Top 20 Best Android Games for Girls in 2024

Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, and Android phones and tablets provide the perfect platform for gaming on the go. For girls looking for entertaining Android games in 2024, the options are endless. But not all mobile games are created equal in terms of quality, graphics, and pure fun factor.

To help you find the best of the best, we’ve put together an expanded list of the top 20 Android games for girls this year. These highest-rated games cover a variety of genres and themes to appeal to all kinds of gamers. Whether you love adorable animals, want to decorate stunning living spaces, or feel like blasting aliens in an epic adventure, these best Android games for girls have something delightful for every girl gamer. Let’s dive in!

Best Android Games for Girls

1. Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze

Big Fish Games hit it out of the park with the addictive time management cooking game Cooking Craze. This game lets you travel the world running restaurants in places like New York, Paris, Hawaii, and more. You’ll chop, fry, and prepare ingredients against the clock to serve hungry customers from all over. With cute graphics, hundreds of levels, and increasingly challenging restaurants, Cooking Craze is a top choice for gamers who love restaurants, cooking, or match-3 gameplay. If you crave a fast-paced challenge, this global cooking adventure will satisfy you.

2. Home Street

Home Street

Home Street from the creators of Township and Fishdom is a charming community simulator focused on designing and customizing dream homes. You can also visit neighborhoods designed by friends or random players for voting and inspiration. With adorable graphics and fun characters, Home Street is the perfect way to express your interior design skills without having to renovate your house! Frequent updates and holiday events mean there’s always something new to explore in the world of Home Street.

3. Love & Pies

Love & Pies

For puzzle fans, Love & Pies delivers a mouthwatering match-3 experience combined with a story-driven bakery renovation theme. You play as Violet, who inherits her grandmother’s struggling pie shop and must master match-3 puzzles to upgrade the shop by baking pies and upgrading equipment. With hundreds of levels, quirky characters, and plenty of pie-flipping fun, Love & Pies serves up a delicious puzzle adventure.

4. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

The mega-popular Animal Crossing series arrives on mobile with Pocket Camp, an expansive life simulator set in the world of adorable anthropomorphic animals. You run your campsite, decorating it with furniture and items as animal friends come to visit. Friendship interactions and requests drive the gameplay as you collect items, go fishing, catch bugs, and much more. With relaxing music and animation, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp captures the mellow essence of the beloved franchise in mobile form.

5. Two Dots

Two Dots

Minimalist spatial puzzle fans will go crazy for Two Dots, a simple yet endlessly challenging color-connecting game. The goal is to link colored dots to clear them from the board and advance through thousands of levels. With varied level themes like seasons, ancient Egypt, undersea, and more, the puzzles stay fresh. Daily and weekly challenges plus competitive multiplayer keep Two Dots rewarding long-term. When you need to give your brain a workout via simple, elegant puzzle play, Two Dots delivers zen-like focus.

6. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

The lovable monster Om Nom stars in Cut the Rope, one of the first mobile gaming phenomenons. In this physics puzzler, you must figure out how to cut ropes to ensure candy makes its way safely into the mouth of Om Nom. With creative-level design, multiple sequels, and new mechanics like air cushions, Cut the Rope remains one of the best franchises in mobile gaming. Feed the adorable Om Nom in 400 candy-crunching levels for sweet smile-inducing fun.

7. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

PopCap Games won fans the world over with Plants vs. Zombies, the ultimate lawn defense game. Strategically place pea shooters, walnuts, cherry bombs, and more to fend off hilarious zombies via grounded garden warfare. The charming characters, silly animations, and slowly ramping difficulty make Plants vs. Zombies an addicting pleasure. Multiple worlds and game modes give aspiring backyard warriors a chance to thwart zombies for many screen-staring hours.

8. Flow Free

Flow Free

Simple, smooth, and soothing, Flow Free delivers a screen-sweeping strategy via connect-the-dots gameplay. Just link colored dots on square and circular game boards to cover the entire space. While early levels play like a calm meditative escape, the puzzles quickly become challenging brain-burners. With multiple level packs and game modes, Flow Free’s stylish visuals and mental stimulation make it a top Android gaming choice spanning genres.

9. Tetris


The classic falling block puzzler still reigns supreme decades later, whether you play the original or modernized versions like Tetris Effect: Connected. Clearing lines by rotating and perfectly placing tetromino blocks never gets old. Marathon mode and the ever-increasing difficulty will test even seasoned Tetris pros. New variations keep the formula fresh, but the sheer simplicity of the original cements Tetris as an eternal mobile gaming staple.

10. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Though Angry Birds has spawned an entire franchise of games, movies, and more, the original game maintains a nostalgic appeal. Slingshot irate birds at teetering towers constructed by antagonistic green pigs in this physics demolition masterpiece. With overseas addictive levels across multiple worlds, Angry Birds remains one of the most satisfyingly destructive mobile games of all time.

11. Sally’s Salon

Sally's Salon

For a dash of glamour, check out Sally’s Salon, a popular time management game set in a hair salon. Keep clients happy by washing, cutting, and styling hair to perfection. Upgrade your salon, unlock celebrity clients, and express your creativity via hairstyling perfection. Sally’s Salon blends excellent time-pressure gameplay with all the fun of giving makeovers.

12. Gardenscapes


Combine match-3 puzzles with gardening fun in Gardenscapes. Austin needs your help restoring his childhood garden and mansion to their former glory. Master match-3 levels to earn coins so you can decorate gardens jam-packed with cool touches like fountains, arches, statues, and more. With a quirky cast of characters and a constantly expanding garden, Gardenscapes is a mobile gaming staple.

13. Evermerge


From the creators of Fishdom comes Evermerge, a kingdom-building game with match-3 at its core. Combine match-3 gameplay with collecting resources, discovering new lands, and crafting items. Cute characters need you to restore their fantasy kingdom. With frequent events and new lands added regularly, hours slip away as you match, build, and help revive this magical realm.

14. Happy Color

Happy Color

Sometimes you just need to de-stress with some coloring book magic. Happy Color brings coloring books to life via mobile with thousands of artworks to complete. Cute animals, nature scenes, mandalas, and more await your creative coloring skills. With color-by-number features, pencil and paintbrush modes, and satisfying color fills, Happy Color transports you to childhood while perfecting painted masterpieces.

15. Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover

If you love interior design and room makeovers, Home Design Makeover lets you unleash your skills one room at a time. Start by taking photos of the space. You can redo your actual room or tap into your imagination. Use the robust design features to apply flooring, wallpapers, decor items, and more for stunning transformations. With daily design challenges and inspiration from a vibrant online community, Home Design Makeover feeds your decorating obsession.

16. Township


In Township, you build and manage your farm and town in a colorful, animated world. Plant and harvest crops, process goods like honey and wool, and expand your town with new buildings. Attract new residents, fill boat orders at the port, and trade goods to keep your tiny town thriving. With engaging gameplay and regular holiday events, Township provides endless farm fun.

17. Cookie Run: Kingdom

CookieRun - Kingdom

The adorable cookie characters from Cookie Run and Cookie Run: OvenBreak team up to save their tasty kingdom in this colony simulation RPG. Build up a sweet city while interacting with fun cookie characters on timed missions. Match treats gummy blocks to power up your cookie crew for upgrades and battles. If you have a sweet tooth for cute simulation games, Cookie Run: Kingdom serves up plenty of charm.

18. Roblox

With over 40 million games created by players, Roblox is the ultimate DIY gaming universe. This social sandbox allows you to play, create, and be anything you can imagine. Dress up your avatar, play experiences created by others, and use building tools to make your worlds. Interact with friends as you enjoy concerts, adventures, obstacle courses, and more in the boundless creative world of Roblox.

19. Perfect Cream

Perfect Cream

Fans of desserts and cooking games will gobble up Perfect Cream, a mouthwatering cafe management game. Run your ice cream shop, choosing ingredients and toppings for cones, shakes, and specialty creations. Decorate your cafe with delicious themes while crafting creamy treats for customers. Manage supplies and upgrade tools for smooth dessert-prepping action. Perfect Cream’s charming style and delectable gameplay make it a sweet treat.

20. Makeup Mermaid Princess Beauty

Makeup Mermaid Princess Beauty

Who doesn’t dream of being a mermaid? Now girls can enter the enchanted world of mermaids through Makeup Mermaid Princess Beauty. Give gorgeously illustrated merfolk makeovers with cosmetics, hair, outfits, and accessories. With undersea environments, sparkling sound effects, and lovely artwork, you’ll feel part of a sunken city as you beautify these fantasy creatures.


With so many phenomenal Android games to choose from in 2024, girls can game on the go no matter the genre. From makeup to cooking, town-building to puzzle-solving, acting to shopping, the software marketplace offers incredible mobile experiences. Immerse yourself in design, cuisine, adventure, and more with these highest-rated Android titles.

Download a few games to your phone or tablet and enjoy gaming magic right at your fingertips no matter where you are. With endless variety, stunning graphics, and ingenious gameplay, these 20 games represent the pinnacle of mobile entertainment for girls in 2024. Game on!

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