Download ExaGear Windows Emulator APK 2024

Do you want to download the ExaGear 2022 Windows emulator APK? Then you should have a look at this blog!
Did you know that you can run Windows on Android? Yes, you can completely run the operating system with the complete interface. You can run all the Windows applications on your Android device without having to have a PC.

You can do this with the help of an emulator. Many people were looking for an emulator that could run the Windows operating system on an Android device. So in this blog, we have reviewed one that many people use and suggest for Android. So let’s start!

What is ExaGear Emulator For Windows?

ExaGear Windows Emulator is an emulator for Android that is used to replicate the Windows operating system on an Android device. You can use it for various things and get a complete Windows interface.

Exagear windows emulator apk + obb

To download the Windows emulator, you need to follow the given steps properly:

  • Go to this Eexagear Windows emulator obb file download
  • Then click on the Download button and download the file on your Android device.
  • Once your file is downloaded, you have to go to your security settings and Allow Unknown Sources. This will allow your installation.
  • Then, go back to your download manager and click on the downloaded file. Now install it on your device and run.
  • Make sure it is running the file and you have followed the steps properly.

You can easily run your games and apps on this emulator once you have downloaded this emulator properly.

Benefits of ExaGear Windows Emulator APK

Now, that you know about the downloading procedure of the Windows Emulator apk, let’s discuss the benefits of downloading this apk. There are many benefits of downloading the ExaGear Emulator. We have discussed some major benefits here:

1. Easy to Access

The first benefit that you get when you use this Windows Emulator is that it is easy to access. All the startup menus are located at the start. Like most Windows emulators, you will not get confused using this emulator. Many emulators have confusing options and it becomes difficult for the users to navigate options. But not with this emulator, you can figure out all options easily and you will also get used to them after some time.

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2. List of Programs

Many other emulators have problems downloading applications. You can never easily download apps. Some emulators don’t even have the option to download apps. But this Windows emulator gives you a pre-defined list of programs and apps that you can easily download with a few clicks.

Other than that, you can also download your desired games. But there are limited games and apps that you can run on this emulator. But still, they have a longer list than any other emulator available.

3. Supports ×86 Software

The major issue that people face while Windows Emulators online is that most of them can’t run ×86 Windows software. Due to this, they can not run their desired applications. If you are also someone who is looking for an emulator that can run ×86 Windows software then you should go for the ExaGear emulator. This is considered the best feature of the ExaGear Windows Emulator. You can not find any other Windows Emulator that runs the standard ×86 software.

More About ExaGear Windows Emulator Apk

There are several things that you should know about this emulator. So let’s discuss them one by one.

Paid Emulator

ExaGear emulator is a paid emulator and you have to pay to get this emulator. You might think that this is a drawback of using this emulator but it depends on person to person. If you want to get the best features then you have to pay for them. But if you can not afford to buy it then you should move to some free options. But remember that you will not get any advanced features in those emulators.

Can’t Run Other Versions

The next thing that you should know about this emulator is that you can not download or run other Windows versions. The default Windows version is what you can use. So if you think you can bear this drawback then you should go for this emulator.

Required OS

To download this emulator, you must have the Android 8.0 version. If you have any other Android version then it might not run on your device, and if it does there will be problems. So the best option for lower Android versions would be not to download this emulator and go for any other emulator.


ExaGear Windows Emulator is a paid Windows emulator for Android. This blog features the download link for full information about the ExaGear Emulator. We have also discussed all the necessary things that you should know. So read the above-given blog carefully.

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