COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk Download 2022

Download COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk

Here we are giving the link to download the COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk. Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games to ever exist. We all played this game in our childhood and the craze for this game can be seen today. You can never get bored with the clash of clans with the number of updates that we receive every month.

But sometimes it is a little boring to wait for hours of construction to complete or to save gems. But now you don’t have to do that. You can download the COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk version that we are going to share in this blog.

This is the latest hack version of Clash of Clans and the best thing is that you will not get banned for using this version. So without any further discussion let’s get to the point.

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How to Download CoC/Clash of Clans Unlimited Troops Mod Apk?

It is very easy to download the COC mod version You can follow these simple instructions:

  • First of all, go to your device Settings and head to the Security options. There you will see an option Unknown Sources, allow it.
  • Go to this website link. There you will see a download button, click on it and download the COC mod apk file.
  • After downloading the file click on it and install it on your device.
  • Now open the COC mod apk and enjoy unlimited troops.

Features of the COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk Download

Other than Unlimited troops, the COC mod apk offers a lot of different features. So let’s have a look at them one by one.

Unlimited Troops

The first thing that you get with this COC mod apk is Unlimited troops. You can attack your enemies with unlimited troops. This gives you a 1000% chance of winning every battle. Moreover, you can try more troops that you have not unlocked on your COC account. You can try different troops and see which you like the most. You can also practice and try battles with different troops and make your attacking skills better.

Unlimited Gems

The most precious thing in clash of clans is gems. People spend a lot of money buying gems on their accounts. You can do whatever you want when you have unlimited gems. You can end any construction and max everything. You don’t have to wait for troops when you have gems. Gems can do anything.

So the next amazing feature that the COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk gives us is access to unlimited gems. You can use them and fulfill every desire that you have had with the clash of clans for years.

Unlimited Gold

This hack version of COC also provides unlimited gold which is an important resource to maintain your village. You can upgrade a lot of things with gold and it is one of the most important resources in Clash of Clans.

Unlimited Elixir

Another unlimited resource that you get with this hacked version is an unlimited elixir. You get both dark elixir and elixir. Elixir is considered very important as you can not train troops without elixir in the game. You can also bot upgrade certain buildings in clash of clans if you don’t have enough elixir. So it is also one of the most important things to have when you are playing clash of clans.

Town Hall 13

The COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk version comes with a Town Hall 13. This town hall is very attractive and high-tech. I like this town hall better than all of the previous ones. Because if your village gets attacked by an enemy the town hall can protect itself. It is because it has an inbuilt defense system that enables it when an enemy raids your village.

Other than that, Town Hall 13 is a beautiful building and the color is also blue which most people like. So it is a good thing that this COC mod version has this version.

Anti-Ban Version

When you download a moded apk of an online game like clash of clans. The biggest problem that you face is that the original game creators ban your account. So whether you have unlimited gems or unlimited troops once your account is banned all the fun will also vanish in a second.

But not with this version, because this one is anti-ban. This means that your account will not get banned even if you okay the game online. This is the best feature that this hack version has. Because most of the hacks that are available online get you banned in a second.


These are some frequently asked questions about Clash of Clans mod.

Will I get banned for using the COC mod version?

For most of the mods on the internet, you are most likely to get banned. But if you use our download link you will not get banned because it is anti-ban.

Is the COC mod safe?

Yes, the COC mod that we have shared is completely safe to download. You will have no issue using or downloading it.

Can I play COC on PC?

Yes, you can play Clash of Clans on your PC. But for that, you have to download and install an emulator first.


As a Clash of Clans fan, you always want to get your town hall and resources max. But it takes a lot of time which not everyone likes to spend. So in this blog, we have shared the COC Unlimited Troops Mod Apk Download that you can use. It has many useful features. We have discussed all of it above.

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