5 Best Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM Hacks- NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks 2023

Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM Hacks/ Pokemon DS Rom Hacks

The Nintendo DS is one of the best-selling gaming systems of all time. It is also a very popular platform for hacking ROMs. This article has the 10 best Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM hacks. The Nintendo DS ROM hacks are the work of underground programmers who have managed to make the DS ROMs playable for more than a decade.

What are ROM Hacks?

A ROM hack is a type of ROM file that can be inserted into a game to change the way the game behaves. Pokemon games are famous for their extensive use of ROM hacks, which were often used to add extra features and capabilities to the game or simply improve gameplay.

List Of Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM Hacks/ Pokemon NDS Rom Hacks

1. Pokemon Light Platinum Version

Pokemon Light Platinum Version

It is a ROM hack version of the Pokemon Ruby version. The game can be played with GBA emulators.

It has a unique storyline, The game puts you in control of a character named “Chaos” who has to go on an adventure to find his missing friend, “Roxas”. The story follows him as he explores every corner of an unfamiliar world where he encounters many different creatures and monsters. You can choose between two characters with different skills and abilities: “Chaos” or “Roxas”.

Some extra advantages of Pokemon Light Platinum Verison:

  • You’ll find a new region of Zhery.
  • The game has new gym leaders and a new elite four.
  • Some extra special events.
  • ‘Some unique spirit that you’ll definitely like.
  •  There are new rivals to compete with.

2. Pokemon Dark Rising Version

It is a fan-made version of Pokemon ROM. They used the Pokemon Fire Red version as a base ROM and created a ROM hack on it. Even though the game is fan-made it is great for ROM to play.

This one is one of the most compared games by dark rising and there is no competition for it. The game is compiled with four different games and when you play the game it feels like you are saving the world.

Also, It has a different storyline and there are two versions you to play the game which complement the game. The dark rising Kazio version is the name of the second version.

Some Advantages of the Pokemon dark rising version:-

  • There is a unique Pokemon showcase with each gym leader.
  • Added DW abilities to the game.
  • Option of grind experience by battling nurse Joy.

3. Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

There is one point when you get fed up with everything so when you get fed up with playing the Pokemon Dark Rising 2 version. Here is another version called Pokemon Dark Rising 2 version. The game continues the same storyline so it becomes more interesting to play. This one is also based on the Pokemon Fire red version.

You can meet and catch almost all the pokemon in the game. The dark rising series is one of the great ROM hacks to play.

Advantages of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version:

  • Fairy-type Pokemon have been added to the game. 
  • 12 gyms in the game are available. 
  • Totally number of 193 pokemon can be caught. 
  • Also, there is custom music in the game. 
  • Some new abilities and moves have been added. 

4. Pokemon Blazed Glazed Version

Pokemon Blazed Glazed

Glazed and Blazed versions of pokemon are based on the Pokemon Emerald version. In this game, you have to play like a twelve-year-old kid who aims to become the number one Pokemon trainer.

The game is the complete news release and the central region of the game is the tuned region. Earlier there was only Pokemon Blazed only and then there was a fan who finds a problem with pokemon blazed and developed blazed glazed. 

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Advantages of Pokemon Glazed and Blazed Glazed versions: 

  • The player gets the option to choose from the five different starter pokemon.
  • There are three regions in one single game. 
  • As you go ahead in the game, you’ll be able to get all the starter pokemon. 
  • There is an option to have a rematch with the gym leaders and some trainers. 

5. Pokemon Resolute Version

Pokemon Resolute Version

It is the hacked ROM of the Pokemon Emerald version. It is a super popular game among the Pokemon community for its amazing storyline. Although, the storyline is typically like every pokemon game where you start your journey from a small city with your starter Pokemon.

Then an evil team tries to put the region into chaos. That evil team is Mirage in this game. 

So, make sure you have enough skill and pokemon to beat this team and stop these evil forces and bring the region back to peace.

Advantages of Pokemon Resolute Version

  • The game is in a new region. 
  • There are 3 regions in total Sylon, Tyron, and Johto.
  • Also, mega evolution is added to the game.

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