TinyTask – The Free Automation Tool for Windows 2024

TinyTask is a powerful yet easy-to-use automation tool for Windows that allows you to automate repetitive tasks on your computer. With TinyTask, you can record and replay sequences of actions, schedule tasks to run at specific times or intervals, and integrate with other programs and scripts for advanced workflow automation.

What is TinyTask?

TinyTask is a free open-source automation software developed by Microsoft MVP Kai Apps. It was first released in 2009 and has been continuously updated since then.

TinyTask allows users to automate repetitive computer tasks by recording sequences of actions and “replaying” them whenever needed. It works by monitoring keyboard and mouse input and then repeating those exact actions.

Some examples of how TinyTask can be used:

  • Automate data entry tasks by recording and replaying mouse clicks and keyboard input.
  • Schedule backups, system maintenance, or other routine tasks to run automatically at set times.
  • Integrate with other programs to launch complex automated workflows.
  • Automate repetitive actions in games and other applications.

Unlike complex enterprise-level RPA (robotic process automation) tools, TinyTask provides a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for anyone to use. No coding skills are required.

Key Features of TinyTask

Here are some of the standout features that make TinyTask a popular choice for Windows users looking to automate mundane computer tasks:

  • Record and replay mouse and keyboard actions– TinyTask’s recorder lets you easily capture any sequence of mouse clicks, keystrokes, and waits. Replaying the sequence will repeat those actions identically.
  • Multiple replay options– Recorded tasks can be replayed instantly, scheduled to run later, repeated a set number of times, or looped continuously.
  • Macro editing– Recorded macros can be edited to tweak timings, insert additional steps, add conditionals, and more.
  • Scripting support– Integrate TinyTask with AutoHotkey, PowerShell, or other scripts to extend automation capabilities.
  • Portable and lightweight– TinyTask is a portable executable that runs from any PC without needing installation. The program is under 1MB in size.
  • Active window detection– Macro recording and replay can be restricted to the active window to automate application-specific tasks.
  • Hotkey triggers– Keyboard hotkeys can be set to instantly start, stop, or pause automation tasks.
  • Raster image OCR– TinyTask includes built-in OCR to detect text and input it during macro replay. Useful for games and apps that display text as images.
  • Free and open source– TinyTask is free to download and use with no restrictions. The source code is publicly available.

These features make TinyTask flexible enough to automate nearly any repetitive computer task you can imagine. And because the interface is so simple and unintimidating, it’s easy for anyone to get started with automation. No coding is required!

How to Download and Install TinyTask

Downloading and installing TinyTask takes just a minute or two:

  1. Go to the TinyTask website and click the “Download” button. This will download the TinyTask.exe installer file to your computer.
  2. Locate the downloaded TinyTask.exe file and double-click to launch the installer.
  3. Click “Next” on the TinyTask Setup Wizard welcome screen.
  4. Accept the license agreement then click “Next”.
  5. Select the folder location where TinyTask should be installed on your system. The default is C:\Program Files\TinyTask.
  6. Click “Next” then “Install” to begin the installation.
  7. When the installation completes, click “Finish” to launch TinyTask.

That’s it! TinyTask will now be installed and ready to use on your Windows PC. The entire program is contained in the TinyTask.exe file, so it’s portable and does not require any additional software.

TinyTask releases new versions periodically with bug fixes and enhancements. You can upgrade to the latest version at any time by downloading and installing the new TinyTask.exe file over your existing version. Your automation tasks and settings will be preserved.

Creating Your First Macro in TinyTask

The quickest way to learn how to use TinyTask for automation is to create a simple recorded macro:

  1. Launch TinyTask and click the “New Macro” button.
  2. In the Record Macro window, give the macro a name like “Open Browser”. Click OK.
  3. The TinyTask recording toolbar will appear with buttons to start, stop, play, and pause recording. Click the red “Start Recording” button.
  4. Now perform the sequence of actions you want to automate. For example, you could:
    • Press WIN + R to open the Windows Run dialog
    • Type “chrome.exe” and press Enter to launch Chrome
    • Click the Chrome icon on the taskbar to switch focus
    • Press ALT + F4 to close Chrome
  5. When finished, click the “Stop Recording” button on the TinyTask toolbar.
  6. Click the “Play” button to replay the macro and see TinyTask replicate your actions exactly!
  7. Try setting the macro playback options to run on a schedule, loop continuously, or trigger with a hotkey.

And that’s the basic process for recording and replaying automation macros with TinyTask. With just a few clicks, you can automate repetitive tasks on your Windows PC.

Using TinyTask for Advanced Automation

While simple macro recording is easy to pick up, TinyTask has features that enable much more advanced automation for power users:

Macro Editing

After recording a macro, you can edit the sequence of actions to tweak the automation:

  • Insert additional steps by recording more actions.
  • Delete unnecessary steps.
  • Modify playback speed and timings.
  • Add conditions to only take actions if criteria are met.
  • Loop through certain steps a set number of times.

Advanced users can even view and edit the underlying script code that drives the macro.

Active Window Detection

By default, TinyTask records and replays macros system-wide. Enable the “Active Window Detection” option to restrict automation to only the active application window.

This allows the recording of application-specific macros for automating processes in a program seamlessly.

Scheduling Macros

Use the TinyTask scheduler to set macros to run at specific days and times or at recurring intervals. For example, schedule unattended backups, system maintenance routines, batch data processing, and more.

Combine scheduling with looping macros and active window detection to fully automate complex routines.

Hotkey Control

Set keyboard hotkey shortcuts to trigger macros or control recording and playback:

  • Start/stop recording
  • Play/pause/stop macro execution
  • Toggle macro looping on and off

With hotkeys, you can remain in control of automation workflows for precision.

OCR: Converting Images to Text

TinyTask’s built-in OCR engine can detect text in images during macro recording and convert it to actual characters for input.

This lets you automate processes in games and applications that display text as graphics instead of selectable text. TinyTask sees the text image and inputs the text string.

Scripting for Advanced Users

While TinyTask alone can automate many basic tasks, advanced users can utilize scripting tools like AutoHotkey or PowerShell to unlock its full potential:

  • Develop complex logic flows and conditional actions
  • Integrate with external applications and web services
  • Read and write files, databases, etc.
  • Dynamically set variables to respond programmatically

Scripts can trigger TinyTask macros and vice versa to combine simple automation with advanced functionality.

With TinyTask’s broad feature set and integrations, there are truly unlimited possibilities for task automation on Windows.

Common Uses for TinyTask

Here are just some examples of how people are using TinyTask to automate repetitive tasks:

Data Entry Automation

Recording and looping macros is the fastest way to fill out online forms, enter data into databases, and automate any repetitive typing or clicking tasks.

TinyTask can rapidly complete tedious data tasks that would take humans hours of tedious work.

Game Automation

Gamers use TinyTask for automation in games to complete grinding tasks:

  • Farming for resources
  • Leveling up characters
  • Repeating dungeons runs
  • Grinding for loot

The easiest way to create game bots that grind for you!

Web Automation

TinyTask integrates seamlessly with web browsers like Chrome and Firefox to automate online actions:

  • Filling out web forms or surveys
  • Web scraping and harvesting data
  • Managing online accounts in bulk
  • Automating social media interactions

Any task with repetitive web workflows is perfect for automating in TinyTask.

Business Process Automation

Companies use TinyTask to automate internal business processes and workflows:

  • Automated report generation
  • Scheduling backups and tasks
  • Integrating applications
  • Populating databases
  • Email and customer service bots

TinyTask provides easy desktop RPA without the complexity and cost of enterprise tools.

Unattended Processing

Since TinyTask macros can run on a schedule automatically, it’s perfect for automating any task you need running in the background unattended:

  • Scheduled system maintenance
  • Regular data processing/ETL tasks
  • Nightly backups or syncing
  • Batch image processing
  • Automated build routines

Set it and forget it by scheduling TinyTask to handle repetitive background work.

And many more uses…TinyTask is limited only by your imagination and creativity!

TinyTask Pricing and Editions

The best part about TinyTask is that the core automation functionality is 100% free and open-source. The free version of TinyTask allows:

  • Unlimited automation macros
  • All recording, playback, and scheduling features
  • Macro editing and hotkeys
  • OCR and window detection
  • Portable USB installation
  • Access to full source code

An optional paid “Pro” edition of TinyTask adds premium features for power users:

  • Encrypted macro storage
  • Cloud sync and backup
  • Multi-instance support
  • Dark mode theme
  • Priority email support

TinyTask Pro is priced at a one-time payment of $29.95. All future updates are included free for existing Pro users.

However, the free open-source edition of TinyTask will meet most users’ automation needs. Download it to get started with simple and powerful task automation at no cost.

TinyTask Tips and Tricks

Here are some handy tips and tricks to make the most of TinyTask for your workflow automation:

  • Give your macros descriptive names to easily identify their purpose later.
  • Use hotkeys to precisely control starting, stopping, and toggling macro actions.
  • Insert short pauses in your macro to allow time for apps and websites to fully load before taking the next action.
  • Schedule macros to run overnight or during times when you are away from the computer unattended.
  • Enable active window detection to prevent macros from interfering with other programs.
  • Import and export macros to transfer them between computers.
  • Use nested macros and hotkeys to create complex automation sequences.
  • If a macro isn’t working, edit it and insert more pauses or timers to slow it down.
  • For web automation, use browser extensions to help identify elements on pages to click or interact with.
  • Have a dedicated PC or virtual machine for running automation workflows unattended.

Take advantage of TinyTask’s subreddit community and documentation for more automation tips and knowledge.

TinyTask Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about TinyTask:

Is TinyTask safe to download and use?

Yes, TinyTask is 100% safe freeware developed by a reputable company and used by millions of people. The open-source code is publicly audited.

Does TinyTask work on Mac or Linux?

Currently, TinyTask is Windows-only software. However, some users report successfully running it on Mac/Linux using compatibility layers like Wine.

Can TinyTask automate programs like Excel, Photoshop, etc?

Yes, TinyTask can automate any program with standard Windows controls like buttons, menus, shortcuts, etc. But automation works best on simple, repetitive tasks.

Do I need to know programming to use TinyTask?

No programming knowledge is required for basic TinyTask macro recording and playback. Optionally integrating scripts does require some coding expertise.

Is it illegal to automate games or apps with TinyTask?

It depends on the usage terms of the specific game or app. Using TinyTask just to grind faster in a game is normally allowed, while automated cheating likely violates terms.

Does TinyTask fully replace enterprise RPA tools?

TinyTask competes well for basic task automation but lacks the advanced features of enterprise-grade RPA platforms that cost thousands of dollars per year.

Can macros be scheduled to run without me being logged in?

Yes, TinyTask macros can run on a schedule whether you are logged in or not as long as the computer is powered on.

What Windows versions are supported by TinyTask?

TinyTask works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows Server 2012 or newer. Some features may not be available on older versions.


TinyTask is an invaluable free tool for anyone looking to automate repetitive computer tasks. With its easy macro recording and playback features, both novice and advanced users can set up automation workflows to save huge amounts of time.

Some key benefits of TinyTask:

  • Extremely easy to get started with no coding required
  • Packed with advanced features for power users
  • Completely free and open-source
  • Automates almost any desktop task on Windows
  • Lightweight and portable

If you find yourself wasting time on mundane repetitive computer work, download TinyTask and take control of your workflow. Before long, you will wonder how you ever got by without it!

So download it today and start unleashing the power of desktop automation.

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