What is BTRoblox? A Comprehensive Guide 2023

BTRoblox is an unofficial mobile port that allows you to play Roblox games on your phone or tablet. It brings the core Roblox experience to mobile, including the ability to customize your avatar, chat with friends, join games, and of course, play a wide selection of Roblox titles.

BT Roblox functions as a client that connects to the main Roblox PC platform. It essentially mirrors the Roblox website and game servers, syncing all of your data, friends, items, and progress between devices. This allows you to seamlessly switch between playing on your computer and mobile device.

Overview of Features

The main features of BT Roblox for mobile include:

  • Mobile optimization– Designed for touchscreen gameplay on phones/tablets
  • Cross-platform– Sync with your main Roblox account
  • Avatar editor– Customize your character with Roblox’s avatar system
  • Friends and chat– Message friends and join them in games
  • Game library– Play from Roblox’s catalog of user-generated games
  • Inventory system– Access all of your purchased items and gear
  • Smooth performance– Good framerate and low latency

While BTRoblox aims to provide the full Roblox experience, there are some limitations compared to the desktop platform. Overall though, it’s a great way to play Roblox on the go.

Downloading and Installing BTRoblox

Downloading BTRoblox on PC

To use BTRoblox, you’ll first need to download it on a Windows PC or laptop. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the official BTRoblox website: https://btroblox.com/
  2. Click on the big pink “Download for Windows” button. This will download the BTRobloxSetup.exe installer file.
  3. Open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to fully install BTRoblox. It may require administrator privileges.
  4. Once installed, BTRoblox will automatically open on your computer.

Installing on PC

When installing BTRoblox for the first time, you’ll have to go through the following steps:

  1. Accept the License Agreement
  2. Select your network location
  3. Choose the install directory on your PC
  4. Confirm the installation details

The installer will then automatically download any required dependencies and set up BTRoblox on your computer.

Once finished, you can launch BTRoblox and log into your Roblox account to start syncing your avatar, friends, items, and other data.

Downloading on Mobile

BTRoblox is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Here’s how to download it:


  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Search for “BTRoblox”
  3. Tap “Get” to download the app
  4. The app will install automatically once downloaded


  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device
  2. Search for “BTRoblox”
  3. Tap “Install” to download the app
  4. The app will install automatically after downloading

BTRoblox is a free app for both platforms so you won’t have to pay anything to download it.

Installing on iOS

To install BTRoblox on iOS, follow these steps after downloading:

  1. Find the BTRoblox app icon on your home screen
  2. Tap the icon to open the app
  3. Read the welcome message and tap “Start”
  4. Accept notifications permission if prompted
  5. Allow BTRoblox to access your photos (for avatar customization)
  6. Log into your Roblox account or sign up for a new one

Once your Roblox account is connected, BT Roblox will sync your info and you can start playing.

Installing on Android

Installing BT Roblox on Android is very quick and easy:

  1. After downloading, open BT Roblox from your app drawer
  2. Read the welcome message and tap “Start”
  3. Accept any permissions or access requests like notifications or photos
  4. Log into your existing Roblox account or create a new account
  5. Wait for BTRoblox to finish syncing your Roblox data
  6. You’re all set, welcome to BT Roblox for Android!

Using BTRoblox

Once you have BTRoblox installed on your phone or tablet, here are some of the key things you can do:

Logging into your Roblox Account

  • Open BTRoblox and tap on the “Log In” button
  • Enter your Roblox username and password
  • Tap the “Log In” button to connect your account
  • If login is successful, your Roblox avatar will appear

BTRoblox Interface and Navigation

  • Home– Shows your avatar, friends, recent games, notifications
  • Games– Browse and search for games to play
  • Avatars– Edit your avatar and customize outfits
  • Inventory– View your owned items and trade items
  • Friends– See friends list, manage friends, and chat
  • Menu– Settings, redeem codes, help, switch accounts

Customizing your Avatar

  • Tap the “Avatar Editor” button on the home page
  • Choose your body type, clothing, colors, faces, and accessories
  • Tap the checkmark icon to save changes to your avatar

Using Emojis and Reactions

  • Tap the smiley face icon when chatting to open the emoji keyboard
  • Select an emoji to insert it into your message
  • Long press on a friend’s message to “react” quickly

Chatting with Friends

  • Tap the “Friends” tab on the bottom menu
  • Tap on a friend to open your direct message history
  • Type a message in the text field and hit send
  • See when friends are typing or online

Joining Games

  • Tap the “Games” tab and browse or search for games
  • Tap on a game you want to join to open its page
  • Tap the “Play” button to launch the game
  • Note: Some games may not be fully supported

Playing Games

  • Use the on-screen buttons to move your character
  • Interact with objects based on prompts
  • Chat with other players during games
  • Return Home or quit the game from the pause menu

BTRoblox Settings

In Settings, you can:

  • Change password
  • Enter redeemable codes
  • Review privacy policy
  • Adjust notifications
  • Clear cache
  • Contact customer support
  • Sign out or switch Roblox accounts

Tips for Getting the Most Out of BTRoblox

Here are some tips to maximize your BTRoblox experience:

Connecting with Friends

  • Add friends in-game or search by username
  • Create a party to voice chat while playing
  • Message friends to meet up in-game
  • React to friends’ chat messages

Finding New Games

  • Sort games by popularity or genre
  • Check the “Recommended” section
  • Search for games similar to your favorites
  • Join a random new game for fun

Staying Safe

  • Don’t share personal info with strangers
  • Use report features if needed
  • Enable Safe Chat mode in Settings
  • Block users if they make you uncomfortable

Reporting Issues

  • Use the in-app support feature to report bugs
  • Leave constructive feedback so developers can improve

Using Desktop vs. Mobile

  • Play on PC for easier controls in fast-paced games
  • Use mobile for more casual gameplay on the go
  • Sync progress between devices seamlessly

The Pros and Cons of BTRoblox

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of using BTRoblox:


  • Free to use– You don’t have to pay for the app or a subscription.
  • Play Roblox on mobile– Devices like phones and tablets aren’t officially supported.
  • Expanded social features– Unique reactions, better chat, and voice chat.
  • Syncs with the main account– Access the same avatar, friends, items, etc.
  • Play thousands of games– A huge catalog of Roblox titles at your fingertips.


  • Limited game support– Some newer or more complex games may not work.
  • Some features missing– Things like avatar clothing layers don’t fully work yet.
  • Potential bugs– Crashes or other issues since it’s unofficial.
  • Controls can be difficult– Touchscreen controls aren’t as good for fast-paced games.

So in summary, the biggest pros are it is free, playable on mobile, and syncing your existing account. The cons are unstable performance and limited functionality.

The Future of Mobile Roblox Gaming

How does BTRoblox fit into the future of Roblox mobile gaming? Here’s a look:

How BTRoblox Fits In

For now, BT Roblox offers the only way to play Roblox properly on mobile devices. It brings an authentic Roblox mobile gaming experience until official support arrives.

Comparison to the Official Roblox App

The current Roblox mobile app only allows you to shop, customize avatars, and stay connected. BT Roblox goes way beyond that by adding actual game access.

Predictions for New Features

Future BTRoblox updates could bring better optimization, more stability, larger game support, and feature parity with the desktop.

The developers plan to eventually make controls and gameplay smooth and seamless on mobile. They also want to replicate the entire Roblox experience.

Official Mobile Support

Roblox is working on official mobile support and even Xbox support. But until then, BT Roblox is the go-to solution for on-the-go gameplay today.

Even when Roblox properly supports mobile devices, BT Roblox will retain benefits like voice chat, unique reactions, and other social features that the official apps may lack.


Review of BTRoblox’s Capabilities

In closing, BT Roblox successfully brings Roblox to mobile platforms like iOS and Android in an unofficial capacity. It recreates the core social and gameplay experiences that make Roblox special.

Players can enjoy customizing avatars, chatting with friends, exploring games, and sinking hours into top Roblox titles, now on their phones and tablets. This opens up new ways to play.

Using Mobile vs PC

BT Roblox plays relatively smoothly on mobile, but PC still has advantages in controls and performance for demanding games. Casual, slower-paced games adapt well to touchscreens. So it comes down to your personal preferences and which device you have access to.

Overall Opinion

BTRoblox is an impressive attempt at mobile adaptation that gets all the key Roblox features working. There’s room for polish and improvements as development continues. But for most players, it will provide an authentic and enjoyable way to play Roblox games on the go.

Mobile gaming is only getting more powerful and popular, so BT Roblox shows promise for the future of platforms like Roblox expanding in that direction. It’s the closest experience you can currently get to Roblox mobile gameplay.


What devices can I use BTRoblox on?

BTRoblox works on iOS and Android mobile devices. On a desktop, you can use it on a Windows PC. Mac and Linux versions are not available.

Does BTRoblox cost money?

No, BT Roblox is completely free to download and use. There are no ads or in-app purchases.

What games work with BT Roblox?

Most Roblox games will work, but newer, faster-paced, or more complex games may have issues running well in BT Roblox. Simple hobby or tycoon games tend to perform fine.

Can I use Robux on BT Roblox?

Yes, any Robux in your account can be used in BT Roblox for buying items or game passes. Your currency is shared.

Is BTRoblox safe to use?

While using any third-party app has risks, BT Roblox is generally considered safe by the Roblox community. Just be careful about downloading fake versions of it.

How do I chat in BTRoblox?

Tap the Friends tab, select a friend, and type your message in the text box to direct message friends. Voice chat is also available.

Is BTRoblox supported by Roblox?

No, BTRoblox is an unofficial fan-made project and is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Roblox.

Can I get banned for using BT Roblox?

Roblox does not recommend using third-party apps, but there are no reports of accounts being banned solely for using BTRoblox. Just use caution.

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