How to Get Someone’s IP Address from Discord

Disclaimer: This article is meant for educational purposes only. The author does not condone using these techniques to obtain someone’s IP address without their explicit consent.

Knowing how to get an IP address from someone on Discord can be useful for understanding how the platform identifies and verifies users. However, IP addresses contain personal information, and obtaining them without permission raises ethical concerns regarding privacy and consent. This article explores technical methods, but these should only be used responsibly with the authorization on testing servers.

What is a Discord IP Address

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that connects users with IP addresses. Each device connected to Discord has a unique IP address made up of numbers that identify its location on the internet.

Knowing someone’s IP address could reveal their general location and other potentially identifying information. That’s why Discord masks IP addresses from other users by default to protect privacy.

Methods to Get a User’s IP Address

There are a few theoretical methods advanced Discord users have come up with to retrieve the IP address from other Discord members. These should not be used without informed consent:

  • Using a Discord IP Grabber

A Discord IP grabber tricks users into clicking a link that exposes their IP address. This can generate information like location, Internet Service Provider details, device details, and browser user agent data.

  • Enabling Developer Mode

Discord’s Developer Mode displays more sensitive technical network data, including the IP address and other metadata that can be traced back to a user.

  • Using Packet Sniffing

Packet sniffing relies on network monitoring programs and other advanced techniques to intercept IP address data. This requires more technical knowledge and tools.

Is Getting Someone’s Discord IP Address Ethical?

Fetching the IP address linked to someone’s Discord account without their explicit permission raises ethical issues:

  • It reveals identifying data without their consent. Location, Internet provider, and device details all expose information the user may wish to keep private.
  • It could enable further hacking attempts by using the IP address as a starting point to access other online accounts belonging to that user.

There are very few situations where obtaining this information without permission could be justified. Ensuring you have informed consent is essential.

The only responsible way to retrieve Discord IP address information is to have explicit and informed permission from the user on a testing server.

Other Discord Security Risks

In addition to IP address exposure, Discord can also pose other privacy and security issues, such as:

  • Links to malicious software that can obtain passwords, banking details, and other private user data.
  • Chat history and images are not end-to-end encrypted, allowing Discord itself to access them.
  • VoIP traffic relies on UDP connections, making it easier for attackers to intercept voice data.

Use Discord Responsibly and Secure Your Information

While intriguing for tech enthusiasts, users should avoid obtaining Discord IP addresses without permission. Make sure to use two-factor authentication, strong passwords, and antivirus software to keep your Discord account secure.

Think critically before clicking questionable links even from known contacts—common sense goes a long way in avoiding privacy violations and malicious attacks. Ultimately, respecting consent around accessing personal data helps keep the Discord community ethical and safe.


What are the ethical issues with grabbing someone’s IP address from Discord?

The main ethical issues are violating privacy without consent, accessing potentially identifying information and enabling further hacking attempts using the obtained data such as location.

Can I get banned from Discord for obtaining user IP addresses?

Yes, grabbing IP addresses without permission violates Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Offenders risk account suspension or termination.

What precautions should I take to avoid leaking my IP on Discord?

Using antivirus software, avoiding suspicious links even from known users, enabling two-factor authentication, and maintaining complex passwords will help secure your Discord account and data.


While understanding Discord’s underlying technology is fascinating for IT enthusiasts, obtaining someone’s IP address from the platform without informed consent raises significant ethical and legal concerns around privacy, consent, and security. Techniques are circulating online, but these should only be leveraged in responsible testing environments—never to access private user data without permission. Keep your own Discord presence secure by taking reasonable precautions around risky links, strong passwords, and authentication. Ultimately, respecting privacy and consent will lead to the healthiest online communities.

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