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Free Chegg Answers: In this day and age, students have easy access to a wide range of online educational tools through a variety of educational websites. In the year 2023, Chegg, a well-known online tool, becomes a big help for students with their schoolwork. This post will show you how to get Chegg answers for free effectively.

Chegg is an American company with its main office in California that makes technology for education. It has more than three million subscribers around the world right now. Chegg is known as a comprehensive platform with a wide range of study tools. This makes it a popular choice among online students.

Isn’t it amazing how well Chegg helps students with their daily learning tasks? But just like it’s said that good things don’t come easily, Chegg’s services are not free. To save money when you sign up for a Chegg subscription plan, you need a deal from But if you don’t want to pay anything, you still have a few choices.

This article is a complete guide that shows you how to unlock Chegg answers, even if you don’t have a Chegg account. You can now use this service for free as a student.

What is Chegg answer?

Through their remote, expert tutors, the website can answer any question. It helps students a lot with their schoolwork outside of class by giving them great learning tools, resources, and technology.

Chegg is well-known for giving its users access to high-quality physical and digital textbook rentals, homework help, online tutoring, jobs, and scholarships. Its main purpose is to help kids in high school and college get an education.

Howto Unlockk chegg answers for Free

As you may know, every problem has a solution. In the same way, there are some great online alternatives to Chegg’s free answers, which we’ve mentioned below.

  1. Find and Search Your Question on Chegg

First, you need to go to and look for your question. Then, just copy the link to the question from the top of the search bar.

Chegg Answer

  • To unblur Chegg, go to homework.
  • On the site, you can “Paste the URL” of your Chegg question into the search bar, click the “Search” button, solve the Captcha, and then see your answer.

Chegg Answer

  • Done, Now, you can easily find your answer on Chegg by logging in or making a premium account.

     2. How to sign up for a free CheggAnswerr account

  • First of all, Sign up at this link.

Chegg Answer

  • You can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account.
  • Next, choose I am a student. Please enter the name of my college or school, as well as the school year.
  • Click now to set up an account.
  • Once you’ve made your account, go to Your Profile in the top right area and click MyAccountt.
  • On the page, add your payment method.

Chegg Answer


  • After you add your card, you’ll get a free paid Chegg account for 4 weeks.
  • Now you can get free access to all paid books and answers.

Note: With this method, you can make as many Chegg accounts as you want. After the trial time, take your credit card number off the account and make a new one with a new email.

  1. Check Chegg Discord Servers

When compared to the Check answers on Reddit Community, Discord gives you access to various servers so you can get all of the Free Chegg answers. Discord is well-known for its game services, but not as many people know that its servers can also be used to help you learn.

Chegg Answer

There are more benefits to using Discord than the Reddit Chegg community because it has more online active users (up to 4000+) who can offer helpful information. Students can post their questions on more than one site at the same time.

This will give them a range of answers from which to choose the best one. So, the best thing for students to do instead of getting a Chegg premium account is to use the Discord Server.

  1. Get a Chegg answer on Reddit

Reddit is another great place to get Chegg answers for free. Sharing the link to your question is a 100% legal way to get your blur Chegg answer. You will get your clear Chegg link in 24 hours.

Chegg Answer

  • Click on the following link: CheggAnswewr
  • Join any Reddit group.
  • Share your link with the group, and make sure to use Pastebin to send the Chegg questions to the link. If you don’t, they will kick you out of the community.
  • You will get your clear Chegg answer on the Reddit group in 24 hours.

Some groups or communities are not being used, so you must join another group to share your Chegg answer.

  1. CustomWritings

CustomWritings is a professional service that helps students write papers of any level of difficulty. A team of highly experienced academic writers is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help students with their writing in 60+ fields.

Alternative Websites offer free Chegg answers

Other online education sites like Chegg offer free answers to textbook problems. You might also be able to get free books and answers on any topic. Let’s look at some of the best sites we’ve chosen:

  1. Quizplus
  2. PaperHelp
  3. StudyLib
  4. CourseEagle
  5. CourseHero
  6. SparkNotes
  7. Slader
  8. Bookfinder
  9. Skooli
  10. Bartleby
  11. 24 Hours answers
  12. Writers Per Hour


Are Chegg solutions free to students?

Students can get 30 minutes of free tutoring from Chegg Study when they sign up for the service. This time can be used to look at textbooks for rent or sale.

How do I use Chegg to get free answers?

Few other websites made it easy to unlock Chegg’s answers. Still, Slader and Studylib can help you find the answers. These two sites will give you free Chegg answers.

 How could I get Chegg answers for free?

It is against the law to use Chegg’s services without paying for a membership. Chegg is a paid service, and the terms of service say that you can’t share your login information or use software or other tricks to get around the lock.

How much does Chegg Premium cost?

Chegg lets people sign up for its services in different ways, such as on a monthly or yearly basis. A monthly subscription costs $14.95 per month, and an annual membership costs $119.40 per year, which is $9.95 per month. Prices may change, so check the Chegg page for the most up-to-date pricing information.


In this article, we tried to tell you how you can get free Chegg answers and what other sites you can use instead of Chegg.

Also, we mentioned alternatives to Chegg, such as Coursehero, Quizplus, PaperHelp, StudyLib, CourseEagle, CourseHero, and Studylib, which offer access to the same information as Chegg.

Even after that, if you have any trouble getting your questions answered or problems solved, feel free to contact us through our comment part or contact forum.

If this article helped you in some way, feel free to share it with your friends, family, or classmates who may need it as a reference.

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