5 Blooket Hacks In 2023- Add Tokens, Unlock All Blooks, Get All Answers

Are you interested in learning about Blooket hacks for coins that can add an unlimited number of tokens, get a perfect score on all questions, unlock all blooks, sell duplicate blooks, participate in box-opening spam, and eventually win the game? We are dedicated to offering guidance and help to you. Read this article to the end to get simple tips and tricks for getting into Blooket coins for free.

Different game styles are one of the coolest things about the tool because they let you change how question sets look and how they are organized. Each game mode has its visual themes and ways of playing, so the user can make the experience fit their needs. We have a full list of Blooket hacks for you to use if you want to turn on the auto-answer tool, consistently win Blooket games, or get free tokens and/or coins.

This article shows you five Blooket hacks/cheats that will always work to get all the answers right, all the blooks, unlimited coins, and more. It’s good news that these hacks work on almost everything, like iPhones, iPods, Androids, school computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and more.

The steps below explain how to hack Blooket so that you can get an auto-answer, an endless supply of coins, a higher food level, tokens, and other useful things.

How Blooket works or beneficial for teachers and students?

Blooket is a web-based learning tool that lets teachers put together or make question sets, like trivia quizzes, that students can answer and earn points for right away. The process starts with the teacher choosing a set of questions, which are then shown to the class using one of the many game styles that can be found on a large screen.

Students can play the game on their own in the classroom by entering the game ID given to them by the host or teacher. Once they’re interested, they can start right away answering questions and competing with their peers.

As a reward, users who give correct answers to questions will get a type of digital cash. Then, they can use this virtual currency in the game to get to and open their favorite Blooks from any box they want.

The winner of the game is the person who correctly answers the most questions in the allotted time. This keeps users interested and encourages them to correctly answer as many questions as possible so they can get the most coins and win the game.

How do I Blooket hacks for coins in 2023?

Multiple ways exist to speed up the process of Blooket hacks, such as using GitHub scripts, the inspect element feature, hacking plugins, third-party hacking websites, coin generators, bot flooders, and other methods. We will talk about how to use each of these strategies to get ahead in the Blooket game in the parts that follow.

Method 1: Use School Cheats to Hack Blooket

If you look at School Cheats, you’ll see how many features it has. The tool can not only invite a lot of bots to a Blooket session that never ends, but it can also give you a lot of useful hacks, like chest ESP, unlimited food, and more.

  1. To start this one, go to this page on School Cheats. There are two boxes there for you to enter a current Blooket room code and the number of bots you want to flood into a session that is already going.


  1. If you scroll down a little, you can see all of the Blooket game modes. Here, you can choose the game mode that goes with the question set you are in.

Blooket game modes

  1. The script will be copied to your clipboard when you click the hack on the following page.



  1. Now go back to your Blooket account and go to the market area. From this point on, right-click your mouse and choose “Inspect Element” from the menu that comes up.
  2. A new right-pane window slides out. Click the “Console” tab at the top of the screen, paste the script you copied earlier, and hit enter.



  1. Your game hack will be activated immediately. Just refresh the page to view it.

Method 2: Blooket hack with GitHub scripts

You can find Blooket hack scripts on GitHub that you can use to add tokens, unlock all blooks, get all the answers right, sell multiple blooks, and spam open boxes. You can then add these scripts to your game session and hack the feature you want.

This method has been broken up into two steps to make it easier for you. We will go to GitHub in Step1# to copy the hack script. When we get to the second-to-last step, we’ll use the copied script to hack Blooket in the playroom. That being said, let’s get right to it:

Step 1:

  1. Before you click on the link of the Blooket game feature you want to hack, you should copy its script.
  1. The “Get All Answers Right” script is being copied to show you how this hack works. If you want to hack a certain feature, you can copy its script. We will do what we want to do with this copied code at the end of Step#2.

Step 2:


  • Remove everything from the URL bar and type javascript once you’re in the Blooket Play Lobby: To start hacking, paste the GitHub script without any spaces between the words.


  • Next, a window should appear that says “Made by Glizzz_y My Twitter.” This means that your answer hack is now live. When the question comes up in the game, press “b” on your computer to get the answer.

In the same way, to open all Blooks, type (javascript: open All Blooks GitHub script) into the address bar like in the picture above.


  • To add tokens to your Blooket account, copy and paste the Add Tokens script into the URL bar or the Inspect element box in Chrome. That’s easy to do:
  • Right-click anywhere on the Blooket Play lobby page and choose “Inspect” to open the “Inspect element” box. For Mac users, press command + option + C. For Windows users, press Control + Shift + C. For Chromebooks, press Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • After that, go to the Console and paste the GitHub code where the cursor is.
  • To hack, press “Enter.”
  • There should be a message that says “Added daily rewards” after you do that. This means that 525 tokens have been added to your Blooket account.

Method 3: Use GitHub codes to get the Blooket cheat menu

This one will show you the Blooket Cheat menu where you can unlock and use all of Blooket hacks for coins, add daily tokens or prizes, highlight correct, sell duplicate blooks, spam open boxes, and more.

Then method3# was made for you. I think this is one of the best GitHub Blooket Hacks out there. This is why we should start right away!

  • First, get the All-in-one GitHub Blooket cheat code.
  • Visit com/Market.


  • To see the console screen, right-click anywhere and choose “Inspect.”
  • Copy the GitHub Blooket Script and paste it where the cursor is in the Console field. After that, press “Enter.”


global 2

  • After that, the Blooket Cheat menu will appear. This menu lets you get daily rewards, mark answers as right, unlock any look you want, and more.
  • You’re now able to use the best GitHub Blooket Hack that can be found online.

Method 4: Hack Blooket with an extension

One of the easiest ways to hack Blooket is to get all answers right, unlock all blooks, add endless tokens, sell dupe blooks, and spam open boxes with the hacking addon. This plugin adds bots to Blooket, letting you cheat with a few clicks.

This extension approach is faster and better than the others. We think this is the greatest way to hack a Blooket game session because it unlocks all features. Try it if you can’t locate a Github script for a feature.

To simplify, we split the blooket hack extension approach into two steps.

Step 1:

  • Download the Blooket hack extension to your desktop by clicking the link. GitHub requires registration to get the Zip file. Sign up at GitHub.com and click the link.
  • Type “Blooket hack extension” in the search bar and click the search button if the link doesn’t load or displays this website is unavailable.
  • Click the first blooket hack extension result.

download zip

  • Click on “Code in Green” on the next page, then click “Download ZIP.”
  • Blooket hack add-on


  • Find the downloaded file on your screen to see if it was downloaded correctly.

load unpacked

  1. Open up Google Chrome and type chrome://extensions into the address bar. Then press “Enter.”
  2. When you get to chrome://extensions, you need to turn on the Developer Mode switch in the upper right corner. To turn it on, slide the switch to the right.
  3. Some new buttons will show up after you turn on the setting.
  4. Use the icon in the upper left area to reload or refresh the Chrome extensions page to make sure everything is working right.
  5. In the upper left corner, click the Load Unpacked button. Then, open the folder on your desktop that has the extension file.
  6. To add the Blooket hack extension, drag the file from your desktop downloads to the chrome:/extensions page.
  7. When you’re done, the Blooket cheat tool should be added to your Chrome extensions. Reload the page to make sure.

Step 2:

  • Sign in to www.blooket.com with your username and password, then join a game to play.


  • To use the hack, click the extension button to the right of your address bar and PIN the Blooket hack extension.

blooket extension

  • You can now click on the extension button whenever you want and choose the hack you want. For example, you can get as many coins as you want without doing anything or fake all the Blooks in the blooket without spending any of the coins you’ve earned.
  • No matter what else you want, it is free, doesn’t pose any risks, and can’t be found.

Method 5: Use Schollcheat.net

You can send bots to the Blooket game to hack it through third-party sites like Schoolcheats.  The best thing about the school cheats hack is that it lets you flood bots to sell dupe, get all the books, add tokens, get every answer right, spam open boxes, get around random names, and more.

dupe blooks

Just join the Blooket gameplay lobby, copy the game ID digits, paste them into the Schoolcheats Room code, name the bot, and input the number of bots you wish to send.

After choosing a blooket game at blooket.com, scroll down and click Continue to hack.

How to use third-party services to hack Blooket Answers?

  • There are many third-party platforms, like Quizit and PXTREZ, that can be used to get blank replies without permission. This can be done quickly and for free.
  • To use the Blooket feature on Quizit or PXTREZ, all you have to do is find the Blooket choice and click on it.
  • Please copy the alphanumeric code given in the game interface so that you can continue with the process of getting the game ID from Blooket Gaming. Next, go to the website’s specialized hacking page and look for the field that says “QuizID.” To finish what needs to be done, paste the game ID that you copied into this field.
  • When the user clicks the “Get Answers” button, they will immediately be given the correct answers for the Blooket game quiz they picked.


What does Blooket mean?

Blooket is a web-based learning tool that lets teachers make sets of questions that look like trivia tests. Students can answer the questions and get points in a fun and interactive way.

What are Blooket hacks for coins?

There are tricks and hacks for Blooket games that can help you get an edge by doing things like getting all the answers right, adding coins, and opening all the Blooks.

Can I use these hacks to get as many points or Blooket hacks for coins?

Yes, these hacks will let you get as many tokens or coins as you want in Blooket.

How can teachers make sure that Blooket games are fair?

Teachers can keep an eye on games, tell students what is expected of them, and report any strange behavior to Blooket’s managers.


Here is a complete guide on how to use Blooket hacks to get coins. Luckily, many hours of study and investigation have gone into making a complete list of hacks that are meant to make hacking Blooket significantly easier. We can promise that if you use any of these methods, you will be able to use the desired Blooket game feature and get free coins.

It means that the above methods will help you get around the Blooket platform’s rules of engagement. Should you have any questions or concerns about how to Blooket hacks for coins, please use the comment part below to get them answered. A member of our skilled hacking team will respond quickly to your question as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

Disclaimer: We want to make it clear that this post is not meant to violate the Blooket website’s copyrights or to encourage kids to cheat on their homework. Instead, it’s meant to let teachers know how their students can use hacking tricks in the Blooket game to finish the homework they give them.

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