Best City Building Games For PC 2024

Almost all gamers may have memorized very well that SimCity is one of the games that pioneered the city-building genre game. However, with the development of time and technology, now many developers have produced city-building games that are no less exciting than SimCity.

Even though they offer the same premise, each of these games provides a different game setting concept, for example, building a city on another planet. The developers did not hesitate to add elements of survival, politics, and strategy to make city-building games more exciting and challenging.

To feel the challenge, below, we will recommend 10 city-building games that must be played on the PC platform. Here is the list.

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Best City Building Games PC

1. Frostpunk


Frostpunk is a city-building survival game set in 1886. The storyline tells the story of the eruptions of Mount Krakatau and Tambora which caused a prolonged volcanic winter all over the world. Players will later find a new place to take refuge and build a civilization to stay safe from the tense world conditions.

Players will be in a survival group consisting of workers, engineers, and children. At first, players only had limited resources to build a city. Furthermore, the players are required to harvest wood, coal, steel, and food to keep everyone warm and alive.

Throughout the game, players can use the Order option to get support from citizens in enforcing the law, as well as Faith’s option to enforce the law. Players also have to build a kind of workshop to be able to build a city efficiently with minimal resources.

2. Aven Colony


Players will be involved in building a new human city on an alien planet that is very far from Earth named Aven Prime. Later, the player has to supervise many construction works, resources, and people living in the colony. Various kinds of buildings can be made, such as skyscrapers, space lifts, settlements, and others.

Each building in this game helps to serve the needs of citizens, such as oxygen creation, shelter, food cultivation, resource mining, colony protection, exploration, and expansion. Players must also protect the colony from the threat of extreme weather from storms, dust, and poisonous gases.

Apart from that, there are also alien creatures who are always annoying and can attack the colony at any time. The attack from these aliens can be prevented by building a defense structure to protect the safety of all inhabitants in the colony.

3. Tropico 6


In this game, players will be in the role of El Presidente, the leader of the Caribbean Island nation of Tropico. Furthermore, players have the power to build cities in all areas of the islands. Players can build bridges to connect one island to another.

Acting as the leader of a country, of course, players can act fully towards their citizens. If players are aggressive towards their citizens, they will rebel. Even worse, the level of productivity of the city being built will later decrease.

Tropico 6 received positive reviews from critics with its Metacritic review giving it a rating of 78/100. In 2019, this game was nominated in The Game Awards for the Best Strategy Game category.

4. Surviving Mars


Humans can finally live on the planet Mars, but not in real life, but in this one game. Humans have the main mission to form civilizations on this red planet. Therefore, players are required to build a city on Mars and are responsible for all manufacturing resources, as well as managing every building for its citizens.

5. City Mania


City Mania is the first full-3D title in our list here. It’s got a good pedigree—it’s developed by Gameloft, the makers of a wide range of great free-to-play titles on iOS and Android, from Asphalt 9 to Modern Combat to, the City Mania. The game has you playing as mayor and managing civic amenities, resources, and businesses.

You need to keep your wits about you and scale resource production and residential sites as population and resource pressure increase. This is where the free-to-play elements come into the picture—you can buy resources that otherwise take a long time to accumulate. While this can slow down the pace of play for free players, we still suggest giving the game a spin. It’s a great mobile-centric city builder with a unique, painterly aesthetic to its 3D visuals.

6. Virtual City Playground


The biggest criticism we can leverage against Virtual City Playground is that it simply doesn’t do enough to set itself apart in the free-to-play city-builder segment. As a mobile title on iOS and Android, the game plays out very similar to City mania, albeit with 2D sprite graphics instead of polygonal 3D. You’re tasked with Managing your city building amenities and ensuring that growth is supported as your population increases.

There is one approach that Virtual City Playground sets itself apart, though. You’re able to engage in a certain amount of micromanagement, allowing you to plan out individual bus routes among other small-scale tasks. Free-to-play mechanics operate the same as in other titles in the genre. How fast your city develops is directly proportional to how much real-world money you invest in it.

7. Pixel Worlds


Minecraft spinoffs have been a thing the past couple of years, with everything from a Minecraft narrative RPG from Telltale to Minecraft battle royale. Minecraft mania’s hit the city-builder genre too. Pixel Worlds is less a city-builder and more a world-builder, where you terraform a barren world and build up a settlement and other developed areas.

The main hook is the massively multiplayer component: You can trade with other players and cooperate with them, too: When there’s a large number of real-world players onscreen, it feels more convincing as an urban space than conventional city-builders since you know that you’re seeing is the product of a lot of collective effort.

Pixel Worlds also has dungeons, exploration, and minigames like fishing to help keep things fresh. The game is free-to-play and you can purchase additional currency through IAP but the in-game means of earning are quite fair by themselves.

8. Township


This is another title that treads a bit off the beaten path as far as city-builders are concerned. Township is less a city-builder proper and more of a, well, town builder. It’s about building cozy settlements at the intersection of the rural and the urban, so farm management plays just as much a role as building civic amenities.

The town you end up building is much more down-to-earth than the skyscraper-crowded screens of other city builders, but the payoff’s arguably more worthwhile—you didn’t just lay down roads and wait for settlers to arrive—Township’s very much a farm-to-fork experience, letting you touch on all aspects of the town-building process. It also has a wide range of side activities like mining which mixes things up in the gameplay department.

9. Worlds Builder


Are city-builders not ambitious enough for you? You might want to try Worlds Builder, which has you overlooking an entire world as its God. As farms and settlements come into the picture, you’re given a much wider toolset of options, including the ability to control forces of nature to shape destinies. You can also build up natural environments like forests as well as urban settlements. Because of its larger scale, it’s no surprise that Worlds Builder also has an exploratory element that has you sending out expeditions to discover treasure.

10. SimCity 4


No list of best city-building games is complete without SimCity, the most popular game in this genre. When you start the game, the tutorials do a pretty good job of covering the basics. My favorite thing about the game is its realism. For example, if you build a city with high-value residential neighborhoods, you get more tax money without taking up more space. But if you apply a high tax rate on low-income residents, you soon see strikes on the street. This game almost reflects the life of an actual city.

Sim City 4 is a bit harder than other city-building games, so if you are just getting started, it’s not the best game to pick up (I recommend Sim City 2000 instead), but if you are looking for some challenge it’s a must-have. It’s a paid game, but I’ve seen it at a heavy discount on steam most of the year.

Best City Building Games, Free City Building Games For Android Available On Play Store

In general, city-building simulation games are preferred by women. Usually, women are more careful in doing this so that the city they build can be more advanced in a fast period.

Unlike other game genres, in this simulation game, you are required to be serious and painstaking in building the city of your dreams. Well, usually you have to set aside hours in front of your cellphone screen to be able to manage your city more optimally.

Here will introduce you to 15 choices of the best city-building games for Android that you can play for free and offline.

1.  SimCity BuildIt


In this simulation game, you are required to build a city in your way. Well, your role here is as a governor of the city. Your task, of course, is to build a city from being deserted to a megapolitan.

To be able to do this, you can bring the city to life by using existing infrastructure, in the form of land, buildings, and so on.

But at the beginning of the game, you should first build a factory so you can produce iron or wood that can be used to build housing. Previously, you also had to make a road route first before building the city of your dreams in the SimCity BuildIt.

2.  City Island 3


Not much different from City Island in the previous series, wherein in the third series you still have the same goal, which is to create a comfortable city and continue to maintain the level of happiness of the residents in it.

There are many things you can do to make the locals feel happy, for example, decorating your city by placing pedestrian paths, rivers, railroads with trains, parks, and so on.

Creativity is the main key needed in this game from the Sparkling Society so that you can build a flourishing and developing metropolis.

3.  Paradise Island


As the name implies, Paradise Island requires you to build an island close to the beach. Because of the location of the building which is close to the beach, of course, you have to make an entertainment place to provide a more colorful atmosphere for residents and tourists.

You can make various interesting entertainment easily, such as building entertainment center infrastructure, building hotels, restaurants, and various interesting things that can keep them entertained.

4.  Megapolis


Compared to other city-building games, Megapolis has superior graphics. Yep, because this offline strategy game made by  Social Quantum is equipped with 3D graphics that look very realistic.

Your task in this game is to manage finances and build a variety of attractive infrastructure for your cities, such as building airports, train stations, ports, oil and gas mining, and much more.

The more housing you make, the more residents will approach your city. So that it makes you gain a bigger profit.

One interesting thing about this game, here you can invite your friends to compare who has the most successful city. Come on, challenge your friends right now!

5.  Township


The township is a category or type of casual game that requires you to build a growing city. There are many things you can do here later, starting from creating plantations, opening cafes, restaurants, and many other interesting things.

The greater the level you reach, the more functions that can be unlocked, such as a city market that serves to sell merchandise, to mines that can be dug to find sources of valuable minerals.

Even though this game is provided free of charge, there are some items in this game made by Playrix Games that you have to buy with real money.

6.  Big Business Deluxe


In this Big Business Deluxe game, you don’t just build a city at random. Because there will be a mission that you have to complete the mission, the missions that you will get later are of course related to business that can make your city more successful.

There are many things you can do here, for example, such as making profits or profits from various things, building factories, housing, and many others.

Until now, this city-building game under Game Insight has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Are you interested in trying it too? Let’s play right now on your Android!

7.  Little Big City 2


Not much different from the first series, wherein Little Big City 2, your role in this game is still a Mayor. Your task here is to create a prosperous city and make various attractive infrastructures so that the residents in your city feel happy.

Before you start building the city of your dreams, you must first choose what type of city you want to create, whether it is the type of city with culture, technology, industry, and so on.

The choice of the city will affect the infrastructure or buildings or facilities that you can use later. So you have to choose the right type of city that suits your interests.

Apart from that, Gameloft also provides a fun and fun mini-games that you can do between activities as you build your city. Such as helping the police in your city to catch robbers, saving citizens from UFO attacks, and many more.

That’s the choice of the best city-building games for Android that you can play offline, and of course, it’s free. Don’t forget to eat and shower while playing the game. Happy Gaming!

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