Can You Skip Dialogue in Diablo 4? A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Diablo 4 is one of the most highly anticipated video games released in 2023. As the next installment in Blizzard’s hit action role-playing franchise, Diablo 4 promises to deliver an epic dark fantasy adventure filled with demons, treasures, and more. However, one question many fans have is whether you can skip dialogue in Diablo 4. Below is a comprehensive guide covering this topic.

Understanding Dialogue in Diablo 4

Dialogue is an integral part of any RPG game, and Diablo 4 is no exception. Conversations with NPCs (non-player characters) drive the narrative forward, provide quest details, reveal lore and backstories, and allow for character interactions.

In Diablo 4, dialogue occurs during key story moments, when accepting and turning in quests, when entering new towns, and when speaking to NPCs. Some conversations are brief while others are more prolonged. The game uses dialogue to immerse players in the world and narrative.

Skipping dialogue means players would miss out on a substantial story, quest, and more information. However, some players prefer skipping conversations to get straight into the action gameplay. So can you skip dialogue in Diablo 4?

Can You Skip Dialogue in Diablo 4?

According to Blizzard developers, the majority of dialogue in Diablo 4 cannot be skipped. Only certain inconsequential NPC dialogue can be skipped by pressing a button.

Key story and quest dialogues do not include skip options. Players will need to go through these conversations in full to progress quests and the overarching narrative. Blizzard designed these important dialogues to be enjoyed and not rushed through.

However, the developers understand some players may want to skip dialogues to replay quests faster. So they implemented skipping for casual NPC exchanges that don’t impact quests or contain significant lore. Buttons allow skipping these dialogues to streamline repetitive sections.

So in summary, the main story and quest dialogues cannot be skipped, while some casual NPC dialogues can be fast-forwarded with a button press. This balanced approach lets Blizzard tell an immersive narrative while giving players some skipping options.

Examples of Unskippable Dialogues

Here are some examples of important story and quest dialogues that Blizzard has confirmed cannot be skipped in Diablo 4:

  • Main campaign story dialogues with key characters like Lilith, Inarius, and Rathma. These drive the central narrative.
  • NPC conversations related to obtaining, progressing, and completing quests. Skipping these would break the quest progression.
  • Dialogues that provide substantial lore and world-building backstory. Skipping skips the details.
  • Cinematic conversations during pivotal narrative moments between characters.
  • NPC exchanges related to making key storyline decisions that branch the narrative.
  • Initial conversations when entering new towns and hubs that establish the location.

Trying to skip these dialogues will not work and may break quest progression. Players will simply have to go through the full conversations as intended.

Examples of Skippable Dialogues

Here are some examples of inconsequential NPC dialogues Blizzard has confirmed can be skipped in Diablo 4:

  • Repeat exchanges with NPCs you’ve already conversed with that don’t provide new information. May include generic greetings and comments.
  • NPC announcing locations or quipping about the environment without advancing a quest or the story.

-NPCs that react to the player’s class, race, or other traits through ambient dialogues that repeat.

  • Vendors banter when browsing their shops once you’ve already heard their full pitch earlier.
  • One-off ambient NPC dialogues that provide flavor but not quest or lore details.
  • Guard NPCs that repeat the same lines about nearby points of interest.

These types of dialogues provide some flavor and color but do not need to be heard every time. Players can opt to skip them by pressing a button to save time.

What Players Think About Unskippable Dialogues

Within the Diablo community, opinions are mixed regarding not being able to skip most dialogues in Diablo 4. Here are some common perspectives:

Players Who Like Unskippable Dialogues Think:

  • It allows the story, world-building, and lore to be fully appreciated. Rushing would ruin immersion.
  • Gives conversations appropriate weight when they relate to key story moments and quests.
  • Ensures players cannot accidentally skip important details and break quests.
  • Prioritizes the artistic vision over impatience to rush through content.

Players Who Dislike Unskippable Dialogues Think:

  • They should be able to skip dialogues to speed up repetitive sections on multiple playthroughs.
  • The option to skip conversations allows players to progress at their preferred pace.
  • Excessive unskippable dialogues slow down gameplay too much between action segments.
  • Skippable dialogues should only be for optional flavor conversations, not main quests.

Overall, it is a balance between story immersion vs gameplay pacing. But Blizzard has clearly prioritized narrative and quest integrity over skippable convenience.

Tips for Getting Through Unskippable Dialogues

Since the majority of Diablo 4’s dialogues cannot be skipped, here are some tips to get through the required conversations efficiently:

  • Pay close attention the first time through important dialogues to absorb details. You’ll be able to skip some sections in replays.
  • Toggle background music and ambiance off so you can click through text quicker without missing voice lines.
  • Use Diablo 4’s conversation camera options like zooming in on faces to avoid having to scan backgrounds.
  • Engage with key personalities and voice acting to get into the story instead of viewing conversations as a hassle.
  • For replays, use knowledge from your first playthrough to click through text you already know while listening to voices.
  • Search forums after release to see if any mods add skippable dialogues at your own risk.

Accessibility Concerns With Unskippable Dialogues

One concern that has been raised around Diablo 4’s unskippable dialogues is related to accessibility. Some players with disabilities have noted that being forced through long conversations could pose challenges.

For example, players who are hard of hearing may find it difficult to read through extensive dialogues and subtitles without the option to skip forward. Those with motor impairment may not be able to click through conversations quickly.

While Blizzard has added some accessibility options related to dialogue, such as subtitles and toggleable text backgrounds, some feel the inability to skip key conversations does not accommodate certain disabilities.

Hopefully, Blizzard will consider extra accessibility options around unskippable dialogues if this becomes a major concern after Diablo 4’s release. Added customization could help cover more disabilities without affecting narrative intentions.

FAQ About Skipping Dialogues in Diablo 4

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about skipping dialogues in Diablo 4:

Q: Can I skip all dialogues in Diablo 4?

A: No, the majority of the main story and quest dialogues are unskippable. Only some minor NPC dialogues can be skipped.

Q: Will modders be able to add a skip dialogue option?

A: Potentially, but as this would interfere with Blizzard’s intended narrative design, they may prevent mods that activate dialogue skipping.

Q: Do cinematics and cutscenes allow skipping?

A: No. Cinematics and cutscenes are also designed as unskippable story moments.

Q: Can I skip dialogues during repeat playthroughs?

A: Unfortunately not – dialogues will be unskippable even on repeated playthroughs or with higher-level characters.

Q: Is there an option to turn off dialogues completely?

A: No, that level of dialogue customization is not implemented. Dialogues are part of the core game.

Q: Does skipping NPC dialogues break any quests?

A: It should not, as only inconsequential ambient dialogues can be skipped. Main quest dialogues cannot be skipped.

Q: Will future updates change the unskippable dialogues?

A: Blizzard has not indicated plans to change how the main story and quest dialogues work post-launch.


In Diablo 4, the ability to skip dialogues will be limited. Main story conversations and quest dialogues will be unskippable to maintain narrative integrity. Only some casual NPC dialogues can be skipped. This may disappoint some players who want greater skipping freedom but will ensure the intended story experience. While Blizzard could expand options post-launch, prepare for most of Diablo 4’s dialogues being non-optional. With the right mindset and preparation, lengthy required conversations can still be enjoyed or efficiently clicked through.

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