10 Best PS3 Emulators For Android & PC 2024

PS3 Emulator for Android: Here we are listing the best PS3 emulators for Android and PC. So check it out. PlayStation 3 is another amazing gaming system from the PS series. It is not like any other gaming system. This one came with a lot of amazing games that were never seen before. Some were sequels and the others were completely new.

Nowadays people prefer playing these games on their phones and PCs. You can do this by downloading emulators. There are plenty of quality PS3 emulators available on the internet. So we have dug out the 10 best PS3 emulators for Android and PC. Let’s check them one by one!

Best PS3 Emulator Android & PC

1. RPCS3


The first emulator for PS3 on our list is RPCS3. It is one of the best emulators for PS3. It is because it can run almost every PS3 ROM which makes it an ideal choice for PS3 lovers. It is updated from time to time so the bugs and crashes are eliminated as well. You can save games with this emulator. On top of that, it has game cheat support which most of us look for. So do check it out.

2. Mednafen

Mednafen is another great emulator that is capable of replicating many systems. You can download it on your PC and have the near-reality experience of a PS3. It allows you to customize a lot of things. You can do keyboard mapping which can be very useful. The interface is fine and you can use it with no difficulty. Many players rely on Mednafen and you should try it out too.

3. ESX PS3

ESX PS3 is a free emulator that can be used to play PS3 games. You can play most of the PS3 games on this emulator. It is excellent for new users as it is easy to use and the options are pretty simple.
The only thing that might bug you is that it can only run the exclusive PS3 games. So there is a limit on the games that you can play.

4. Bizhawk

If you’re looking for an emulator that can emulate other systems along with PS3 then you should go for Bizhawk. It is capable of emulating systems like Super Nintendo and Virtual Boy. You can also customize controls according to your will. On top of that, It allows you to screen record. Which is something that we all like to have. The interface is great. It is overall an amazing option. You should check it out.

5. PSeMu3


PSeMu3 is another PS3 emulator. It is not just a PS3 emulator. It is also compatible with PS1 and PS2. So you can enjoy the classics as well. It is completely free. It has a simple-looking interface which makes it the best choice for new users.

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6. Superior ePSXe

If you are looking for an emulator that could work on your low-spec PC then you should try Superior ePSXe. It is a PS3 emulator. You can download it on your 2GB RAM. It works fine but you might see a few bugs if you have a very low-spec PC. Other than that, it is completely a nice PS3 emulator. It is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

7. PS3 Emulator

PS3 Emulator

This PS3 emulator is by Sony. You can imagine how good this would be. You can play games with your friends as it has a multiplayer mode. It gives you full control over the customization of controls. Which is something we all need. The speed of the PS3 emulator is fine and you can play games with ease. You should try it out it is easily a great option.

8. RetroArch


RetroArch is a famous all-rounder emulator. It can emulate many systems. From Nintendo, SNES, and Virtual Boy to the PlayStation series. It is capable of emulating all of them. It has a pretty decent interface that has all the necessary options. You can give it a try. It allows you to play most of the PS3 games. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Millions of players trust this emulator to play games.

9. Snes9x

Snes9x is an emulator by Super Nintendo Entertainment. It is an excellent emulator. It comes with a nice user interface. The emulator is easy to use. On top of that, it is completely free.

10. ANX

ANX Emulator

The last emulator on our list is the ANX emulator. It is available for Mac users and Windows users. The user-friendly interface is what makes it a nice emulator. You can run many games on this emulator and it can run a variety of PS3 games. You should check it out.

Conclusion about PS3 emulators

These were the 10 best PS3 emulators for Android and PC. You can download them and take complete advantage. Most of them are free so everyone can download them. We have discussed all of them with a brief description above. You can choose one by yourself.

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