the simplest KWGT Setup.



While Odisea is an omnifunctional widget pack, it exceeds highly in date/time widgets. One of the primary widgets we hit on home screens is the date/time ones. Thus, Odisea offers plenty of date/time widgets, including ones that display date and time as texts.

The music widgets on Odisea also are quite functional to an extent, as you’ll impose the album art because of the widget background. Built-in pictures like animals and landscapes also throw an additional edge.



Samsung users rejoice! Now you’ll utilize the utmost potential of your AMOLED displays. While fixing your home screen, sometimes you’re cursed with boring widgets that mismatch with contrasty wallpapers. Shadow connects the gap with bold widgets and exciting designs. But this comes literally at a price.



This widget pack bundles cool customizable widgets even quite KWGT Kustom Pro. You’ll choose between unique and interactive widgets that blend perfectly with any wallpaper. Regardless of what you’re trying to find — clock, music control, search bar, or weather widget — Element features an in-depth sort of attractive widget. And in fact, all of them are free.



The feast is yet one more widget pack that bundles attractive and interactive widget designs. If you’re trying to find an innovative and classy KWGT widget collection, then why not install this application? Whether you wish for minimalism or prefer the simplest KWGT Weather Widgets, Feast has every design you’ll imagine.



Simply I have no words to explain this widget pack. Once you begin digging through its endless collection of modular widgets, you’ll realize how cool Android home screens can become. You’ll experiment with differing types of things, including widget backgrounds, themes, fonts, accent colors, and even flipping wallpapers. Install the app, and allow us to know what you are feeling.



Last but not least! Orca features 80+ pre-made KWGT widget designs with precise control over customization. a bit like other widget packs, this one also boasts equivalent bells and whistles with an ₹120 tag. But once you put it in, you’ll discover analog clock designs and touch interactions. Especially, vertical widgets are worth slamming on your Best KWGT Setup.



The huk kwgt pack is one of the simplest widget packs for KWGT currently available. The pack comes with 200 well-designed widgets for you to settle on. There’s a widget for everybody within the pack since you’ve got access to a couple of minimalistic widgets and also a couple of over-the-top stylish ones. Most widgets within the huk kwgt pack are text-based thus they might work well on minimal backgrounds.

14. Pixxy KWGT

Pixxy KWGT

If you’re someone who adores Google’s material design language, then the Pixxy KWGT pack is one you want to try. Every widget within the pack seems like something Google would have designed if they made widget packs. These card-based have bright yet pleasing to seem at colors and go well with almost any wallpaper. The Pixxy KWGT pack is a paid widget pack and the beautiful widgets are worth paying for.

15. Ornate KWGT

Ornate KWGT

The ultra-minimalistic widgets in this pack would make you want more. Every widget within the pack features a minimal aesthetic and appears beautiful when paired with the proper wallpaper.

Ornate comes with all the widgets for items and services you’d expect from a KWGT pack. More importantly, the pack is out there for free of charge which suggests it’s a no-brainer to offer the Ornate KWGT widgets a glance.

16. Exquigets for KWGT

Exquigets for KWGT

Here’s another great KWGT widget pack that’s full of over 90 minimal yet functional widgets. The pack holds widgets for the weather, news, calendar, music, dock, typography, and more.

As a bonus, you’d even have access to 50 QHD+ wallpapers that go along well with the widgets during this pack. Exquigets may be a paid widget pack, however, if you’re looking to make a functional and stylish setup, then we’d suggest giving this a go.

17. Modern UI for KWGT

Modern UI for KWGT

Modern UI for KWGT brings forward a group of gorgeous flat widgets that follow the fabric design language. These flat-style widgets with rounded corners will enhance your home screen setup by adding a minimalistic vibe thereto. The widgets go well with dark and lightweight backgrounds too.

18. Foxie for KWGT

Foxie for KWGT

Foxie may be a relatively new KWGT pack in comparison to a number of the opposite packs on the list. The widgets that accompany the pack are a number of the best-designed widgets you’ll find on Android. The widgets make use of small text and have a minimal design. a couple of widgets even have a card-based design which is ideal for those searching to make a Pixel-like home screen setup.


So there you’ve got it. Revamping your boring, old home screen is now more convenient — all because of these Best KWGT Widget Packs. Be happy to comment down below to let us realize your experience. Same if you’ve got any longer questions. Also, confirm to share among your friends and families. This marks the top, and we’ll catch you with the next one. Peace.

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