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Get Rid Of Password On Windows 10 Laptops

One of the features that Windows 10 has compared to previous Windows is that it has a password that must be filled in every time you open your Windows 10. That way we don’t have to worry anymore if someone accesses our computer without our knowledge.

The way to enter is the same as when we log in to Windows 10. The password you enter must also be the same as when you logged in. Namely by entering your username, password, then entering.

However, some people are bothered by this feature. Because it feels complicated even though security is tight.

Even if the lock feature is disabled, Windows does not provide an option to delete or remove the password every time you log in.

Then how do you get rid of passwords in Windows 10?

For those of you who are complicated every time you enter, you have to enter a password, you can get rid of the password by not filling in the password when resetting the password.

That is, when you create an account on Windows, please enter your password as usual, but after that change your password by leaving your new password blank. The alias is made blank.

And besides knowing passwords in Windows 10 software, those of you who want your computer to be secured can still lock your computer using BIOS / UEFI.

Compared to Windows 10, by setting a password in BIOS / UEFI you only need to enter the password when the computer starts up for the first time.

So it is more practical, safer because on second thought it feels complicated every time you enter Windows you have to type a password.

You can use the methods we mentioned above. But if you are still confused, here we explain in more detail how to get rid of passwords on Windows 10.

How to Get Rid of Password in Windows 10

Windows 10 doesn’t officially provide a delete password option in their settings. However, we can outsmart it by using the method below:

Open the settings or Settings in your Windows 10

Then click the Account option followed by Sign-In Options

Options in Windows 10

Look at the section where the password is marked with a key, then click Change to change your password

As well as changing the password on another device, first used to enter the old password you

After that, you will be taken to a page where you are asked to fill in your latest password. There are three boxes, namely New Password, Reenter Password, and Password Hint

Because you want to get rid of the password, then immediately click Next. Alias ​​just empty all the boxes earlier

After that click finish

Later, the display on the Change Password menu will display a red sentence that reads ” You must add a password before you can use the other sign-in options. ”

Don’t worry, it’s a sign that this method works.

To be more certain, you can try checking by opening your Windows, whether you still have to enter a password later or not.

Note that this method does not remove Microsoft passwords. But it only removes local user passwords.

If you want to log into Windows where you are using a Microsoft account, you can trick it to log in automatically. So you don’t just enter your password every time you turn on your computer.

That’s the way to get rid of passwords in Windows 10. To avoid being complicated, you can apply this method. But be careful if you have a lot of important documents in Windows. Better just lock it up.

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