How To Use VPN On Phone And Computer- Best 2022

How To Use VPN On Your Phone and Computer?

In the present time, most people use the internet to see and use different things, for which they need different types of websites. But many websites provide wrong information and this type of website is blocked by the government today in this article you will learn how to open the blocked websites Using a VPN On a Windows PC.

If you want to access these websites then you have to set up a VPN for this. Today in this article you will learn about different types of VPN of Phone and Computer, and How to Use VPN On Your Phone and Computer? Go to Reddit if you’re looking for the best VPN services.

What is a VPN? How to Use VPN On Phone and Computer?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network that allows the user to access the network. For this, the network company provides you with an “IP Address”, “User Name” and “Password”, so that you can use this network anywhere. VPN is a secure network and this service is mostly used by large companies so that they can keep their important data secure. While VPN service can be used by anyone, VPN changes “Real IP” to “Fake IP”. You can use a VPN to secure your important data or bounce your IP address.

How to Use VPN On Your Phone and Computer?

To do you can take the help of the methods shown below. In these methods, you can understand How to Use VPN On Your Phone and Computer? Complete information is given below:

How to use VPN on your Computer?

Step 1: Download Software

For this, you have to install “Opera Developer Software” on your computer or laptop, you can download it by going to Opera’s website.

Step 2: Open The App And Click On Setting

After installing, open the app, now in it, you will see the option of “Menu” at the top, click on it and then click on “Setting”.

Step 3: Click On Privacy And Security

After going to the settings, you have to click on “Privacy and Security”, and you will see the option of VPN.

Step 4: Tick On Enable VPN

Tick Enable VPN in VPN option, after ticking, VPN will be activated in your Opera browser, after which you can access any blocked website with the help of this browser.

Step 5: On / Off VPN

Now you will see a VPN written near the URL of the browser, by clicking it you can turn the VPN on or off, and with this help the location can also be changed.

How to use VPN in Your SmartPhone?

Download any Free VPN App (recommend Paid VPN app) from the Google Play store. With the help of this app, you can easily use a VPN of any country and you can hide your real-time location, so let’s know how you can use a VPN on your mobile:

Step 1: Download The App

First of all, download the “Touch VPN App” from PlayStore on your mobile, install it after downloading.

Step 2: Location

After installing, open the app, now first set the location in it.

Step 3: Click On Connect

Now click on “Connect”, as soon as you click on it, the VPN on your mobile will start. Now Enjoy surfing the internet on your phone using any browser.

How to use VPN in Your Google Chrome Browser

the method shown below can be used to use VPN in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Download Extension

To use VPN in Google Chrome, first open Chrome and search Google Chrome VPN Extension in it, then go to Google extension and click on “Add To Chrome”.

Step 2: Click On Extension

After adding, you will see a popup in which click on the option of “Add Extension”.

Step 3: Sidebar Icon

In the third step, you will see the VPN extension added to the right site at the top, click on it and select the language.

Step 4: Sign Up And Use

If you are using it for the first time, then click on “Create New Account” and submit your email ID and password. After this, you can use VPN easily.

How does VPN work (Virtual Private Network)

One of the most important functions of VPN is to provide security to the network, VPN secures all the work you are doing on the Internet, and you can also access a blocked website with the help of a VPN service. There are some websites that you cannot access in your country you can easily access all those websites with the help of a VPN.

If you are using the Internet and your IP address is from India and you use VPN, then after selecting any country in which you use the Internet, your IP address will be in the same country that you have selected. With this, the VPN hides your identity on the Internet.

Advantages of VPN

VPNs have both advantages and disadvantages. First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of VPN, let’s know what is VPN Ke Fayde:

  • Any block website can be reopened with the help of a VPN.
  • VPN can change the location of the country like Facebook is banned in China, but people there can use Facebook to change the location of the country with the help of a VPN.
  • Both Free and Paid facility of VPN is available on the Internet, if you want to take advantage of the free service, then there are many free VPN apps available on PlayStore.
  • When using a VPN, all the data is encrypted so that there is no risk of hacking.

Disadvantage of VPN

  • Above we told you about the benefits of a VPN but it also has many disadvantages, the disadvantages of VPN are shown below:
  • Many people believe that the use of a VPN does not make any difference to anyone, but this assumption is wrong because by using it you cannot completely hide, and due to which our data gets saved in the VPN server.
  • Many times free VPNs can misuse our data because they have access to all our data.
  • Hackers often hide their identities using VPNs.
  • VPN connects another server with Google called the VPN server. The addition of this additional server slows down the internet speed.

Type Of VPN

Looking at the role of VPN in business, it is mainly divided into three parts, which are shown below:

Remote Access VPN

Through this VPN, any employee can access the computer network of their worksite from any location. When a host is connected with the help of Remote Access VPN, the VPN presents it like a local connect.

Site to Site or Intranet VPN

Through this VPN any organization can connect its different offices. This VPN provides the resources of one office to the host of another office. Site to Site or Intranet VPN connects individual office computers through the Internet.

Extranet VPN

When an organization works together, it uses an Extranet VPN. Through this type of VPN, any organization provides limited access to its resources to any other organization with which it works.

Note– Do not use the VPN for illegal activities on the internet such as hacking, cracking, gambling, smuggling, etc. This could be a punishable offense.

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