Is Down or Not Working 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide is a popular free anime streaming website that allows users to watch subbed and dubbed anime episodes and movies. However, there have been recent reports that the site is down and inaccessible. In this article, we will investigate the current status of, look into the reasons why it may be down, and provide some alternative anime streaming options.

Is Down Right Now?

As of August 20, 2023, does appear to be down and unavailable. Attempting to access the site at leads to a “403 Forbidden” error message. This indicates that the server is blocking access to the website. has had intermittent downtime and access problems throughout 2022 and 2023, but this current outage seems to be more long-term in nature.

Checking’s social media pages and internet forums reveals that many users have been reporting issues accessing the site for several weeks now. There has been no official announcement from regarding the outage. The site’s admins have not provided any updates on Twitter or Facebook. This prolonged downtime suggests that this is not just a temporary technical glitch.

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Potential Reasons Why May Be Down

There are several potential reasons why may be experiencing an extended outage:

  • Server issues – may be dealing with server problems, network outages, or a server migration issue. Streaming sites require significant server infrastructure to handle huge traffic loads. Any server downtime will take down the entire site.
  • Domain issues – There may be problems with’s domain registration and DNS settings that are preventing access to the site. Domain names expire and need to be renewed and updated periodically.
  • Legal takedown – As an anime streaming site, operates in a legal gray area. Streaming sites frequently deal with DMCA takedown notices and legal actions that can force sites offline. may have received a legal demand forcing the site closure.
  • Shut down voluntarily – Given the recent struggles of piracy streaming sites, may have decided to shut down operations voluntarily before facing increased legal pressure. Without an official announcement, the reason for the shutdown is unclear.

No matter the exact reason, it appears is currently inaccessible and facing an uncertain future.

Alternative Anime Streaming Options

With down, anime fans will need to explore other streaming options to get their fix on new and classic anime series. Here are some alternative sites to use:

Crunchyroll – The most popular official anime streaming service. Crunchyroll has a massive library of subbed and dubbed anime, along with new simulcast episodes shortly after they air in Japan. The free ad-supported plan has limitations, but premium plans unlock everything.

Funimation – Another major legal anime streaming platform with apps across devices. Funimation offers English dubs, simulcasts, and a growing catalog of thousands of anime series and movies to stream.

Netflix – The king of on-demand streaming has continued to expand its anime offerings. Netflix now has a solid library of anime series, along with exclusive originals like Castlevania.

Hulu – A cable alternative with a large selection of anime shows and movies. Hulu sets itself apart with a good selection of dub titles.

RetroCrush – A free ad-supported service focused exclusively on classic and older anime series. It has a library of beloved retro anime that can be hard to find legally streaming elsewhere.

Amazon Prime Video – Included with a Prime subscription is a good catalog of anime films and series, including exclusive titles. Prime’s anime selection features stuff for kids, adults, and in-between.

YouTube – Many official anime studios and publishers offer free anime episodes and series on their YouTube channels. Legal anime on YouTube tends to be older or promotional, but it’s free to access.

VYVE – A newer free ad-supported anime streaming service (still in beta) that shows promise. VYVE already hosts hundreds of anime series and gets simulcast content. Could replace KissAnime if it grows its library.

Piracy Warning: Stay away from unofficial pirate streaming sites. They often distribute malware and viruses along with anime content. Streaming pirated content is also illegal.

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Conclusion:’s extended downtime has left many anime fans disappointed. While the exact cause is still unconfirmed, legal issues, server problems, or voluntary shutdown could all be to blame. Plenty of alternative anime streaming options exist, both free and paid, that can fill the void. But anime viewers should resist the temptation to use illegal streaming sites and instead utilize the many legitimate platforms available in 2023.

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