15+ Best Highly Compressed PC Games 2024

Gaming on a PC is an amazing experience, but modern games take up massive storage space. Thankfully, there are ways to compress games significantly without losing much quality. Highly compressed games are perfect for gamers who have limited storage space or bandwidth caps on their internet connections.

In this article, we will count down the 17 best highly compressed PC games you can download in 2023. These games have file sizes 1/4th to 1/10th of their original versions but still provide engaging and immersive gameplay. Let’s get started!

What are Highly Compressed Games?

Highly compressed games are optimized versions of regular games that take up much less storage space on your PC. They achieve high levels of compression by:

  • They are removing unnecessary data like high-resolution textures, videos, sound files, etc.
  • Optimizing leftover resources so they take up less space.
  • Converting media formats to more compressed versions.
  • Pruning redundant assets from the game installation folder.

The result is a game package that is often 90-95% smaller than the full version but still retains the core gameplay experience. You do lose out on some visual quality, but the games remain completely playable.

The reduced file size makes compressed games ideal for situations like:

  • Playing on a low-storage laptop or PC.
  • Quickly downloading games on a metered internet connection.
  • Installing multiple games thanks to smaller footprints.
  • Trying out indie games from small developers.
  • Keeping backups of old games you want to replay.

As long as you set appropriate expectations on visuals, compressed games deliver unlimited entertainment at tiny file sizes. Now let’s look at the best options available in 2023.

10 Best Highly Compressed Games for PC

Here are the top 10 highly compressed PC games you should download this year:

1- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City

GTA: Vice City is the first game I’ve listed on this list of Highly Compressed PC Games to Download.

We all agree that the Grand Theft Auto video games hold a unique place in our hearts. I can remember spending hours playing the game to enjoy and experience the Open World Games.

A video game called GTA (Grand Theft Auto) was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games.

The game follows Tommy Vercetti after his release from jail in the fictional Vice City, which is based in Miami. He becomes involved in a drug deal and is ambushed, and he sets out to find those responsible while expanding his criminal empire and taking control of rival gang members in the area.

2- Far Cry 3

This game is without a question the most thrilling and difficult first-person shooter of all time in the Far Cry series of games that I’ve played. The game has fantastic characters, a fascinating plot, an amazing audio design, and a rewarding conclusion.

A first-person shooter game called Far Cry 3 was created and released by Ubisoft Montreal. This is the third game in the Far Cry series.

The game was announced in June 2011 and made available in November 2012 for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game was praised all over the world after it was released. You can get one of the best highly compressed PC games by just clicking the link.

3- Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

Assassins’s Creed - Rogue

I’ve added an Assassin’s Creed game to my list of the top 10 highly compressed PC games, placing it at number three. The game might be loved for a variety of reasons.

It works on many low-end PCs and has good visuals that are well-optimized. This game has a fantastic storyline that will compel you to play it even more. The controls are smooth and easy.

Look for certain characters in each AC game. Shay Patrick Cormac, a seaman, and adventurer has been presented in the video game Assassin’s Creed: Rogue.

4- Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)

  • File Size: 1.2 GB
  • Original Size: 5.5 GB

The original 2005 edition of Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of the most beloved racing games ever made. This 1.2 GB compressed version gives you the complete experience at a fraction of the size.

Roam freely around the city while evading cops in exotic supercars. Take part in races, time trials, and the excellent Blacklist challenge series as you take down the top 15 drivers. Both visuals and gameplay hold up surprisingly well for an old title.

Key Features:

  • Open world city with hidden collectibles throughout.
  • Blacklist challenge against boss racers in the career.
  • Evade police in high-speed pursuits.
  • Customize cars visually as well as performance upgrades.
  • Race, sprint, and lap knockout modes.
  • PvP online multiplayer for 8 players.

Most Wanted 2005 compressed edition is ideal for racing fans looking to relive a genuine classic without occupying much HDD space. The small size also makes it great for LAN parties or quickly installing on multiple machines.

5- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas is ranked number five on my list of the top five highly compressed PC games to download. One of the most popular and beloved games ever made?

You can do whatever you want with this game’s “open world” principles. You can create an entirely new virtual environment for your activities.

The 2004 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. This is the seventh game in the GTA series.

6- Grand Theft Auto V

  • File Size: 25 GB
  • Original Size: 72 GB

Rockstar Games’ epic open-world crime simulator Grand Theft Auto V is the most popular compressed title available today. The sandbox structure, gripping story, and endless side activities make GTA V an essential PC game.

The compressed 25 GB version omits high-resolution textures to massively downsize the original. But you still get the complete single-player story mode along with GTA Online. Overall visual quality is great considering the tiny footprint.

Key Features:

  • The open world is set in Los Santos City with complete freedom.
  • 69 story missions spanning action, driving, and more.
  • GTA Online mode with multiplayer coop and PvP.
  • Customize the appearance, weapons, and vehicles of lead characters.
  • Packed with side activities like racing, tennis, yoga, etc.

GTA V runs smoothly even on low-end PCs, so this compressed version is ideal. The game is guaranteed to give you 100+ hours of gameplay across the campaigns and multiplayer.

7- Tomb Raider (2013)

Tomb Raider (2013)

  • File Size: 12 GB
  • Original Size: 55 GB

Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the exhilarating adventures of Lara Croft as she explores dangerous tombs and solves clever environmental puzzles. This compressed 12 GB edition provides the complete cinematic action experience.

You get the same great third-person combat and stealth systems along with stunning set pieces like avalanches and crumbling ruins. The smaller size does come at a visual cost, but the gameplay remains unchanged.

Key Features:

  • Cinematic action set pieces across visually stunning locales.
  • Puzzles based on environment manipulation.
  • Craft weapons & gear from scavenged resources.
  • Stealth takedowns on human and animal threats.
  • RPG mechanics to gain skills and upgrades for Lara.
  • Challenge tombs that test dexterity and lateral thinking.

For Tomb Raider fans without the storage space for the full-fat version, this compressed edition hits the sweet spot.

8- Apex Legends

A free-to-play battle royale game called Apex Legends was created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. Set in the same universe as Titanfall, the game was launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

With millions of players, this is one of the most popular Battle Royale games of 2019–20. It contains all the same characteristics as Battle Royale but also adds some more fun activities to the game.


The action and adventure video game Grand Theft Auto IV was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. The Grand Theft Auto series’ eleventh installment earned a spot on this list of Highly Compressed PC Game Downloads.

Thanks to the open-world concept, players are free to traverse Liberty City, which consists of three main islands. Thanks to the open-world concept.

With more than 25 million copies sold by 2013, it is one of the most popular video games.

10- Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

The first-person shooter game, Titanfall 2, was created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. Players in Titanfall 2 take control of Titans, exoskeletons, and their pilots, who are quick and have a variety of abilities, including cloaking and wall-running.

In this game, pilots and the robots that support them to survive in that science fiction universe are featured. The plot makes it one of my favorite games as well.

Find Some More Highly Compressed PC Games

11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • File Size: 9.1 GB
  • Original Size: 16 GB

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most popular FPS franchises on PC. The compressed 9 GB version provides a full bombastic single-player campaign along with addictive online multiplayer.

You get iconic CoD gameplay covering diverse locations like New York, Paris, London, and Berlin. The campaign can be finished in under 8 hours, but online PvP battles are where this game truly shines.

Key Features:

  • Thrilling FPS combat across WW3 settings.
  • Movie-like single-player campaign with stellar visuals.
  • Online multiplayer with modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, etc.
  • RPG progression to unlock new weapons and gear.
  • Stunning audio design with realistic weapon sounds.

For a highly replayable online FPS experience, the Modern Warfare 3 compressed edition is a great fit. The smaller download lets you quickly jump into online lobbies and enjoy smooth performance too.

12. Marvel’s Spider-Man

  • File Size: 25 GB
  • Original Size: 55 GB

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC puts you in the role of the iconic web-slinger as he fights criminals across New York City. This 25 GB compressed version includes the complete story campaign and DLC expansions.

Swinging across skyscrapers and chaining together stylish aerial combos against thugs is tremendous fun. The smaller size does mean textures and shadows are compromised, but core gameplay remains as enjoyable as ever.

Key Features:

  • Open world Manhattan with random crimes and activities.
  • Story campaign featuring classic villains like Kingpin.
  • Unlock suits & powers from Spider-Man comics.
  • Web swing across the city with intuitive controls.
  • Clever gadgets and abilities to take down goons.
  • Excellent DLC expansions with new stories.

For superhero fans, this compressed edition of Spider-Man delivers plenty of cost-effective entertainment along with a strong narrative.

13. Far Cry 4

  • File Size: 6 GB
  • Original Size: 20 GB

Ubisoft’s Far Cry games are known for their stunning open-world settings and this Himalayan backdrop of Far Cry 4 is one of the best. The compressed 6 GB version provides the complete open-world campaign.

You get the series’ signature FPS action along with abilities like stealth takedowns and using animals as weapons. Visuals, textures, and shadows are scaled down significantly but the core fun factor remains unchanged.

Key Features:

  • Open-world FPS with action, stealth, and exploration.
  • Stunningly detailed and interactive Himalayan valley setting.
  • Signature abilities like takedowns, tagging enemies, etc.
  • RPG progression with new skills and better gear.
  • Recruit soldiers and lead a rebel force against the villain.
  • Ride elephants and other animals into battle.
  • Coop and competitive multiplayer modes.

For open-world FPS fans without enough storage space, Far Cry 4 compressed edition hits the sweet spot of size and enjoyability.

14. Crysis 3

  • File Size: 6 GB
  • Original Size: 15 GB

Crysis 3 stands out among FPS games for its stunning visuals powered by the CryEngine technology. This 6 GB compressed release retains the hardware-melting graphics with compromises made to texture size and resolution.

You get the same great gameplay from the series covering open combat arenas, stealth routes, and smart enemy AI. The smaller install size makes this one of the most impressive-looking compressed games out there.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge visuals with a futuristic sci-fi setting.
  • Open arenas with multiple routes for combat and stealth.
  • Nanosuit abilities like strength, speed, stealth, and armor.
  • Intense FPS action against soldiers and hulking alien robots. -Bow and other exotic weapons along with modular guns. -Seven hours of gameplay across story missions.

If you want bleeding-edge visuals without occupying over 15GB, grab the compressed edition of Crysis 3. It is an excellent showcase of the CryEngine’s capabilities on today’s hardware.

15. Batman: Arkham City

  • File Size: 5 GB
  • Original Size: 12 GB

Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year edition provides the complete superhero experience in a tidy 5 GB package. You get the main campaign along with all DLC missions and challenges.

This compressed version makes concessions on texture quality and video cutscenes to slim down the size. But swinging across Gotham and stringing together stylish combos against thugs remains intact.

Key Features:

  • Open world Gotham City with verticality and hidden secrets.
  • Thrilling melee combat with combo chaining moves.
  • Detective mode to find clues and identify threats.
  • Stealth predator scenarios to take down armed thugs.
  • RPG progression with upgrades to skills, gear, and tools.
  • Challenge maps focused on specific gameplay aspects.

For Batman fans without enough HDD space, Arkham City compressed edition delivers plenty of the same great experience.

16. Project IGI

  • File Size: 246 MB
  • Original Size: 593 MB

Project IGI is one of the most famous stealth-based FPS games from the early 2000s. This 246 MB compressed version provides the complete tactical single-player campaign.

Missions feature clever scenarios where using stealth and diversionary tactics is necessary for success. Despite the smaller size, the visuals and gameplay have aged surprisingly well for this classic.

Key Features:

  • 15 missions across Russia and other locales.
  • Realistic stealth FPS action gameplay.
  • Use silenced weapons and distractions to avoid alerts.
  • Hack cameras, doors, and other electronics.
  • Limited ammo and health require careful resource management.
  • Extract via vehicles like helicopters once the level is complete.

Project IGI compressed edition is perfect for revisiting a hidden gem from the past without hogging storage and bandwidth.

17. Max Payne 2

  • File Size: 975 MB
  • Original Size: 2.2 GB

The Max Payne series stood out for its dark Film Noir storytelling and innovative bullet-time gunplay. Max Payne 2 continues the grey morality and stylish action from the first game with improved graphics and gameplay.

This sub 1 GB compressed version retains the complete campaign with its gritty narrative. The smaller textures and videos help massively downsize the original to make this classic accessible again.

Key Features:

  • Film Noir cutscenes and narrative presentation.
  • Slow down time with bullet time for stylish gunfights. -HK MP5, Uzi, shotgun, and other lethal weapons.
  • Supporting characters with moral shades of grey.
  • Seven hours of linear story-driven gameplay.
  • Hard-boiled graphic novel panels tell the dark story.

Max Payne 2 compressed edition lets you revisit Remedy Entertainment’s best game without the huge HDD footprint. The smaller size also makes it perfect for LAN parties or quickly installing on multiple machines.

How to Download and Install Highly Compressed Games

Here is a quick guide on how to download and install highly compressed game files on your PC:

Step 1) Use torrent clients like BitTorrent or uTorrent to download compressed game files hosted on torrent sites.

Step 2) Select only trustworthy torrents with healthy seeder numbers for safe and fast downloads.

Step 3) Install the compressed game folder to any location on your PC after the torrent download completes.

Step 4) Use the Password provided if the game exe or archive is password protected.

Step 5) For ZIP/RAR archives, extract the files using WinRAR before launching the game exe.

Step 6) Disable anti-virus and add a game folder to exclusions to prevent false positives.

Step 7) Launch the game exe icon from within the installed folder to begin playing.

Step 8) Optionally copy cracked DLLs or files from Crack folders to the install directory.

The small size of compressed games keeps download times reasonable even on slow connections. Just be sure to stick to safe torrent sites and downloads to avoid malware.

Are Compressed PC Games Legal?

The legality of compressed PC games is a grey area that depends on several factors:

  • Downloading commercial copyrighted games via unauthorized torrent sites or caches is usually illegal. Doing so for personal use typically goes unpunished though.
  • Many compressed older games are abandoned freeware or shareware so downloading them is perfectly legal.
  • Distributing copyrighted compressed games online or selling them for profit is completely illegal.
  • Compressing games you own for personal use falls under fair use rights in most countries. But sharing those custom compressed versions is illegal.

To stay on the safe side of the law, it is advisable to own a legitimate copy of any commercial game before downloading a compressed version. Support developers by purchasing games you truly enjoy even after testing with a free compressed version.

Risks of Highly Compressed Games

While compressed game files provide many benefits, there are some risks to be aware of:

  • Malware & Viruses: Downloading from unknown or untrustworthy sites exposes you to potential malware infections. Stick to safe torrent sites with lots of comments.
  • Corrupt Files: Improperly compressed games may have missing or damaged files that cause crashes. Check installer health before fully downloading large torrents.
  • Bans: Playing online with pirated compressed games carries a chance of getting your accounts banned in multiplayer games. Use single-player-only cracks.
  • Legal Trouble: Distributing copyrighted compressed games via torrents or other sharing can attract heavy fines in some countries.

As long as you use reliable sources and exercise caution, compressed games are reasonably safe to enjoy. The advantages of higher compression typically outweigh the small risks for most gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about highly compressed PC games:

Q. How are compressed games made so small?

Compressed games achieve their tiny sizes by removing high-res textures, videos, sound effects, and other non-essential files without affecting core gameplay. The remaining files are optimized to take up less space.

Q. Do compressed games have viruses or malware?

Downloading compressed games only from trusted and reputable sites minimizes the risk of viruses and malware. The games themselves do not contain harmful software.

Will compressed games work on any PC

Q. Will compressed games work on any PC?

Most compressed games are created for broad compatibility across a range of Windows PCs. Very old or low-end PCs may struggle to run newer game compressions though. The system requirements for compressed games are generally lower than full versions.

Q. Is performance affected by game compression?

Compression mainly saves disk space rather than improves performance. Some compressed titles may run slower due to higher CPU usage for uncompressing files. However well-optimized compressions can run smoothly on weaker PCs.

Q. How do I decompress compressed game files?

You typically do not need to actively decompress compressed games. The installer will handle unpacking files as it copies the game data to your storage drives. Some archives need manual extraction using apps like WinRAR.

Q. Can I play online and use mods with compressed games?

Online and mod support depends on the specific crack used along with the compression method. Scene releases with proper cracks often allow online play on legitimate accounts without bans.

Q. Do I need the full game if I have a compressed version?

Legally speaking you need to own the original game license to use a compressed version. But there is no technical requirement to own or install the full game after getting a compressed release.

Q. Are compressed repacks as good as original compressions?

Repacks by definition are re-compressed versions of scenes or other releases. Quality depends on the repack author but is often slightly worse than the original compressed game.


Highly compressed PC games provide an avenue to enjoy AAA titles without taking up too much storage space or bandwidth. The visual compromises are acceptable considering the huge reduction in the installation footprint.

We recommend starting with popular compressed titles like GTA V, COD MW3 and Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005. These are safe games to test how well your PC handles compressed releases.

Be sure to use trusted torrent sites and communities to avoid malware. Support developers if you find compressed games enjoyable by eventually purchasing legitimate copies. Just make sure to uninstall pirated releases before going online.

Did we miss out on some great compressed PC titles? Let us know your favorites and tips in the comments!

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