The Best FNF Unblocked Mods to Play in 2023

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) exploded in popularity as an indie rhythm game in 2021. Its catchy beats and charming retro art style made it a viral hit. FNF pits boyfriend against girlfriend’s dad and ex-rockstar in freestyle rap battles. Players tap arrow keys to the beat of songs to outperform opponents.

FNF’s basic web version is free on However, many fans wanted access to FNF mods and custom weeks. So they turned to FNF unblocked games to enjoy extra content.

This guide will cover the top FNF unblocked mods and where to play them.

What is Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF)?

Friday Night Funkin’ is a music rhythm game created by indie developers Nicolosofer and Kawaisprite. Players take the role of the Boyfriend as he goes head-to-head freestyle rapping against various opponents.

Gameplay takes place through weeks, with each week featuring a set of new opponents and original songs. The goal is to outperform opponents by pressing arrow keys to the beat of instrumental tracks. The better your timing, the higher your score.

FNF became a viral hit for its challenging charts, catchy original songs, and charming Newgrounds art style. The basic web version is free on But the full version on Steam features extra modes and content.

Why Do Fans Play FNF Unblocked?

The web version of FNF is freely available. So why do fans play FNF unblocked versions instead?

There are a few key reasons:

  • Access to mods– The FNF modding community is vibrant and active. Unblocked versions allow you to play fan-made mods not available in the main game.
  • Avoid school/work blocks– Many schools and workplaces block gaming sites. Unblocked versions get around these restrictions.
  • GitHub hosting– Some mods are only available on GitHub. Unblocked games let you access GitHub-hosted mods.
  • Extra songs & weeks– Unblocked games feature new fan-made song packs and weeks. This expands the tracklist beyond the base game.
  • Gameplay tweaks– Some mods make changes like increased scroll speed, custom keybinds, and other ways to enhance gameplay.

Top FNF Unblocked Mods

Let’s look at some of the most popular FNF mods and where to play them unblocked.

Friday Night Funkin HD

Friday Night Funkin’ HD is one of the top visual overhauls for FNF. This mod polishes the graphics in HD while keeping the original game intact. All art assets are re-drawn in high resolution. Songs and weeks stay the same, just with upgraded visuals.

Vs Sonic.exe

Vs Sonic.exe crosses over FNF with the sinister Sonic creepypasta character. This total conversion mod features custom art and songs based on the Sonic franchise. Boyfriend takes on Sonic.exe himself and other evil entities.

Mid Fight Masses

Mid Fight Masses introduces a religious war theme to FNF. Boyfriend goes up against a nun, priest, angel, and demon characters with ecclesiastical songs. The custom art and music create a unique vibe.

Vs Whitty

Vs Whitty brings a bomb-dropping maniac to challenge Boyfriend. This fast-paced mod pushes FNF to its limits with intense mechanically complex songs. Dodge bombs while keeping up with Whitty’s relentless rhythms.

Friday Night Bloxxin

Friday Night Bloxxin combines FNF gameplay with a Roblox aesthetic. All the characters and environments get blocky makeovers. The song list includes Roblox favorites like “Lowliet – WindWave.” This mod appeals to Roblox fans.

FNF vs Impostor

FNF vs Impostor crosses the game with Among Us. Boyfriend competes against an impostor in an FNF rap battle on the Skeld map. Songs reference Among Us memes for an enjoyable mashup.

Vs Dave and Bambi

Vs Dave and Bambi are one of the most challenging FNF mods. Features chaotic visuals and lightning-fast note charts. Think you can conquer Bambi’s absurd 9-key charts? Get ready for skilled timing and pattern recognition.

Doki Doki Takeover

Doki Doki Takeover brings characters from the Doki Doki Literature Club into FNF’s world. Features Monika trying to take over other games. Expect meta themes and DDLC references in this unique mod.

Where to Find FNF Unblocked

Now you know some of the top mods, but where can you play FNF unblocked?

Here are the best sites to access unblocked FNF:

  • GitHub Pages – Direct links to GitHub repos hosting mods.
  • Unblocked Games 76 – A classic unblocked games site with many FNF mods.
  • Unblocked Games 911 – Clean UI with lots of FNF mods.
  • Ultra Unblocked – Features mods like Vs Sonic.exe and Mid Fight Masses.
  • GamingCloud – Large collection of unblocked games including FNF mods.
  • IUnblocker – Proxy site that unblocks multiple games and mods.

The FNF community keeps creating new mods. So explore unblocked game sites to find the latest creations not on the base game.

How to Unblock Games at School or Work

Unfortunately, many schools and workplaces block games entirely or use filters. But don’t let that stop your funkin’! Here are ways to get around blocks:

  • VPN– Using a VPN masks your IP address and gets around network filters.
  • Proxy sites– Sites like IUnblocker work as proxies to access blocked content.
  • Tor browser– The Tor anonymity network evades blocking and tracking.
  • Avoid auto filters– Don’t search blocked terms associated with games to avoid alerts.
  • Clear browsing history– Make sure to clear your browsing history after playing unblocked games.
  • Guest network– Connect to a guest Wi-Fi network that may have lighter restrictions.
  • Mobile data– School/work Wi-Fi blocks likely don’t apply to cellular data.
  • Reputable sites– Stick to reputable unblocked game sites and avoid shady websites.

Friday Night Funkin’ FAQ

Let’s wrap up with an FAQ covering common questions about FNF and unblocked mods.

Is FNF available on mobile?

There are unofficial mobile ports of FNF, but no official mobile version yet. The developers are working on an official mobile port planned for 2023.

How do I unlock Week 7?

Week 7 is not yet available in the base game. It is planned as an update down the road. Some mods have custom Week 7 songs to try out until it officially releases.

Can I play FNF with a controller?

Yes, FNF supports USB gamepad controllers. You can customize the button mapping in settings.

How do I download FNF mods?

Most mods are not distributed for direct download. Your best bet is playing them on unblocked game sites that host mods.

Is FNF available on Mac/Linux?

Yes, there are desktop versions of FNF for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The downloadable versions support mods.

Will FNF come to consoles?

Console ports have not been officially announced. However, the developers have expressed interest in exploring bringing FNF to consoles if possible.

Can I make my own FNF mods?

Yes, FNF has an active modding community. Many mods started as fan creations using the open source code. Check out FNF modding guides to get started.

Let the Funkin’ Begin

Now you’re ready to start tapping along to the catchy beats of FNF. Play all your favorite mods unblocked at school or work. The FNF community keeps releasing great new content, so the fun should never stop. Just be sure to practice your arrow key accuracy to out-funk any opponent!

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