10+ Best Residential Proxy Providers In 2024

Residential Proxies are very popular these days and there is a reason behind it. Whether you can use it for account management, market research, or purchasing limited-edition sneakers, data-center IP addresses might not be enough. It can be easily recognized by the majority of big internet sites and many times access to the information is denied.

This is where Residential Proxies come into play. When the route goes through a real home and ISP (Internet Service Provider) it masks the IP address and also cloaks you and makes you seem like a regular network user.

List of Best Residential Proxy Providers

To find the best Residential Proxy Provider, we dived into this field and after a month of testing, we are here with the list of top residential proxy providers.

1. MarsProxies

In our exploration of top residential proxy providers, MarsProxies emerged as a standout choice. Renowned for its vast network of genuine residential IPs, MarsProxies guarantees anonymous and efficient online interactions, making it ideal for tasks like market research and social media management. With its user-friendly interface, global reach, and dedicated customer support, MarsProxies offers a seamless, high-speed proxy service that prioritizes both privacy and user satisfaction. This blend of quality, innovation, and customer focus makes MarsProxies a top recommendation for both individual and enterprise needs.

2. Privateproxy. me

PrivateProxy.me is a residential proxy service and the best residential proxy provider this company is owned and operated by Aqua Networks Limited, a London-based IT company that specializes in Cloud IT residential proxy providers. The company was formed in 2010 and has since served thousands of customers around the Globe. PrivateProxy. I leverage great IP Address resource pools which allow users to provide 100% clean private proxies in many countries around the world. They have multiple plans for private proxies. You can visit their site for more information.

3. Smartproxy.com

The service of smartproxy surprised us and this will be the personal recommendation from our side. It has almost 40 million IP addresses going through real mobile and desktop proxy networks. On top of that, they also offer unlimited connection and thread.

You can use country-level targeting and can choose a random proxy that rotates your IP address with every request or you can go with a sticky proxy that would change your IP every 10 to 30 mins. It also has an advanced but pretty easy-to-use Chrome extension and proxy address generator.

Their pricing is also simple, it’s based on a subscription with data consumption limits. If you use code SMARTPRO, you can get a 20% discount for your first purchase.

4. Luminati.io

Luminati is most likely a landing proxy network with more than 75 million IP addresses. You get a speed compared to others because of its massive number of connections available right now. The drawback of the Luminati is their pricing. The price of their lowest subscription plan is $500. Which is too high for an individual customer.

5. StormProxies.com

This one is another great proxy provider on our list. StormProxies have approx 70 thousand IP addresses around the world which is not a great number but their pricing is very decent and affordable, which can be a great window for a wide variety of users.

You can get direct access to the proxies just by purchasing the plan. According to the pricing, this service would be at the first spot.

6. NetNut.io

NetNut has a majority of IP addresses from the data center and the residential ones are additional ones. The service fits more successfully with the usage of big-scale procedures. Nutnet has flexible sub-user management that makes it a superb service and different from others.

Though the ban rate is a bit high, the pricing plans and additional features keep it on the list.

7. WebScrapingAPI

WebscrappingAPI is a Proxy service and web scrapping, provider. They have more than 100 million IP addresses. They have very flexible pricing plans, be it the free trial, business, or custom plan.  The free trial lasts for 14 days and during the trial period, you can try all kinds of different geolocation options.

After the free plan ends, the prices start at $20/month for 200,000 API calls, but you can still use the limited free-forever package.

8. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is a proxy service and they have over 2 million IP addresses in around 192 countries all over the globe. So with that amount of verity, the user should not face any problem with the geolocation.

The best part is they have a majority of IP addresses from Asia, if you are going to target websites hosted in Asia, GeoSurf would be a great choice.

They also offer a toolbar browser plugin that lets you see online material through different IPs from across the world.

9. Bright Data

This website deserves a spot on this list, Bright Data claims to be the biggest proxy service provider and data collection platform in the world. They have over 72 million IP addresses with outstanding load speed.

They have impressive geological coverage, even though they have 14 residential IPs in North Korea, I didn’t know it was possible to do this.

They charge $15 for a GB of bandwidth. You can create a custom plan according to your requirements and they will charge you accordingly.

10. SmartProxy

SmartProxy has over 40 million IP addresses and their plans come with a money-back guarantee if in case you don’t like them. Their service is quite promising.

All proxies are anonymous and their servers use complex rotation, which means you’ll get a live and tested proxy after each rotation. It depends on you, you can choose if it should be completely random or from a specific country.

The maintenance and the setup are quite easy. You can get 5 GB of bandwidth at just $75 or can increase with per GB by $15.

11. RSocks

RSocks has 8 million IP addresses and 68 personal proxy countries. Compared to others it might look a bit low but they can be a great provider, depending on the need. It seems they are quite transparent with their stats.

They have a variety of packages, you can choose a package based on geolocation, rotation options, or even themes (for specific platforms like Twitch and YouTube).

The price depends on your requirements so check out the website and see it if fits your needs and budget.

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