Will My Alarm Go Off on Do Not Disturb Mode? (Android & iPhone) 2024

Do not disturb mode is a useful feature on both Android and iPhone devices that allows you to mute notifications and calls for set periods. However, many users wonder – will my alarm still go off if do not disturb mode is enabled?

The short answer is yes, your alarm will still sound even when do not disturb mode is turned on. This ensures that you do not accidentally sleep through an alarm just because your phone is muted.

How Alarm Functionality Works with Do Not Disturb?

On both Android and iPhones, the do not disturb-feature is designed specifically to allow alarms to override the muted settings. Your scheduled alarms will go off at the set time regardless of whether do not disturb is enabled or not.

This functionality applies to alarms set via the native Clock app as well as third-party alarm apps you may have downloaded. So you can rest assured knowing that your morning alarm will still wake you up on time for work even if your phone is set to “do not disturb” mode overnight.

The do-not-disturb modes on Android and iPhone simply mute sounds and vibrations for notifications like texts, emails, and phone calls. The modes do not affect alarms that you have intentionally set yourself.

Customizing Do Not Disturb on Android

On Android devices, you have a couple of options for customizing do not disturb mode to suit your specific needs:

  • You can set your phone to allow alarms, but mute all other sounds by enabling the “Alarms only” mode under the do not disturb settings. This will block notifications while letting alarms through.
  • Alternatively, under “Exceptions” in the Do Not Disturb settings, you can choose to allow both alarms and selected priority notifications to make sounds even when Do Not Disturb is on. This gives you more flexibility.
  • There is also an option to set “Automatic rules” that will automatically enable do not disturb during certain times or events, like nighttime sleeping hours. The alarms exemption still applies in these cases.

So in summary, Android gives you granular control over your do-not-disturb settings while still ensuring your alarm clock works properly.

Customizing Do Not Disturb on iPhone

On iPhones, you can customize Do not Disturb to:

  • Allow calls from your Favorites contacts.
  • Allow repeated calls to ring through for emergencies.
  • Allow notifications from selected apps.

Apple has designed the iPhone do not disturb feature to exempt alarms automatically. So there are no special settings needed to permit alarms to sound.

The one consideration is that if your schedule does not disturb for certain times, like overnight, you’ll want to make sure any morning alarms fall outside of those hours or they may be muted.

Otherwise, you can rest assured your alarms will ring through the do not disturb mode on iPhones.

FAQs About Alarms and Do Not Disturb

Will my alarm clock app still work if my phone is silenced/muted?

Yes, alarm clock apps will still cause alarms to ring at the set times even if the phone ringer is muted or do not disturb mode is active. The alarm override functionality is built into Android and iOS specifically for this purpose.

Can I block notifications but still get my alarms?

You sure can. On Android use the “Alarms only” mode. On iPhone, manually enable Do Not Disturb while leaving your alarm clock app unsilenced. This will mute notifications while allowing alarms to ring.

What if I have my phone off, will my alarm still go off?

Unfortunately, if your phone is powered off entirely, your alarms will not sound. Your alarm clock requires the phone to be turned on even if silenced/muted to function. So be sure to power on before bed!

Can I set Do Not Disturb to activate automatically at night?

Yes! Both Android and iPhone allow you to schedule “automatic rules” that do not disturb turns on during certain times or events. Be sure your morning alarm time falls outside the muted hours.

If I have repeated alarms set, will they all ring?

Repeated back-to-back alarms should ring as expected even in muted mode, giving you multiple chances to wake up. Be sure to set enough repeating alarms spaced closely together to ensure you get up in time.


To summarize:

  • Do not disturb modes on Android and iPhone do not block alarms from ringing at their scheduled times. This prevents users from missing important morning wake-up alarms by accident.
  • You can customize Do Not Disturb to mute notifications/calls while still allowing alarms.
  • If using scheduled do not disturb, be sure alarm times fall outside of the muted hours.

So go ahead and use Do Not Disturb without worry – your alarm clock will still reliably go off even when your phone is in silent mode! Just be sure to double-check check your alarm is properly set before going to sleep.

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