Where Does Mrbeast Live? Everything You Need to Know About Him 2024

Where Does Mrbeast Live: MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has become one of the most popular YouTubers and content creators on the internet today. With over 102 million subscribers on YouTube alone, MrBeast’s fame and influence continue to grow exponentially. His stunts and challenges that give away insane amounts of money have captivated millions of viewers. But despite his enormous following, many fans don’t know much about MrBeast’s personal life, including where he currently lives.

In this article, we will dive into everything you need to know about where MrBeast resides and some other details about his background and story.

MrBeast’s Beginnings and Early Life in Kansas

Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas City, Missouri. He spent most of his childhood years in the Kansas City area before eventually moving to Greenville, North Carolina when he was still young.

Greenville is where MrBeast first began uploading videos to YouTube as a young teenager back in 2012. At just 13 years old, he started his channel under the name “MrBeast6000”. Early videos consisted of let’s plays and walkthroughs of video games.

The “6000” in his original channel name was a reference to his goal of hitting 6,000 subscribers on the platform. Of course, this goal would later be dwarfed by the astounding 102 million subscribers he now boasts. But those humble beginnings in Greenville represent where MrBeast first began his journey into content creation.

The Move to Greenville, North Carolina

As mentioned, during his adolescence, MrBeast and his family made the move from Kansas City to the Greenville area of North Carolina.

Greenville offered a lower cost of living compared to many other regions of the country. This allowed Jimmy and his family to stretch his early YouTube revenue further while he was still in school and working to grow his channel.

The city of Greenville also positioned MrBeast close to East Carolina University. Although he would later drop out of college to focus on YouTube full-time, the proximity to a large public university gave him ample opportunities to market his videos and channel to a key demographic of young college-aged viewers.

Greenville was crucial in providing MrBeast the launchpad he needed to scale his YouTube success beyond what most thought was possible. And despite now living elsewhere, Greenville still holds an important place for him.

The MrBeast House in Greenville, North Carolina

For several years starting in 2015, MrBeast lived with college friends in an average house located near East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

During these early years of his YouTube career, Jimmy focused on increasing his viewership and fine-tuning his video style through lots of experimentation. His combined income from YouTube ads, sponsorships, and merch sales allowed him to purchase a modest 2-story home for himself and his friends turned roommates.

The original MrBeast house address was:

3006 Sterling Pointe Drive Greenville, NC 27834

This house represents the location where many of MrBeast’s first viral videos were filmed. Iconic challenges like the $10,000 Counting Challenge, $100,000 Blanket Challenge, and $200,000 Three Story Box Fort videos were all shot at the Sterling Pointe Greenville house.

Fans were given a sneak peek into his humble home life during these early years. Viewers saw the average bedrooms, backyard, kitchen, and living spaces that most 20-somethings could relate to.

But as MrBeast’s channel continued succeeding, his filming locations and living situations would soon change.

MrBeast’s Move to Los Angeles, California

Around 2017, Mr. Beast decided to pack up and move from Greenville, North Carolina to sunny Los Angeles, California.

Jimmy cited wanting better access to creators, sponsors, events, and opportunities that LA provided as the primary reasons for the move. He settled into an apartment with friends in North Hollywood to establish his new base of operations on the West Coast.

However, it didn’t take long for MrBeast’s surroundings to look much different than the average LA apartment. His channel growth exploded in 2018 and 2019. MrBeast gained millions of subscribers in just months.

Cash and opportunities were now flowing at a rate Jimmy had never seen before. He upgraded to a large 10-bedroom Creator Clout House with other influencers in the Hollywood Hills. This house became the filming location for many of MrBeast’s newer videos.

But as his popularity and income scaled even greater heights, so did his living situation…

MrBeast’s $12 Million Mansion in Los Angeles

In 2020, on the heels of huge viral successes like Make This Random Egg Famous and Planting 20 Million Trees, MrBeast decided to invest a sizable portion of his fortune into real estate.

He purchased a sprawling LA mansion valued at $12 million. The house includes amenities like:

10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms
Movie theater
Bowling alley
Basketball court
Pool with water slides
Gaming lounge
Recording studio
Full studio for filming videos

In many ways, this enormous house now serves as MrBeast’s primary headquarters. Major videos are conceptualized and filmed here alongside his other LA production studios.

The exact address and location of MrBeast’s residence aren’t fully disclosed for privacy and safety. While fans may know the city and value of his home, he understandably keeps the specifics out of the public eye.

Nonetheless, the purchase of this LA mega-mansion marks how far MrBeast has come from his humble small town home in Greenville, North Carolina. His empire now spans nationwide reach, a crew of over 50 people, and a net worth estimated at over $50 million.

But when asked about it, Jimmy says he doesn’t care as much for the lavish houses and lifestyle. His passion remains focused on creating captivating content and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on YouTube.

MrBeast Studios – The Willy Wonka Factory for Video Making

In addition to the LA mansion, MrBeast has also purchased large-scale studio facilities dedicated to content production.

Dubbed the “Beast Studios”, these commercial buildings contain sets, production equipment, and creative tools optimized for turning imaginative video ideas into reality.

The studios free Jimmy and his team from the constraints of filming in houses or garages like during the channel’s early beginnings. Beast Studios now includes:

15,000 square foot studio in Greenville, NC – This is one of the original MrBeast dedicated production spaces and contains areas modeled after Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.
33,000 square foot studio in Las Vegas, NV – One of MrBeast’s largest production facilities equipped with sets mimicking real casino environments and other elaborate scenes.
Smaller studio spaces in Los Angeles, CA – Additional filming and editing locations spread across LA.

The Beast Studios allows MrBeast’s team to efficiently ideate, experiment, and crank out premium videos at a pace unmatched by other YouTubers. Having these custom-built production houses scattered in different regions gives them flexibility when crafting new viral content.

All of the studios integrate live stream capabilities. This allows MrBeast to broadcast behind-the-scenes footage and interact with fans in real-time during the production process.

The Beast Studios exemplify how MrBeast reinvests his profits back into leveling up the quality and quantity of his videos over time.

MrBeast’s Philanthropy Work and Impact on NC

Although he now splits time between LA and traveling globally, MrBeast continues giving back to his original home in North Carolina in big ways.

Jimmy has started numerous philanthropic initiatives centered around Greenville, NC, and the broader East Coast region:

Beast Philanthropy – His organized group focused on charitable giving and hunger relief. They have fed hundreds of thousands of local people in need.
Random Acts of Kindness – An effort by MrBeast and his fans to complete thousands of good deeds for strangers. This included everything from tipping servers huge amounts, to buying cars for people.
Multi-million dollar grants – MrBeast has gifted millions to schools and non-profits in the Greenville area to fund supplies, programs, and community development projects.
Greenville toy drives – He organizes massive toy donation events during the holidays to get gifts for less fortunate children.
Local food banks – MrBeast routinely donates hundreds of thousands to food banks not just in NC but across all 50 states.

Jimmy has also been vocal about convincing other creators and wealthy individuals to pledge at least 1% of their income to philanthropy.

Although his life is now split between the East and West coasts, MrBeast continues giving back to the communities that raised him – especially in North Carolina. His philanthropic heartbeat remains rooted in the small towns he called home.

MrBeast’s North Carolina – Based Businesses

In addition to his philanthropic work, MrBeast has founded and invested in several businesses based primarily in North Carolina.

These include:

Beast Burger – Plant-based burgers and other meat alternatives. This company develops new types of proteins and donates meals to food-insecure locations.
Feastables – A candy company making creative confection innovations like chocolate Rubik’s cubes. Feastables use their profits in part to feed hungry children.
MrBeast Bank – A digital bank designed to help younger audiences learn about personal finance and investing. The bank plans to open physical branches in the Carolinas.
Treehouse Kids – Creative online classes and curriculum to spark imagination in kids

While headquartered in North Carolina, most of these businesses ship nationwide. They represent MrBeast’s growing business empire that generates both profit and social impact.

With Jimmy’s track record, many of these newer startups under his umbrella will likely explode in scale and brand recognition in the years to come.

MrBeast’s Next Evolution

At just 24 years old, it’s scary to imagine how much further MrBeast can still push the envelope of viral video creation and digital media.

Jimmy himself admits he thinks his current content will feel small and outdated in just a couple of years. He sees a future where full TV series, feature films, video games, and interactive experiences will dominate his releases.

And with his exponential growth track already defying norms, MrBeast breaking the mold of traditional entertainment mediums may not be far-fetched.

His hunger to create history and legacy seems to only accelerate as his audience and resources balloon to mind-boggling levels. In many ways, MrBeast’s rise feels unparalleled.

He has led the charge in pioneering what’s possible on YouTube. And with philanthropy and business factored in, MrBeast’s complete body of work becomes even more groundbreaking.

Of course, the grassroots feel of his videos and brand personality remains a constant. Viewers still see glimpses into his real homes, friends, and day-to-day on camera.

But behind the scenes, MrBeast’s business machine has matured into a well-oiled empire. What started as a passion project in the small town of Greenville has morphed into a new media behemoth reaching every corner of the internet.

Jimmy Donaldson has come a long way from the humble North Carolina kid making videos in his backyard. And with his relentless creativity, the next era of MrBeast content and business is sure to push even more boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where MrBeast Lives

Still, have questions about the details of MrBeast’s living situation and background story? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about where MrBeast resides:

Where is MrBeast’s house located?

MrBeast currently owns a $12 million mansion in Los Angeles, California. He bought this enormous LA house in 2020 at the peak of his YouTube popularity and income growth.

What city and state is MrBeast from originally?

MrBeast is originally from Kansas City, Missouri where he lived during his early childhood. His family moved to Greenville, North Carolina when he was still very young.

Did MrBeast go to college?

Yes, MrBeast attended college starting at age 16 briefly at Greenville Christian Academy. He later went to East Carolina University in North Carolina but dropped out before completing his degree to focus full-time on YouTube.

Where are the MrBeast studios located?

MrBeast has production studios in Greenville, North Carolina, and Las Vegas, Nevada, and smaller studio spaces scattered across the Los Angeles area. They all operate under the name Beast Studios.

Is MrBeast still involved in philanthropy?

Yes! Despite his rise to fame and fortune, MrBeast remains heavily involved in charity work – especially in North Carolina through his Beast Philanthropy efforts that have fed hundreds of thousands locally.

What businesses does MrBeast own?

Some of MrBeast’s current businesses include Beast Burger, Feastables candy company, MrBeast Bank, Treehouse Kids and more. Most are based in North Carolina but ship products nationwide.

Will Mr. Beast ever return to North Carolina full-time?

While unlikely he will return to NC full-time, MrBeast frequently visits family and conducts work there. And he continues to invest in philanthropic initiatives and business ventures based out of North Carolina, his original home state.


MrBeast has one of the most fascinating origin stories among today’s top content creators. His journey has taken him from humble small-town roots to the forefront of digital media.

MrBeast still splits time between the East and West coasts. His growing business empire now includes nationwide philanthropy initiatives, production studios, sponsored content, merchandise, and side businesses.

But no matter how big MrBeast’s audience and wallet grow, he stays true to his down-to-earth personality and passion for creating. His connection to friends, family, and community in North Carolina continues to play a vital role as well.

MrBeast’s rise to fame shows that unrelenting creativity and a charitable heart can open doors that defy expectations. His current trajectory may take him to unimaginable new heights, but Jimmy’s roots remain firmly grounded in positively impacting the world around him.

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