MM2 Value List 2023: The Definitive Guide to MM2 Values and Best Investments

Adopt Me trading has exploded in popularity in recent years. With thousands of pets, toys, vehicles, and more to collect, values can fluctuate rapidly. This makes it vital for traders to stay up-to-date on the latest MM2 values.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about current MM2 values in 2023, including:

  • What is MM2 and how do values work?
  • Where to find the most accurate MM2 value list
  • Factors that determine pet and item values
  • The most valuable and rarest pets
  • Best investments for trading profit
  • Strategies for trading up to your dream pets
  • How to avoid scams when trading

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned pro, this guide will provide extensive value insights to help maximize your inventory and trading success in Adopt Me!

What Is MM2 and How Do Values Work?

MM2 stands for Murder Mystery 2, a popular game on the Roblox platform. In MM2, players collect different knives, guns, and cosmetic skins which can be traded with other players.

Rarity plays a major role in determining MM2 values. Items which are harder to obtain were available for a limited time, or have special qualities tend to be more valuable to collectors and traders.

As with any trading market, MM2 values fluctuate over time based on demand. When an item is new or currently popular, its value rises. Older retired items may decrease in value as hype dies down.

To profit from trading, it’s crucial to buy low and trade items for higher value returns. Understanding the factors that influence values is the key to success.

Where To Find The Most Accurate MM2 Value List

With values constantly changing, finding an up-to-date value list is essential. Some of the best MM2 value sources include:

  • Supreme Values– This frequently updated site compiles value tiers and demand ratings for all knives, guns, and skins based on trading server activity.
  • Value Lists– Active value lists are posted in the MM2 Discord showing real-time changes in item values.
  • MM2 Reddit– The MM2 subreddit has regular value discussion threads and charts made by experienced traders.
  • Roblox Trading Forums– Top forums like Elite MM2 Traders have sections dedicated to value speculation and price checks.

It’s a good idea to cross-reference multiple lists to get the clearest picture of current values. Focus on using reputable, actively updated sources for the most accurate data.

Factors That Determine MM2 Pet and Item Values

Several key factors influence the values of MM2 knives, guns, and skins including:

  • Rarity– How difficult is the item to obtain? Seasonal items, unboxed legends, and vintage items have higher values.
  • Demand– Popular and aesthetically pleasing items have higher demand and value. Trending items get a value boost.
  • Looks– Visually appealing, high-quality skins and custom knives tend to be more sought after.
  • Abilities– Certain abilities like seeing through walls on the X-Ray knife boost value.
  • Collectibility– Items part of sets that collectors want to complete hold value well.
  • Retired Status– No longer obtainable retired items gradually increase in value over time.

Understanding these core factors is key to making smart trading decisions and investments.

Most Valuable and Rarest MM2 Pets

While there are hundreds of MM2 items to collect, some stand out as having the highest values based on rarity and demand.

Here are some of the most valuable and rarest pets currently:

  • Chroma Lightbringer– Topping value lists at 145+ this divine Chroma knife has incredible demand.
  • Chroma Darkbringer– As the Chroma version of a retired legendary, it holds extreme value at 130+.
  • Elderwood Revolver– This vintage gun from the first box has insane demand at around 130 value.
  • Green Luger– With green being a rare Luger color, it maintains a steady 120+ value.
  • Logchopper– A popular Godly knife, Logchopper carries a consistent 115 value.
  • Eternal IV– The final Eternal knife variant has stayed above 110 value for months.
  • Red Luger– Holding a solid value above 100, the Red Luger remains an iconic and desired knife.

As some of the rarest and most coveted items, these MM2 pets can be traded for huge overpays and stacks of lower-value items.

Best Investments for Trading Profit

The goal for every savvy MM2 trader looking to build their inventory value is to buy underpriced items poised to rise in demand and value.

Here are some of the best item investments for trading for profit right now:

  • Icebreaker– Around 15 value currently but rising as more players want the ice abilities.
  • Snowflake– A new holiday item likely to gain demand and spike above 10 value.
  • Web– Attractive colors and below-5 values make it a smart investment for the future.
  • Plasmite– This appealing skin looks ready to jump from 2 to 5+ value soon.
  • Red Scratch– Trading for just 1 currently, Red Scratch could easily hit 3-5 value.
  • Skulls– Increasing in popularity and sitting at 3, skulls have room to reach 6-8.

Buying these under 5 value items and trading them as they rise can lead to huge value profits.

Strategies for Trading Up to Your Dream Pet

For collectors obsessed with owning high-tier legendary and ancient pets, trading up is the name of the game. Here are effective strategies to trade your way up steadily:

  • Start small and trade up incrementally e.g. uncommon to rare, rare to epic, until you get to legendary.
  • Build value by trading many small items for overpays on bigger items.
  • Learn the high-demand items people overpay for like Icebreaker and Snowflake.
  • Buy quick sell undervalued items on forums and re-trade for fair value.
  • Offer item packs with small overpays to create irresistible trade bundles.
  • Be extremely patient and focused on profit trading to get your ideal pet.

With smart strategy and consistent effort, trading up to your ultimate dream pet is an achievable goal over time!

How to Avoid Scams When Trading

Scam attempts, unfortunately, run rampant in MM2 trading and can crush your hard-earned inventory. Follow these tips to trade safely:

  • Only make trades in the official MM2 or Roblox trading system.
  • Never trust offers that seem too good to be true (they always are!).
  • Don’t click suspicious external links sent to you.
  • Always double-check items before hitting accept.
  • Use a middleman from reputable servers when trading high tiers.
  • Never trade away your whole inventory to one person.

Staying vigilant is key to avoiding the devastating losses scams can cause.

MM2 Value List FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about MM2 values:

What is the rarest knife in MM2?

Currently, the rarest obtainable knife is the Chroma Lightbringer. However, the rarest knife overall is the unobtainable Chroma Gemstone.

What classic MM2 knife has the highest value?

Of the vintage knives from the early boxes, Elderwood Revolver maintains the highest consistent value above 130.

Do skin and effect values change?

Yes, skin and effect values fluctuate regularly based on looks and demand. Ghost effect and Synth skin are examples of rising effects and skins.

What’s more important, rarity or demand?

Rarity plays a bigger role but demand cannot be ignored. A rare knife like Pumpkin that lacks demand trades lower than a popular legendary like Luger.

How often should I check values?

With frequent changes, checking for value updates at least 2-3 times a week is recommended. Using active Discord servers helps spot trends quickly.

Can value sites be inaccurate?

Yes, so cross-referencing multiple reputable lists helps ensure you get a reliable value consensus for items.

Staying up to date on these key value FAQs will give you an edge in MM2 trading.


Mastering MM2 values is the most vital component of trading success. With this comprehensive guide, you now have extensive knowledge of current values, factors influencing demand, top investments, trading strategies, and how to avoid scams.

The key takeaways are:

  • Use Supreme Values, Discord, and forums for the most accurate value data.
  • Rarity, looks and collectibility are major value drivers.
  • Chromas, vintages, and Eternals are top tier for demand.
  • Buy undervalued items like Icebreaker to trade for big profits.
  • Be patient and trade strategically to achieve your dream inventory.
  • Stay vigilant when trading to avoid scammers.

Equipped with these insights, you can now dominate the exciting world of MM2 trading in 2023!

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