20 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp Chat 2024

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps, with over 2 billion users worldwide. It allows easy communication through text, voice messages, video calls, and more. However, the lack of privacy can be a concern for many users.

Fortunately, there are various lock apps available that can help add an extra layer of security and privacy to your WhatsApp chats and messages. These apps use passwords, patterns, fingerprints, or other biometric authentication to lock down WhatsApp and prevent unauthorized access. Here are the 20 best lock apps to help keep your WhatsApp chats private and secure:

Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp Chat

1. AppLock


AppLock is one of the most popular lock Android apps with over 100 million users. It allows you to lock not just WhatsApp but also other apps with PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock. Premium features include intruder selfies, app hiding, and locking of settings.

2. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock

From the well-known Norton antivirus brand, this app lock offers robust protection. It makes use of an enhanced algorithm to prevent hacking of the app. Your chats and files remain encrypted and you can even lock incoming calls.

3. Privax

HMA VPN Proxy & WiFi Security

Privax offers total privacy control over WhatsApp with military-grade encryption. It has an incognito browser, private locker, app lock, and call blocker features. You can hide and encrypt your chats, media, etc.

4. ChatLocker

Chat Locker

As the name suggests, ChatLocker focuses specifically on locking your WhatsApp and social media apps. Apart from using a PIN, it utilizes decoy passwords and keyboard security to prevent snooping of your passcode.

5. CoverMe


With CoverMe, you can lock WhatsApp, Gallery, incoming calls, and other apps. It offers a wide range of privacy tools including a private browser, encrypted messenger, file shredder, panic button, and more.

6. HideU


This lock app disguises itself cleverly as a calculator while also locking your photos and videos securely. Even if someone opens your gallery, they will only find the calculator interface.

7. KeepSafe Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

KeepSafe helps ensure privacy for your photos, videos, documents, and also conversations in social media and chat apps. It uses password and fingerprint access to keep your media safe from prying eyes.

8. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault

This comprehensive security app allows pin, pattern, and fingerprint locking for apps. Social media apps including WhatsApp can be locked. It also offers private image and video vaults protected fully by a PIN code.

9. Photo Lock App

Photo Lock App

As the name suggests, this app focuses on securing your photos and videos while also having the option to lock other apps and hide them. All media is encrypted and it provides cloud backup as well.

10. Pic Lock- Hide Photos & Videos

Pic Lock

Pic Lock uses a pattern lock to protect your gallery contents on Android devices. It disguises your photos and videos under an audio player interface. You can hide apps and contacts too.

11. App Lock – Lock Apps, Password

App Lock

If you are looking for a simple app lock solution, this aptly named App Lock – Lock Apps, Password is a good option. Set a PIN to lock messaging, gallery, social media, and other apps of your choice. The interface is clean without ads or clutter.

12. Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe

Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe

This photo locker app lock not only secures your photo gallery but also messages, call logs, contacts, and apps with a PIN code. Your privacy is ensured with advanced encryption technology and it allows transferring locked data between devices securely.

13. Max App Locker

Max App Locker

You can lock WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, SMS, Contacts, and other apps with Max Locker. It offers a wide range of security customization options. You can also recover access if you forget the credentials.

14. Hide Photo Vault & Videos

Hide Photo Vault & Videos

This app enables you to hide photos and videos behind a secure PIN code or pattern. Your locked gallery is disguised cleverly under an audio player interface for complete privacy.

15. AppLocker

App Locker - Lock App

App Locker offers a quick way to lock away sensitive apps like WhatsApp with either a pattern lock or a password. You can also hide apps and block uninstalling of the locker. The ad-free interface is easy to use.

16. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock provides shortcut widgets for quickly locking the apps you select. Apart from a password, fingerprint, or pattern, you can shake your phone to lock it instantly as well. Multiple user profiles are also permitted.

17. Key Messages

Key Messages

This app focuses on locking down your messages and blocking unwanted texts. It disguises all your message notifications and the home screen icon.

18. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

A photo and video locker for protecting your gallery content via password, pattern, or fingerprint biometric lock. You can keep private media hidden from prying eyes behind a calculator vault.

19. App Guardian

App Guardian

App Guardian offers customizable locking so you can apply a different password, pattern, or fingerprint for each app you want to protect. Lock your confidential chats and media securely.

20. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock - Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint enables fingerprint locking for Android apps. It is quick and easy to protect sensitive apps like WhatsApp as you simply need to enable fingerprint access from the app’s settings once FingerSecurity is installed.


Having a robust app locking capability goes a long way in safeguarding your WhatsApp messages and media from unauthorized access. The above 20 lock apps provide a variety of options, from simple PIN locks to advanced encryption, to suit your exact privacy needs. Install one on your device today to chat and share freely on WhatsApp without worrying about prying eyes.

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