10+ Best Websites To Receive SMS Online- 2024

Whenever we log in to a new website, it first asks for our phone number and there are many websites where we do not want to provide our phone number but without giving the phone number, that website does not allow us to proceed. For this reason, we use websites that can provide us with a temporary number or disposable number for some time.

Although whenever we create our account on any legit website, we should provide our number, there are many websites on the Internet on which by providing our number, they can misuse it in many ways. We should never put our numbers on these types of websites. 

Many times it also happens that we are trying to login into a website from another country but it asks for the number of the same country and we have to use these websites to provide the number of the same country.

Mostly we need these numbers and these websites only to get OTP but many times it happens that many websites falsely claim that they will allow receiving messages for free but it does not happen that’s why we made this list In which you are told about such a free website, with the help of which you can receive messages.

List of Free Websites to Receive SMS Online

Although many websites provide temporary numbers for receiving SMS we are mentioning the top 20 websites that are working fine at the time of writing this article.

Disposable SMS number

1. SMS-man

SMS-man offers you virtual numbers to receive SMS online without a phone number. With SMS-man you can get phone numbers from 350 different countries, like Indonesia, the USA, Germany, Russia, Estonia, China, and others. Also, this website provides more than 1000 services for SMS verifications, like WhatsApp, Facebook, PayPal, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, etc.

Visit: SMS-Man

2.  Temporary-phone-number.com

This website is purely dedicated to receiving verification SMSs. You can use 20 countries’ numbers to receive verification messages, the country names are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, France, China, Philippines, Myanmar, Macao, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand. 

Visit: Temporary-phone-number.com

3.  Receive-SMS-free.cc

If you are specifically looking for an Indian number to receive a verification code then this must be the site you should check out. 

It has an Indian number which will get the work done and apart from India, it has numbers from Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Israel, Czech Republic, South Africa, Koria, Serbia, Nigeria, Norway, Vietnam, Thailand, and many more.  

Visit: Receive-SMS-free.cc

4.  Textnow

Textnow works kind of differently from other websites. On other websites, you can choose any number and get the work done and if you face any problem then you can use another one. In Textnow the procedure is different, after login, they will assign you one particular US number, and with the help of that number, you can receive SMS and calls as well. Even you also can call another US number. 

Though there is one drawback also they only provide US numbers. So If you want a personal US number you can check out Textnow. You can make it permanent as well. 

Visit: Textnow

5.  Twilio

Twilio is also like Textnow, they provide a private number in the trial account, and you just have to give them another mobile to receive a verification code. Luckily you can receive a verification code to another temp number provider website. 

Note one thing, with Twilio’s trial account you’ll not be able to send SMS but you can receive messages without any problem.

Visit: Twilio

6.  Textfree by Pinger

Textfree by Pinger also provides a personal number, If you are facing a problem while registering with Textnow then this could be the best alternative because anyone can use it for free. 

You just have to provide a valid US postal code (example: 65733) which can be found by searching on Google. 

Visit: Textfree by Pinger

7.  Receive-SMSS.com

Receive-SMSS.com is a temp number provider, you just have to go to the website choose the number you want, and provide the same to another side from where you want to get verification SMS. 

The list of the countries from which this website provides the number is very vast, you can get numbers from India, Canada, the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, England, Romania, Latvia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 

Visit: Receive-SMSS.com

8.  ReceiveSMS.co

ReceiveSMS.co is a Temporary phone number provider for receiving verification SMS. The numbers are from more than 20 countries like Italy, Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Slovakia, and more. 

You can use these numbers for Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, or anywhere want where you don’t want to provide your number. 

Note: The number and country availability changes from time to time. 

Visit: ReceiveSMS.co

9.  Tollfreeforwarding.com

If you are looking to raise a profile in another country like Japan or Germany but can’t open an office on the ground level. Tollfreefrowading will help in this by providing a host of great features. It includes Smart call forwarding, call routing to your country, PBX or call center, and many more. 

They provided numbers from 120+ countries so don’t have to worry about it, The list should have your desired country. It is not free but they provide trials so initially, you can try their services for free before going forward.

Visit: Tollfreeforwarding.com

10.  Freephonenum.com

Freephonenum.com is the same as the others listed above and it also works well though it has numbers from only two countries the United States and Canada. There is one extra advantage of this site you can send SMS as well to US and Canada numbers. 

Visit: Freephonenum.com

11.  sms24.me

As we said before If you just need the number to get the OTP then this website is perfect for you. You’ll get the numbers of many countries like Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, the United States, etc. Sometimes it takes a bit more time but yes it works.

The procedure is simple just go to the site and click on the flag of which country’s number you want, just after clicking you’ll be able to see the list of numbers from the particular country choose one of them, and put it on whatever website you want to put.

Visit: sms24.me

12.   Quackr.io

Quackr.io allows you to use a secure temporary phone number instead of your real phone number on the internet. Use their online phone numbers to receive SMS online in USA, UK & more! You don’t have to enter your real number again! Protect your privacy by using one of their disposable virtual phone numbers.

  • You no longer have to provide your number to unscrupulous companies.
  • No registration or sign-up is required for their service.
  • Use their numbers to safeguard your identity.
  • 10 countries are currently supported including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada!
  • New numbers get refreshed and provisioned every month.

Visit: quackr.io

Wrapping Up

This was the list of best free websites to receive SMS online in 2021 and urge you to use these sites responsibly so that we both make the internet safer.

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