30+ Best Unknown Android Apps Not Available On Play Store 2024

Most smartphone users prefer the Android platform and quite 90% of smartphone users use Android devices and Google Play Store to download their favorite apps, tools, and games. Unarguably Google Play Store is one of the simplest platforms which offers you all of your favorite apps and games.

But Google Play Store has some strict policies, rules, and regulations due to which users face some difficulties finding and downloading their favorite apps.

So, during this list, we’ll be compiling some apps that aren’t available on Play Store or unknown Android Apps and assist you in understanding the alternative options to download your favorite apps. We’ll be showing you a number of the simplest apps alongside the third-party apps that may be downloaded with ease.

Excited? So, Let’s start

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Why did Google Remove Apps From the Play Store?

There are often multiple reasons why Google removes apps from Play Store, the subsequent are often two of the main reasons for removing the apps from the Play Store.

Violation of policies

Some of the apps on the Play Store could be violating the policies and guidelines thanks to which Google has got to remove those apps. As an example, Google recently “Remove China Apps” app from the Play Store because it was against their policies.

Regional Restrictions

Google removes some apps thanks to Regional restrictions because the Government of that region or the country doesn’t allow such apps to be accessed in their country. The newest example is the India-China tensions, where the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok and PUBG.

List of best Unknown Android Apps APKs

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD APK

If you’re a person who loves to watch HD movies and TV shows right from your Android device, You should download the Cinema HD Android app. This platform allows its users to download or watch unlimited content for free, without any restriction. Moreover, it has an inbuilt Real-Debrid that can pull 4K links even faster and plays without buffering.

The sad thing is that it can’t be downloaded through the Play Store, only from third-party sources, or official websites.

2. ViPER4Android


First of all, this third-party application is exclusively available for Android users who have rooted their Android devices. This application is essentially an equalizer app that is additionally considered the “Father of all equalizer apps”. You’ll control every single parameter of your music app hassle-free using this rooted external app.

3. Lucky Patcher

This is one of the must-have Android hacking apps for users who want to bypass the in-app license verification. Furthermore, this brilliant app is also quite capable of removing or blocking unwanted ads and will also help in modifying any Android app according to your wish. Thousands of different Android users installed the Lucky Patcher app, and now it’s you going to be among them.

4. Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze Torrent Downloader

If you are tired of searching torrent files from different torrent search engine websites, then this torrent application will help you for sure. This application is a torrent host application that will help you access your favorite torrent file within a very short period. That’s why this is a very good third-party app not available in the Google Play store.

5. F-Droid


This is another very good third-party application that will let you explore other best free third-party apps that are not available on the Google Play store. We believe that you have already heard about the name of this app here. So, just try this app at least once to explore some interesting content.

6. QuickLyric


This third-party Android application is a music-based application that allows you to download the lyrics of your favorite songs on your device. This third-party application doesn’t take much space on the internal disc drive after the installation.

The straightforward use graphic user interface is additionally one of the plus points of using this application. That’s why the Quick Lyric application is our first pick on this list and we hope that you simply will surely install this brilliant Android application.

7. MiXplorer


This application is primarily a file manager which is loaded with a lot of advanced features. This file manager will automatically clean up the duplicate files and other fake files to clean up the memory space. Moreover, you can also enable the option of an automatic backup of Android files. The offline backup will be automatically created daily.

8. TubeMate

This is an external Android application that can be used to download videos from major Android apps like YouTube, DailyMotion, etc, and also from major social media applications like Facebook and Instagram. You can download any of your favorite videos in just one go. We can bet that you won’t find a better application other than TubeMate for downloading videos.

9. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework

This app is specifically developed for developers so that Android users can easily customize their rooted Android applications. However, the main limitation of this Android app is that it can only be used on a rooted Android phone which is having Android 7 or later.

10. AdWay


This Android Ad Blocker app is a complete all-in-one solution for blocking unwanted ads and backlinks. It is placed in the list of top Android adware apps that are best for blocking annoying ads which are pretty annoying for users. So, one of the best third-party applications available for Android users.

11. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

This application is developed for the entertainment purpose of users. Any user can easily download or stream any movie or television program just by installing and registering on this brilliant application. This application also can be installed on a PC that is working on Windows. So, a really good third-party application.

12. Lawnchair

The XDA developers developed this magnificent third-party Android launcher app, and we can bet that any other app in this segment cannot be matched with this app. This application is a customized pixel launcher just like the Google pixel launcher. This application will surely help you out in the task which you want to achieve.

13. Google Camera

Google Camera

The official Google Camera application is available on the Google Play store for all users but the main reason why we have listed this here is that this application comes with an HDR+ mode which is an amazing feature of Google Camera. But there is a limitation, this feature is only accessible in the smartphones made by Google itself like the Pixel. So, if you are keen on photography with HDR+ mode, then you must download this brilliant third-party Android app.

14. Unofficial APK Mirror

Unofficial APK Mirror

This APK mirror app is truly a very good choice for users who either want to upload an APK file or want to download different APK files. This app is trusted by thousands of app developers because it is designed so greatly that it rejects the upload of APK files that have any sort of virus or spyware in them. So, there is very little probability that you will find any viruses or spyware inside the applications installed by using this platform.

15. Blokada


Blokada is one of the most useful apps, which is not available on the Google Play Store. The app is a free and open-source Ad-blocker compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app is easy to operate, as it does not have a complex matrix. All you need to do is to open Blokada, and you are good to go. Not only the browser but the app blocks ads across all the installed apps on your phone that will save the user’s mobile data.

16. Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ is an amazing streaming app where you can watch high-quality movies and TV series on your mobile. You can also download the videos and save them to watch in offline mode. The app is also Chromecast-supported, so if you are planning to watch a movie with your family or friends on a big screen, then you are ready to go with one click.

You also get more than 5000 High-quality Anime, which can be a treat for animation lovers. The standout feature of the app is the TV calendar and schedule feature that will help you track all the important dates and times of your favorite shows. Besides, you get an in-built video player which supports more than 70 language subtitles.

17. Mobdro. bz


Mobdro is another video streaming app that is not available on Playstore. The app can be a perfect alternative for platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime where it offers you more than 200 channels to choose from. You get a wide variety of content to choose from, and the app supports Chromecast, so you can watch your favorite content on the big screen.

18. Cinehub


Cinehub is one of the most impressive and I would say that it’s the best alternative to any paid video streaming application. The app has a fresh UI and looks which lets you navigate through all the videos, series, and dramas. All the content available on this platform is in High-quality resolution.

There are many language subtitles available on Cinehub including French, Spanish, German, and Arabic subtitles. You can also stream your preferred reality shows, TV shows directly on the Live TV of Cinehub. All these perks are available without any charges, which makes it the best Android app on our list.

19. Flix4U


It’s available for free to download on any Android smartphone. You can easily watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV serials, reality shows, the latest web series, and much more right away on your smartphone. Plus, it also features Hollywood movies in HINDI and the latest Punjabi Movies for Indian users.

The user interface of this app is quite minimal and easy to use and it is also very reminiscent of the older version of the Netflix app. It is a user-friendly Android app, and through it, you can navigate quickly.

From the way the different categories are sorted to the home screen of each movie, it will remind you of the Netflix app. Now the similarities don’t end here it also features most of the content from Netflix, like the ORIGINALS from the platform.

Now, rather than Netflix, this movie App lets you stream movies from different genres for free of cost. You can watch as many movies as you want without any kind of restriction on this Android app. Movies of almost every genre are available in this application.

As this is a new app, currently there are more than 1000 movies available for you to watch and the list gets updated very frequently.

20. NewPipe


NewPipe comes with really interesting features due to which it is on our list of apps not on Google Play Store. This app allows you to directly play YouTube videos, download them, and even play the videos on any of the video-playing apps that are available on your device.

The app can help you to lighten the storage burden of your device and can act as one platform. You can stream, watch, and download videos apart from downloading the audio files.

21. Super Wallpaper

Next up on the list is Super Wallpaper, which is one of the fresh entrants in the list. Xiaomi has recently introduced some exciting features that have gotten the attention of users. The stand-out feature which has been pretty impressive is the Super Wallpaper.

The app runs on almost all the latest Android versions. In terms of design, Super Wallpaper has 3D wallpapers that give a lively look to your device. You can choose from a wide variety of categories in which all the wallpapers will be available in 3D categories.

22. Aurora Store

aurora store

The app comes with a smooth and interactive UI that lets you download all of your favorite apps. The best thing about the Aurora store is that it is not mandatory to use all the Google services. You have the choice to choose which Google services you want to avail of.

Aurora store provides you with a wide variety of apps, games, and other useful tools that you can download with ease. Aurora store also allows downloading the apps that have been, due to some security or other issues that have been banned or restricted by Google Play Store.

So apart from the common apps that are available on various platforms, you can also download the apps that have been banned.

In this store, apps, games, and tools can be easily updated and installed on your device. The presence of the Aurora App doesn’t make you feel the absence of the Google Play store, as it provides all the features that are required by the users.

23. Beta Updater for WhatsApp

The beta update is one of the most useful things for both the developer and the user. The beta update allows you to access all the new features that the developer will be introducing in the next update of the app.

In turn, the user will give feedback to the developer so that the developer can make some suggestive changes to the app. This feature is now also available outside the Play Store and you can avail beta updater for WhatsApp without signing up in the Play Store.

24. Face Slim

face slim

Face Slim is one of the most device-compatible apps that is not on the Google Play Store. The app runs on a mobile site and works as a full-fledged app for you. The app comes in a small size and will not be heavy on your storage capacity.

The app also contains an inbuilt messenger which allows you to chit-chat with your buddies. The app is available in two modes that include a dark mode for high-speed networks and a basic model for low-speed networks. Face Slim is highly customizable and you can modify the text size, shape, and news feed.

25. DNS66

DNS66 allows blocking hosts’ files, and ads and provides better privacy via DNS and all this without root access. Host files can be used to block ads in apps and can even block websites. The app contains different hosts’ files for different purposes and has AdAway host files built-in.

You can bypass its effect on apps and can even choose custom DNS. It works fine and is a really good app to have.

26. Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi will prove useful for E-readers and for those who need to manage their files including documents, and presentations on their smartphones. The app is not on the Play Store and you can download it from any of the browsers you are using.

The app manages all your files in folders and subfolders that can be easily located in times of need. Reading mode comes with a very impressive interface that works well both in mobile mode and Landscape mode.

27. Fortnite


Fortnite is a boon for gamers, which is not available on Google Play Store. The app is developed by a popular brand Epic Games that offers you tons of cool games to play. Due to Google Play Store’s high commission, the developer of Fortnite decided to make all the games available on its independent platform.

You can download your favorite games from Fortnite by visiting the official website of the company, where you can access all the content by downloading the Fortnite launcher.

28. K-9 Mail

k9 mail

K-9 mail can work wonders for the corporate people. The app is an open-sourced app that lets you create multiple identities with some cool themes.

Apart from this, the app offers you features like per-account notifications, BCC to self, and IMAP support which makes all the activities of E-mail sending easy and interactive.

29. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced, apart from its name, also has identical features to YouTube. The app is not on the Play Store but you can download it from any other source easily.

The app contains YouTube Premium features like themes, background playback, HDR support, and fit-to-screen features. you can stream videos of high quality.

30. F Droid

Next on the list is F Droid which is a good alternative for you if you are looking for exciting apps that your smartphone might be missing. This app consists of all the apps that are available as open-source, from where you can download the apps that are not available in the Google Play Store.

The most satisfying thing about the app is that it doesn’t contain any pirated or cracked software which also solves the concern of the consumer about the protection of the device from the unwanted malicious virus.

31. XTunes

XTunes is the next app on our list which will be helpful for those who love to download and listen to offline mode of music. The app is effective in managing and organizing your offline library by categorizing them into sorted categories.

The app does not compromise in terms of quality as all the audio is available in the best quality. The best part about this app is that it will display the songs of the whole album when you search for any of your favorite tracks.

32. InsTube


InsTube is one of the best apps not on the Play Store. The app lets you download audio and video in different formats and save them on your internal storage. The app allows you to download your favorite content from over 100 sites with a single click.

Do not worry about the speed of the download, as the app comes with advanced downloader engines that can download multiple files at a time without affecting the speed. Overall, this app is quite handy for you as it lets download tons of content and has an interactive UI.

33. Viper4Android 

Next on our list of apps not on the Play Store is Viper4Android, which contains exquisite equalizers, audio boosts, and various audio presets that will enrich the audio quality of your device.

The app also includes custom drivers that can be easily downloaded and applied to the audio file available on your device. Viper4Android is developed by XDA developers, so we do not need to worry in terms of quality.

34. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

We know that you are wondering about what kind of application is this which has the brand tag of one of the richest companies in the world, Amazon. So, we want to tell you that the technical developers of Amazon developed this application but due to restricted content for some Countries, it is also an Unknown Android App or not available on the Google Play store.

But if you want to access some exciting shopping content and the best Android games not in the Google Play store, then you can download this application from the official website of Amazon or the link provided above.

Final Word

So, this was the end of our list of best apps not on the Play Store, you can try your favorite apps from the list and can comment below to let us know about your experience. you can also suggest some other apps that we might have included in our list by commenting in the comments section.

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