Minecraft Respiration Enchantment and What It Does- A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Minecraft offers players a vast, infinitely explorable world full of hidden treasures and dangers. As you delve into the depths of massive oceans and seas in search of underwater ruins, shipwrecks, and ocean monuments, one of the main challenges is managing your oxygen supply. Staying underwater for extended periods of time to find rare treasures would not be possible without magical enchantments to allow you to breathe longer. This is where the Respiration enchantment comes in handy!

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the Respiration enchantment in Minecraft: what it is, what it does, how to get it, how to use it effectively, and how it interacts with other enchantments. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this guide will give you key insights on maximizing the power of Respiration to enhance your underwater adventures. So grab your enchanted helmet and let’s dive right in!

What is the Respiration Enchantment?

The Respiration enchantment is a helmet enchantment in Minecraft that allows players to breathe underwater for an extended period of time before their oxygen level starts depleting. Without the enchantment, a player’s underwater breath would start running out after just 15 seconds.

With Respiration equipped, the amount of time you can spend underwater before needing to take another breath is significantly increased. This enchantment is essential for deep-sea diving, exploring ocean ruins and monuments, collecting seafloor resources, and avoiding drowning.

Respiration can be applied to any helmet, including leather, gold, chainmail, iron, diamond, or turtle shells. Having this enchantment on your helmet is the key to unlocking long-term underwater survivability and full exploration.

What Does the Respiration Enchantment Do?

The main effect of the Respiration enchantment is that it multiplies the amount of time you can spend underwater before your oxygen meter starts draining.

  • Without any Respiration, your underwater breathing time is a mere 15 seconds.
  • With Respiration I, this is increased to 45 seconds – triple the default time.
  • Respiration II doubles that to 90 seconds.
  • Respiration III triples the time again to a whopping 3 minutes and 45 seconds!

This allows you to stay submerged for exponentially longer durations to hunt for treasure and resources. Rather than frantically looking for air, you have ample time to methodically explore the depths.

Additionally, Respiration allows you to see more clearly underwater, especially in darker areas like ocean trenches and shipwrecks. Your vision will be less obscured by the aquatic environment, helping you spot hidden dangers and prizes.

You will also be able to swim faster while submerged, making it easier to evade or chase mobs in underwater caves and traverse wide seas. Your movement won’t be hampered by water resistance as much.

Overall, by drastically increasing usable breath capacity, improving vision, and boosting speed, the Respiration enchantment transforms you into a proficient deep-sea diver capable of surviving and thriving underwater.

How to Get the Respiration Enchantment

There are a variety of methods to obtain the Respiration enchantment in Minecraft survival mode:

  • The most direct way is using an Enchanting table to enchant a helmet. Respiration has a chance of being chosen as one of the random enchantments. You can increase the chances by using higher enchantment levels and surrounding the table with bookshelves.
  • Enchanted books found through fishing, trading, and looting, or found in structures can be applied to a helmet using an Anvil.
  • Villagers– Certain villagers like Fishermen and Librarians have a chance to trade Respiration Books or enchanted helmets.
  • Fishing– Respiration Books have a chance of being fished up as part of the Treasure loot category.
  • Finding enchanted items– Underwater ruins, shipwrecks, and ocean monuments can contain armor or books with Respiration already on them.
  • Anvils– Respiration can be combined and transferred between items using Anvils.

The higher the enchantment level, the greater the boost to underwater breathing time. Getting Respiration III should be a priority for maximum underwater freedom.

Uses and Benefits of the Respiration Enchantment

The Respiration enchantment opens up a whole new underwater world to explore and gain resources safely. Here are some of the key benefits it provides:

  • Exploring underwater structures– With extended breath capacity, you can fully investigate monumental structures like ocean monuments, ruins, and shipwrecks without worrying about drowning. This allows you to loot all the treasures within.
  • Underwater crop harvesting– Certain crops like seagrass and kelp only grow underwater. Respiration lets you harvest large amounts efficiently.
  • Obtaining marine resources– Mine blocks like sea lanterns, collect coral, harvest sponges, and scoop up fish in buckets without frantically looking for air.
  • Fighting Guardians and Drowned– Respiration allows you to battle hostile underwater mobs without losing breath.
  • Less risk of drowning– New players often drown due to lack of experience. Respiration provides a safety buffer while learning underwater navigation.
  • Works in rain or high humidity– The enchantment even helps you maintain breath longer when it’s raining or in humid biomes like jungles.

While its main purpose is to extend underwater gameplay, Respiration has other benefits too:

  • Aesthetic value– Shiny enchanted gear just looks cool! Respiration helmets have a neat glowing effect.
  • Well-rounded protection– On armor, Respiration nicely complements other defensive enchantments against damage.
  • Trading commodity– Respiration items can be sold to villagers or other players for emeralds, items, or real money.

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Combining with Other Enchantments

The Respiration enchantment pairs well with several other underwater-themed enchantments:

  • Aqua Affinity– This helmet enchantment allows for faster underwater mining and digging. Combining Aqua Affinity with Respiration means you can harvest seafloor resources efficiently without losing breath.
  • Depth Strider– Increasing underwater movement speed makes exploring the deep less tedious. Depth Strider boots with a Respiration helmet create great synergy.
  • Protection– General protection enchantments on armor will help reduce damage taken from drowning, allowing your extended breath from Respiration to go further.

However, Respiration does conflict with a couple of similar enchantments:

  • Respiration vs. Aqua Affinity– You can only have one of these helmet-only enchantments. If using an Anvil to combine items, only one will take effect.
  • Respiration vs. Depth Strider– While these work together if choosing only one, Respiration may be more valuable since underwater breathing is more crucial than movement speed.

When it comes to underwater activities, the ideal enchanted setup would include Respiration, Aqua Affinity, and Depth Strider, along with general Protection armor. Respiration should take priority as it enables all other benefits.

Tips for Using Respiration

Here are some useful tips to maximize the potential of your Respiration enchantment:

  • Always have food on hand. Refilling your hunger meter also replenishes some breath.
  • Carry a bucket of milk to remove mining fatigue effects from Guardians that limit your ability to break blocks quickly.
  • Use doors to create temporary air pockets underwater. Place a door, swim in, remove it, and repeat.
  • Build sealed underwater bases with air pockets for storage, enchanting, crafting, and breathing.
  • Farm seagrass and seal it into your home to generate oxygen-replenishing bubbles.
  • Stack Respiration with a Water Breathing potion for extreme long-term underwater survival.
  • Bring spare Respiration-enchanted helmets in case your main one breaks, so you don’t lose the effects.
  • For mining, combine Respiration with an Efficiency enchanted pickaxe to quickly harvest seafloor resources.
  • Always enchant helmets instead of boots or other armor. Only helmets get the Respiration effect.

Using these tips, you can easily turn yourself into an underwater adventuring pro with the life-saving Respiration enchantment!


What happens if you combine Respiration and Aqua Affinity?

Respiration and Aqua Affinity complement each other. Aqua Affinity speeds up how fast you can mine underwater while Respiration extends how long you can breathe. Having both enchantments allows you to mine for longer without running out of breath.

Is Respiration Better than Aqua Affinity?

Respiration and Aqua Affinity do different things, so one is not necessarily “better.” Respiration is essential for exploring underwater for extended periods, while Aqua Affinity increases mining speed. For lengthy underwater mining or fighting, having both can be extremely useful.

Does Respiration work in the rain?

Yes, Respiration will help you breathe longer when it is raining. Since rain fills air bubbles more quickly, having the Respiration enchantment lets you stay above water for longer periods before needing to take another breath.

Should I put Respiration on all my armor?

It’s not necessary to put Respiration on all your armor pieces. Having it on your helmet is the most useful since that is what determines your underwater breathing ability. You can also put Respiration on your boots if you want to maximize the time between breaths.

Is there a limit to how high you can level up Respiration?

Respiration goes up to Level III in survival Minecraft. With commands or cheats, you could apply higher levels, but Respiration III gives you the maximum benefit of tripling your underwater breathing time. Higher levels would not provide any additional boost.


The Respiration enchantment is an invaluable tool for unlocking the full potential of underwater exploration, construction, combat, and survival in Minecraft. By tripling and beyond your breath capacity, it allows you to fearlessly plunge into the depths to obtain precious resources, take down powerful mobs, and discover sunken secrets. Respiration’s ability to enhance vision and speed provides added bonuses to make you a powerful force beneath the seas.

This mystical helmet enchantment can be obtained through enchanting, trading, looting, and fishing. Applying Respiration III to your helmet should be a top priority when equipping for underwater activities. Combining it with other enchantments like Aqua Affinity and Depth Strider will maximize your abilities. Use food, milk buckets, air pockets, and other tactics to push the limits of your extended underwater journeying.

The mysteries of the deep oceans beckon, but you’ll need the life-giving power of Respiration to uncover them. So don your enchanted helmet, fill your lungs with air, and delve into the underwater realms of Minecraft like never before with the amazing Respiration enchantment!

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