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Best Roku Web Browsers/Roku web browser

This article gives a full list of the 10 best Roku web browsers that users should check out in the year 2023. It is best to learn more about Roku web browsers and make a choice after doing so.

The Roku web browser is an important new idea. Since 2008, the Roku stick has been one of the best ways to watch TV over the Internet. The device can easily watch channels like Prime, Netflix, BBC Sports, Red Bull TV, and others.

Roku devices don’t have built-in web browsers that let you view media from other sources. The streaming experience is smooth, but the platform doesn’t allow browsing activities that require Flash player, JavaScript, cookies, or Shockwave.

Despite this limitation, you can still find other ways to enjoy music, live sports, news, videos, and movies, among other types of multimedia material.

This piece gives Roku users a full list of the best internet browsers to use.

Can I use an online Roku web browser?

No. Roku doesn’t have an online browser built-in. The Roku Channel Store is where you can get a Roku computer browser. It’s an app shop with apps that work with your Roku device and are safe to use.

But some of Roku’s internet browsers have problems, such as not being able to play movies from streaming sites and having privacy problems. Still, it’s a great tool that you can use, especially if you use your Roku device all the time.

How does The Roku Channel work?

The Roku Channel is the official Channel Store for Roku devices. It gives users access to a wide range of streaming material. On Roku, users can make changes to their station list to make it fit their needs. This makes it easy to get to different kinds of media, such as news, music, and your favorite streaming material. Roku gives users access to a wide range of free music and video channels and a lot of new material to keep them entertained. By signing up for premium channels like Netflix and HBO, users can get access to exclusive material without having to sign up for more channels.

10 Best Roku Web Browsers in 2023

Here is a complete list of all the web tools that can be used with Roku web browsers. Check out the features of each Roku browser mentioned below and choose the one that works best for you.

  1. Xfinity


Xfinity is a well-known internet browser for Roku that makes it easy to stream a wide range of multimedia material, such as music, TV shows, movies, news, sports, and videos from different genres. The product has a wide variety of features that are all made to make fun better for the user.

At first glance, it may look more like a video streaming platform than a web browser because it has so many features. A growing number of TV stations around the world use this app to stream their shows. This piece of software can be used on both computers and smartphones. After the update, it will fit perfectly on bigger screens.

Users of Xfinity can watch their favorite programs both online and off. The service offers customer help around the clock, giving you peace of mind that any problems or questions you may have will be taken care of quickly.

Users can download TV shows and movies to their movie library, so they can watch them even when they don’t have an internet connection. Screen sharing lets you cast content from computers or phones to Roku TV so you can watch it all at once.

  1. Opera web browser


The Opera web browser is a trusted and free app that can be used with your Roku device. This browser is made to be small and quick, and it works with most Windows-based computers. The gadget comes with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature that can be used to stay anonymous online.

The application has a simple look and works with most Windows-based devices. When compared to other browsers, this one has a faster loading speed. The software is free to use, and it gets changed regularly.

  1. Emby for Roku


Emby for Roku is a media streaming app that lets users watch media on their Roku device while it’s connected to their smart TV or computer. This app can be used to watch new movies, live TV, and other media. Through the My Media group, you can see the saved material.

Emby for Roku can be installed by going to the Roku Channel Store and searching for it. Once you’ve found it, you can download the app for free.

The layout is made to be easy to use and to work well. This product is designed to work best for streaming movies, live TV, TV shows, and songs. With this tool, users can get to the information they have saved.

  1. Safari


Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple Inc. The aforementioned technology finds widespread usage on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macintosh computers.

You can get the web browser from the Roku shop and put it on your Roku TV so you can browse the web. This browser lets you view and switch pages quickly and without interruption. It also has a lot of privacy and security features.

The program has a simple user interface that is easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of visual clutter.

One developer named Adrian made the Safari Roku web browsers. The person used Roku Direct Publisher to make it easier to activate on the device listed above.

  1. Web Video Caster


Web Video Caster is an excellent application that lets you watch a lot of movies and TV shows. The software can handle a wide range of video formats and can also instantly record the subtitles of movies that are being streamed.

Use Web Video Caster’s tools to make your browsing experience better. Mark sites you visit often, create a shortcut on your Home Screen so it’s easy to get to and look at your watch past without any problems. With this clever tool, you can watch TV without interruptions. The design is easy to use in a lot of ways.

Users can look at different websites, stream live content, and watch TV shows, movies, videos, and other types of media.

  1. Firefox


Firefox is a flexible browser that works on a wide range of devices, such as tablets, personal computers, TVs, and more. Many people use the Mozilla app on Roku TV to watch videos. People think very highly of the product’s ability to give people a safe and private experience.

Firefox is a powerful program that connects to Roku devices without any problems. To use the app, you just need to download and install it on your mobile device, sign up with your email address, and then connect your Roku device to it.

This app lets you browse quickly and takes up little space on your computer. The browser can be changed in many ways and has an ad-blocker built in. The software has a tool for browsing in private.

  1. Web Browser X


Web Browser X has a wide range of functions that are hard to beat. This product works very well with Roku TV.

This is a paid browser that makes it easy to watch content smoothly through a simplified interface that speeds up data transfer and saves battery life.

This computer browser doesn’t need a lot of user rights. The software has a wide range of privacy and security settings that let users protect their data and keep it private as much as possible. The browser comes with a lot of options that make it easier to use.

The tool makes it possible to automatically get information from websites. The program has features for blocking ads, preloading pages, and putting together multiple pages into a single interface. The browser makes it easy to use by giving you fully drawn pages with links you can click on.

  1. The Roku Channel


The channel gives you access to high-quality Roku material that you can’t get anywhere else. This includes Roku web browsers Originals and free TV shows. You can also watch a wide range of on-demand material, such as TV series, classic movies, and other shows. This platform is a full-service channel for both paid and free TV material.

From the Roku web browsers, you can get the Roku Channel for free.

This app gives users a complete way to watch live and on-demand TV. With this tool, users can add more paid channels, such as Showtime, Epix, and others. The program is easy to use and doesn’t cost anything.

  1. Media Browser


Media Browser is an online browser made for Roku that is easy to use. The software has an easy-to-use graphical user interface that lets users easily navigate its large media library and look for more multimedia and content-rich websites on the internet.

By using Media Browser, users can easily change apps and customize color schemes and themes to improve their experience as a whole. Photo slideshows, live TV, media browser apps, and the remote control can all get minor changes that make them better.

The media browser has all of the most important features and works quickly without any hiccups. This browser makes it easy to view and browse all kinds of material, no matter what size the pixels are.

  1. FilmRise


FilmRise is the last one on the list of the best Roku web browsers. People know that this website is one of the best places to watch a wide range of videos on a Roku device. On this website, you can watch full episodes of TV shows and movies for free.

FilmRise also keeps a large collection of content that has been legally gotten and is regularly updated. FilmRise has a wide variety of material in many different categories, such as horror, drama, crime, action films, romance, and biographies.

This platform also has a list of Hollywood movies and movies from other countries, along with their IMDb popularity scores. FilmRise lets people watch its videos on many different devices and apps, like Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.


Q.1: Can I use my Roku TV to surf the web?

Yes, the Opera browser for Roku, or any of the other best web browsers for Roku, are available and can be used to simply access the internet on your Roku TV.

Q.2: How can I download Google to my Roku?

If you use the best Roku web browsers, you can get Google on your Roku device. With this kind of software, it’s easy to Google anything you want.

Q.3: How do I install Safari on Roku?

To add Safari to Roku, go to the Roku ChannelStore, where you can easily add the tool to your device.

Q.4: What kind of Roku web browsers can use?

Roku can be used with several different computer browsers. Opera and Mozilla Firefox are two popular browsers that can be used with Roku. Some of the best apps are listed above for your convenience.

Q5: What is Roku’s free online browser?

Opera and Firefox are the best free web browsers for Roku that you can use. Aside from these, other sites like Web Browser X are also often used as Roku browsers.

Q7: Can regular TV be watched on Roku TV?

On a Roku TV, all you have to do to watch regular or local TV is connect a live local antenna connection to the Roku device. Once you’re hooked up, it’s easy to stream as many stations as you want.

Here are some other Roku Internet Browser Available for you

If you would like to use your streaming device as an internet browser, Roku sticks and set-top boxes are not the simplest options.

Despite being around for several years (and despite several of Roku’s main competitors offering internet browsers on their own streaming devices), there are only two browsers within the Roku Channel Store. Neither of them was developed by Roku itself.

The Best Roku Web Browser In The Channel Store

The two Roku web browsers that are available within the official Roku Channel Store are Browser X and POPRISM browser.

1. Web Browser X


The best Roku browser is browser X. We use the word “best” somewhat loosely. If you’re expecting a slick and modern interface, you are going to be disappointed. Browser X seems like it has been designed in the early 1990s; the fonts and therefore the interface is shockingly quaint.

That said, it does work—though it’ll struggle to render and format highly complex pages. There are some pre-saved favorites (such as Google News, CNN, and ABC News), but you’ll visit any site by entering the URL. You’ll also add your own frequently visited sites to your list of favorites.

To navigate an internet page, use the left and right buttons on your remote to cycle through the links on a page, and use the up and down arrows to scroll through the text.

On the downside, the browser cannot play videos (so stay beyond YouTube et al.), and it cannot fill in web forms, username fields, and password fields.

And another word of warning. During the research for this piece, I downloaded the app from the Mexican version of the Channel Store. It told me the worth was $0.00, on the other hand, generated a monthly invoice of $4.99 against my account. The US version of the shop does indeed list the worth at $4.99/month, so there’s a discrepancy between the various national stores. Confirm you are not caught out.

2. POPRISM Web Browser


The only other Roku browser within the Channel Store is the POPRISM browser. Frankly, it’s many levels worse than browser X.

That’s because it can only read the text— there are not any images, no GUIs, no CSS, no JavaScript, and so on. Whichever site you visit, you’ll just see a mass of unformatted text.

Needless to mention, therefore, the browser is utterly useless for the overwhelming majority of websites. It’s almost passable for text forums, RSS feeds, and other content that’s extremely text-heavy. Basic Google search results also are readable.

On the positive side, the POPRISM Roku browser didn’t attempt to scam me out of $4.99. you’ve to seem for brilliant spots.

Use Screen Mirroring To Browse The Internet On Roku

As we’ve now established, it’s possible to put in a Roku browser, but the solutions available are far away from ideal.

Therefore, the simplest approach is to use screen mirroring and cast a browser directly from your phone or computer onto your Roku device.

How To Cast A Web Browser To Roku From Windows


Besides the Roku internet browsers available within the channel store, the sole other option is to cast a browser from your phone or computer to your Roku using screen mirroring.

To cast a Windows browser to Roku, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Check your Roku is running a minimum of version 7.7 of the OS by heading to Settings > System > About. If it isn’t,
  2. Navigate to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now and let the method complete.
  3. On Windows, open the Action Center by clicking on the acceptable link within the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  4. Click on the Connect tile. If you can’t see it immediatelyyou’ll get to click on Expand.
  5. Allow Windows to scan for your Roku. The method could take up to 30 seconds.
  6. Click on Roku’s name within the list of devices. The connection will then occur automatically.
  7. Open your browser of choice and begin surfing.

To disable casting, select Stop Video on your TV screen or hit Disconnect on Windows.

How To Cast A Web Browser To Roku From Android

If you’d prefer to browse the internet on Roku from your Android phone or tablet, follow these instructions instead:

  1. Open your Android Settings app.
  2. Go to Connected Devices > Pair New Devices.
  3. Wait for Android to seek out your Roku streaming stick or set-top box.
  4. Tap on the name of your Roku and await the connection to initialize.
  5. Open the online browser you would like to use on your Roku.

(Note: Not all Android devices support Miracast. For more information, consult the manufacturer’s literature.)

Even Screen Mirroring Has Its Downsides

Unfortunately, even casting a browser to Roku has some disadvantages.

Firstly, Roku screen mirroring relies on Miracast technology. Meaning only Windows and Android devices can cast their screens natively. Neither iOS nor macOS has support for Miracast, meaning you will need to use a third-party app to realize an equivalent result. The simplest third-party app to cast an iPhone or Mac screen to a Roku is arguably AirBeamTV.

HDMI could also be the quality of connecting media devices, but it’s tons of downsides. Here’s the way to use Miracast instead.

Secondly, Miracast isn’t a very reliable protocol. It’s susceptible to lagging, connection dropouts, failed pairings, and other issues.

Finally, screen mirroring means you would like to (a) leave the screen running on the casting device (which can quickly drain your battery), and (b) use the casting device to regulate the online browser.

Using the casting device to regulate the browser won’t be a problem if you’re watching a video. Except for active browsing, it’s hard to ascertain what benefits casting would have over simply using the most device—especially considering you’ve got to check out the device’s screen to ascertain what you’re doing.

Despite the drawbacks, however, if you got to have a full-featured browser on your Roku device, screen mirroring is the best choice.

Learn More About Using A Roku

Although support for Roku web browsers could be somewhat lacking, that does not mean that Roku devices aren’t still excellent devices to possess around your home.

To learn more about employing a Roku, inspect our articles explaining the way to get Google on your Roku and therefore the best free Roku channels to put in today.


To summarize, although Roku devices lack native web browsers, users can get access to the internet and improve their viewing experience by downloading third-party apps from the Roku Channel Store. As of 2023, the most popular Roku web browsers comprise Xfinity, Opera web browser, Emby for Roku, Safari, Web Video Caster, Firefox, Web Browser X, The Roku Channel, Media Browser, and FilmRise.

Web browsers give you access to a lot of different online information, but it’s important to know that they might have some limits. There may be problems with streaming videos from some websites, or there may be privacy issues. Even though they have some problems, Roku devices are still essential for people who use them a lot for enjoyment.

To sum up, Roku devices don’t have built-in web browsers, but users can still access a wide range of multimedia material through third-party web browsers and the Roku Channel’s huge library of content.

Here are the best Roku web browser choices, plus a workaround that provides a better Roku web browsing experience.

Can you browse the web on a Roku? Yes! Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to put in an online browser on your Roku. On the downside, the amount of Roku browser options is very limited and lacking in features. Nonetheless, if you would like to find out about the simplest Roku browser options, alongside a workaround that gives a far better web browsing experience, keep reading.

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