OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide- A Comprehensive Review 2023

OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide: Crafting is an important skill for Ironmen in Old School RuneScape. It allows you to create your armor, jewelry, and other useful items without having to rely on trading with other players. This crafting guide will provide tips and strategies to train to craft efficiently on an Ironman account.

Getting Started with Crafting

To begin training crafting, you first need to complete the quest Sheep Shearer. This will get you to level 9 crafting and allow you to make basic leather items.

Some good methods to consider when starting crafting training:

  • Tanning cowhides – Collect cowhides from cows or buy from the Grand Exchange. Tan them into leather at a tanner. Then craft the leather into leather vambraces. This is a cheap and effective early training method.
  • Spinning bow strings – Spin flax into bow strings using the spinning wheel. Bowstrings are in constant demand by higher-level players so can be sold for profit.
  • Crafting jewelry – Crafting silver bars into tiaras and amulets is a fast way to gain early crafting levels. You can obtain silver bars as drops or buy from stores.
  • Sandstone mining – Mine sandstone at the quarry near the desert and use superglass to turn it into molten glass. This provides a lot of early crafting XP and you can stock up on glass for later methods.

Essential Quests for Ironman Crafting

Completing certain quests as an Ironman can unlock new crafting methods or rewards that will benefit your training:

  • The Giant Dwarf – Unlocks a new mine with gold ore and the Blast Furnace minigame for smelting bars faster.
  • Family Crest – Awards the Cooking Gauntlets which give an extra 28 gold ore smelted per bar at the Blast Furnace.
  • Lunar Diplomacy – Unlocks the Spin Flax spell to craft magic bow strings.
  • Enlightened Journey – Allows you to craft Lava Runes using Runecrafting for molten glass.
  • As a First Resort – Unlocks a sandpit for gathering sandstone near the quarry.

Quests are essential for giving you access to materials and unlocking new efficient methods of training crafting on an Ironman.

Leveling Crafting to 40+

Here are some good methods to get crafting levels up to 40 and beyond as an Ironman:

  • Gold amulets/bracelets – Craft gold bars obtained from the Blast Furnace into amulets and bracelets. Decent XP rates and profits.
  • Elemental battle staves – Use elemental orbs on battle staves to craft elemental staves. Good magic XP too. You can get orbs as drops or from stores.
  • Leather bodies – Tan cow hides and crafts into leather bodies for relatively fast XP. Buy hides from stores or get them as drops.
  • Green hide bodies – Craft green dragon leather bought from stores into green hide bodies. Requires 55 Crafting.
  • Unpowered Orbs – Use molten glass to craft unpowered orbs. Good profit and decent XP per hour.

Reaching Level 99 Crafting

Here are some top methods for training crafting from level 55 to the Crafting skillcape at level 99:

Gem Cutting

Cutting gems offers very fast crafting XP rates. You can buy gems and chisels from stores or obtain them as drops. The most efficient way to cut gems is using the Lunar Spell Magic Imbue for a constant 100% success rate. Requires Lunar Diplomacy quest.

Some good gems to cut are:

  • Sapphires and emeralds (level 50-70)
  • Rubies and diamonds (levels 70-85)
  • Dragonstones (level 85-99)

Crafting D’Hide Bodies

Crafting various d’hide bodies offers excellent Crafting XP rates from levels 60 to 99. Important to unlock Green (55 Crafting), Blue (65), Red (75), and Black (90) as you level up.

Ways to get d’hide:

  • Buy from stores
  • Get as drops from killing dragons
  • Craft your d’hide using tanned hides

Blowing Glass

Blowing molten glass into unpowered orbs or light orbs offers very fast Crafting XP at higher levels.

To get molten glass:

  • Use Lunar Spell Superglass Make
  • Craft lava runes and use them to create molten glass
  • Buy seaweed and soda ash to create molten glass

Mining Sandstone

Mining sandstone is a slow but very AFK method of training Crafting. Mine sandstone at the quarry and use superglass to turn it into molten glass. Bank XP for later glassblowing.

Profitable Methods for Crafting

Here are some of the best money-making methods when training Crafting on an Ironman:

  • Crafting gold amulets or bracelets from gold bars
  • Crafting gold tiaras from silver tiaras (requires Plague City quest)
  • Cutting gems and selling uncut gems bought from stores
  • Crafting green d’hide bodies and alching for profit
  • Creating molten glass and selling unpowered orbs to general stores
  • Crafting air battle staves and high alching for profit

Many crafting methods can generate decent profits by buying supplies from shops, crafting items, and selling back or alching. This helps fund buyables or other skills.

Essential Gear for Training Crafting

Having the right gear and bonuses can make training crafting much more efficient:

  • Ice Gloves – Quest reward that prevents you from burning manta rays for cooking glass.
  • Goldsmith Gauntlets – Family Crest reward giving extra gold ore smelted at Blast Furnace.
  • Crafting Cape – Gives unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild bank.
  • Amulet of Glory – Provides nearby teleport to Crafting Guild.
  • Dragon/Lunar Equipment – Bonuses for superheat items and glassmake spells.
  • Stone of Binding – Acts as a chisel when equipped for gem cutting.

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Tips for Efficient Ironman Crafting

Follow these tips for getting crafting levels quickly as an Ironman:

  • Always be crafting your highest level d’hide/jewelry/gems.
  • Use achievement diaries, quests, and minigames to unlock teleports near banks.
  • Utilize Lunar spells like Magic Imbue and Superglass Make.
  • Buy supplies from specialty stores like Gem Trader, Tanner, Ore Seller, etc.
  • Train Crafting early for Rune Pouches, Zenyte Jewellery, etc.
  • Craft items for personal use rather than buying gear.
  • Take advantage of social skills like Plunder for molten glass and drops.

FAQ About Ironman Crafting

Here are some frequently asked questions about training Crafting as an Ironman:

Q: What are some fast early training methods?

A: Tanning cowhides, spinning flax into bowstrings, crafting silver jewelry, and mining sandstone are great early options.

Q: Where can I buy large quantities of gold ore?

A: You can purchase gold ore from Ordan in Keldagrim or from the Blast Furnace ore seller.

Q: What is the fastest way to get molten glass?

A: Using the Lunar spell Superglass Make is the fastest method. You will need soda ash and seaweed as well as Lunar Diplomacy completed.

Q: Should I craft my dragonhide?

A: Crafting your dragon leather into d’hide bodies is very efficient. Kill dragons and tan the hides yourself.

Q: Is it worth cutting gems for Crafting XP?

A: Yes, gem cutting is one of the fastest methods in the game to train Crafting at higher levels. Use the Magic Imbue spell for the best rates.

Q: What quests should I prioritize for Ironman Crafting?

A: Lunar Diplomacy, Family Crest, Enlightened Journey, and As a First Resort. Also achieve Kandarin, Karamja, Varrock, and Falador hard diaries.


Training Crafting efficiently as an Ironman takes some planning and preparation but offers plenty of great methods. Make use of stores, monster drops, minigames, spells, and quest rewards to gain crafting levels. Consider unlocking profitable methods like battle staves and gem cutting to earn GP for buyables. With this crafting guide, you should be well on your way to gaining that coveted Crafting cape!

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