Genshin Daily Login Rewards? A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Genshin Impact, the popular free-to-play open-world action RPG developed and published by miHoYo, has a daily login reward system that incentivizes players to log in each day. The daily login rewards provide various in-game items, resources, and bonuses that can enhance the Genshin Impact experience. This article will cover everything you need to know about the Genshin daily login rewards – how the system works, the different types of rewards, and tips to maximize the rewards.

How the Genshin Daily Login Reward System Works

The daily login reward system in Genshin is straightforward. Players simply need to log into the game each day to claim that day’s reward. The rewards are tiered, meaning the longer your consecutive login streak, the better the rewards become.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Each day you log in, you can claim that day’s reward by going to the menu and selecting Daily Login.
  • The rewards are separated into 4 tiers – rewards for your 1st-7th day, 8th-14th, 15th-21st, and 22nd-28th login day.
  • The rewards get progressively better with each new tier. So logging in consecutively for 15 days will net you better items than logging in for 5 days.
  • After 28 days, the login count resets back to 1, and you start progressing through the tiers again.
  • You must log in and claim each day’s reward – otherwise, you’ll break your streak and have to start over from tier 1.

So in summary, make sure to log in every day and claim your reward to maintain your login streak. The longer you keep your streak going, the better rewards you’ll unlock!

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Types of Genshin Daily Login Rewards

The daily login rewards encompass a wide variety of helpful in-game items, resources, currencies, and bonuses. Here are some of the most common rewards you can obtain:


Primogems are the premium currency used to acquire Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates for summoning new characters and weapons. It’s one of the most coveted resources, so getting free primogems from daily logins is valuable. The higher login tiers award anywhere from 60 to 100 primogems.


Mora is the regular currency used for leveling up characters, weapons, talents, and more. You’ll need millions of more for late-game progression, so the thousand+ more rewards are useful.

Hero’s Wit

Hero’s Wit is the main resource used for leveling up characters. The higher the level of your characters, the more Hero’s Wit is required per level. The login rewards give anywhere from 2 to 6 Hero’s Wit.

Weapon Ascension Materials

You’ll need a variety of elemental gems, local specialties, and boss materials to ascend your weapons. Login rewards provide an assortment of these useful ascension materials.

Mystic Enhancement Ore

This one is required in bulk to level up your weapons. You can get around 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore from the login rewards.

Talent Level-Up Materials

Various talent books are provided to help upgrade your characters’ skills. These are time-gated, so getting some for free is very helpful.

Fragile Resin

This consumable fully restores 60 resin, which is used for claiming rewards from domains, ley lines, and bosses. Fragile resin lets you farm more rewards per day.

Bonus Gifts

During special events or versions, login rewards may contain bonus event-exclusive items like Crown of Insight, special cooking ingredients, and more.

As you can see, maintaining a daily login streak pays off substantially in Genshin! The rewards offered can save you a lot of time farming or spare you some real-world money from buying primogems.

Tips to Maximize Genshin Daily Login Rewards

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of Genshin’s daily login reward system:

  • Log in every day– This may seem obvious, but don’t miss a day! Set a daily alarm if needed. Missing a day resets your streak back to tier 1 rewards.
  • Claim promptly– Make sure to claim the rewards as soon as you log in. The daily reset occurs at 4 AM server time each day.
  • Multiple platforms– You can maintain separate login streaks on PC/mobile/PlayStation. Claim on each to triple your rewards!
  • Stockpile fragile resin– Don’t feel compelled to use fragile resin as soon as you get it. Save it for when you need the extra resin.
  • Save primogems– Let your stockpile of free primogems build up, and save them for wishing on a banner with a character you want.
  • Use more materials– Don’t let resources like more and enhancement ore sit unused. Spend them to level up your characters and weapons.
  • Check event rewards– During special events, be sure to check the event-exclusive rewards you can get from daily logins.

Consistency is key to making the most of Genshin Impact’s daily logins. Stick with it daily and you’ll be stocked up with valuable resources and currencies over time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Genshin Daily Logins

Here are some common questions players have about Genshin’s daily login reward system:

How many primogems can you get from daily logins?

You can obtain 60-100 primogems from the higher tier login rewards. If you login consistently every day, you can expect to earn around 1200-1500 free primogems per month just from daily logins.

Do daily login rewards expire?

No, the rewards do not expire. You can claim a past day’s reward even if you missed logging in on that day. The only catch is that missing a day will break your login streak.

Do rewards get better over time?

No, the daily login reward tiers reset back to the beginning after 28 days. The rewards are fixed in a set cycle. However, miHoYo occasionally adds new items like Fragile Resin to higher tiers.

Can you claim rewards on both PC and mobile?

Yes! The daily login count is separate for each platform. So you can essentially triple your rewards by claiming them on PC, iOS/Android, and PlayStation.

Is there a limit to how many primogems you can stockpile?

There is no limit to how many unused primogems you can stockpile. Let that free primogem stash build up! They’ll carry over indefinitely.

Do daily logins count towards Welkin Moon?

No, logging in and claiming daily rewards does not count as “logging in” for Welkin Moon’s daily primogem reward. You must specifically claim Welkin’s reward.

What’s the best daily login reward?

The Fragile Resin is generally considered the most valuable reward. It lets you essentially “recharge” an additional 60 resin per day to farm more domains, bosses, or ley lines.


Genshin Impact’s daily login reward system provides a steady stream of valuable in-game resources, currencies, and materials. Simply logging in daily and claiming your rewards will grant you a nice boost over time. Be sure to log in every day, claim promptly, and make use of the free items you obtain. And don’t forget to take advantage of claiming on multiple platforms to maximize your rewards!

With a consistent daily login habit, you’ll find progression smoother, have an easier time summoning new characters, and reduce the grind. The small effort of logging in pays off substantially. So set yourself a daily Genshin alarm and never miss a reward!

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