DZ09 Smartwatch Software Download 2024

Here is another article for the fans of DZ09, this subject is for those who want to upgrade the firmware of their DZ09. this text is another addition to 2 articles for DZ09 firmware that we already published here, the List of DZ09 codes, and the DZ09 user manual. this text tackles the steps and requirements for updating the firmware of the DZ09 smartwatch.

Things that you need before updating your device/ DZ09 Smartwatch Update

  1. Personal Computer (with USB port of course) But we recommend a laptop (full charge)just in case of a power outage
  2. Your DZ09 Smartwatch
  3. A working USB cable
  4. Necessary Software (Firmware, Flash Tool, USB Drivers)

Caution: Before flashing the firmware on your DZ09 smartwatch, a radical knowledge of the method of flashing your firmware may be a must. Here at and other online sites, has several basic tutorials on the way to flash your DZ09.

Another thing to recollect when updating your DZ09 firmware is don’t forget to back up your smartwatch, in-fact it’s one of the primary steps before updating the firmware (flashing) of your device. Backing up your smartwatch will prevent a possible headache when something goes wrong in the process of updating your device.

There is an opportunity to pick your device when updating, but it’s avoidable if you’re well-informed about the step-by-step process of updating a particular device.

Note: Sometimes updating your firmware might not achieve success, it’s on a case-to-case basis. Incompatible firmware or incomplete firmware, the problem with flash tool and among others. So flash at your own risk, we’ll not be held responsible if something goes wrong together with your device.

Below are the links for downloading the necessary files

DZ09 Software Download

  1. DZ09 FFirmwareLink1 – DZ09,   English Version,   Multi-Language)
  2. Flash Tool  (Splash Tool Version 5.1)
  3. USB Drivers (MTK USB Drivers All in)

Note Backup first before updating!!! The following tutorial and firmware work ok with the MTK6261  version of DZ09, I haven’t tested with other versions, but some tutorial says that it works perfectly with their DZ09.

  1. Download the necessary firmware files for your DZ09 Smartwatch.  If it is a Zip file, extract the zip file to a folder
  1. Install the necessary drivers for your DZ09 to be able for the PC to read your smartwatch (make sure that you have the necessary USB Drivers)
  2. Download also the flash tool for DZ09 firmware
  3. Open the Flash Tool- Select the Scatter file of the DZ09 (select Scatter/Config file)
  4. Click the Download button and connect your DZ09, make sure that your DZ09 is powered OFF ( don’t disconnect your smartwatch while flashing, or you will brick it)

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