How to Fix H20 Error Code GE Dishwasher – Best Ways In 2023

H20 Error Code GE Dishwasher: The main reason you’re asking for help is that your dishwasher is giving you trouble and you need help figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it. If your GE dishwasher can’t start its run and shows an h20 error code on the SSD, there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

In the next step, it’s important to find out what the possible diagnosis is and what warning signs you might be experiencing. There may be a problem with the device that is causing it to behave differently than it should.

The h20 error code ge dishwasher may show up during the 1-hour wash cycle, at the same time as other ongoing wash cycles, or right after the appliance is turned on.  If this warning message comes up on your dishwasher, you don’t need to worry.

This guide will give you step-by-step steps on how to fix the h20 error code in ge dishwasher, so you can fix it on your own without having to call a professional technician.

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What is the h20 error code for ge dishwasher?

H20 error code ge dishwasher usually shows up when there isn’t enough water. The error may also be attributed to factors such as insufficient water pressure, an obstructed hose, a damaged inlet valve, a malfunctioning float switch, or a defective control board.

The h20 error on a ge dishwasher means that there is a problem with the water source, hose, or inlet valve. Most of the problems are caused by problems with the dishwasher’s water supply system.

What are the possible causes of the H2O error in the ge dishwasher?

The section that follows discusses some of the possible causes of the h2o error in the GE dishwasher:

  1. The dishwasher is either brand new or is being used for the first time.
  2. There is minimal water flow or no water at all in the dishwasher.
  3. The water supply to the dishwasher, which is located beneath the sink, has recently been turned off.
  4. The dishwasher’s water supply hose has been damaged.
  5. The water supply hose has become clogged or obstructed due to the collection of dirt particles.
  6. The water inlet valve has been damaged.

How to fix the h20 error code for ge dishwasher?

If the h20 error code for ge dishwasher shows, it means that there is no water flow, which could be caused by several broken parts.  You can be sure that the broken part will be easy to find if you follow our detailed guide. But it is very important to follow the exact steps exactly as they are written.

  1. Testing the water pressure

H20 Error Code

Low water flow often makes it so that the dishwasher doesn’t get enough water. When there isn’t enough water flow, the machine can’t fill as quickly and thinks there isn’t enough water.  This is where the h20 error code for ge dishwasher happens most often.

Before you do the test, please make sure you have a pressure measure.


  • Make sure all the taps in your home are turned off.
  • Next, turn on the kitchen tap all the way and hook it up to a Pressure Gauge.
  • After a short break, you should check the water flow.

Please be aware that between 50 and 60 psi is the ideal water pressure for a dishwasher to work well.

  1. Verify the inlet valve

H20 Error Code

The dishwasher’s inlet valve is the main part that helps water get into the machine.  Sometimes it gets clogged or stops working properly over time, so it can’t get enough water to the dishwasher.

The valve can’t be fixed; it can only be changed.


  • Unscrew the Lower Panel of the dishwasher to get it open.
  • Next, open the door of the machine and take the screws out.
  • Take the outside panel off and set it away.
  • Use the main valve to turn off the water line.
  • Unscrew the intake valve and take off the brass elbow.
  • Also, disconnect the wire cable.
  • To get the clamp off, use pliers.
  • Take out the opening that lets air into the unit.
  • Unclog it and look carefully for any problems.
  • If the old outlet valve is broken, set up a new one.
  • Link the filling tube to the valve.
  • Fix the screws in the base of the dishwasher to fix the valve.
  • Wrap Teflon around the elbow of the bass!


  1. Check water hose

H20 Error Code

Over time, the dishwasher line could get clogged, which would make it impossible to get water to the dishwasher. After checking the entry valve, the next step is to look closely at the hose, which could be clogged or leaking. If it breaks, the hose will need to be replaced, which is a cost-effective fix.

Please make sure you’ve done all of the above to get to the water hose and valve.


  • Replace the dishwasher water hose

H20 Error Code

  • First, carefully loosen the screws that hold the Junction Box to the lower panel. Then, remove the bracket that goes with it.
  • Start by carefully untwisting the wires in the junction box. Make sure each wire is free of any tangles and is standing alone. Then, move on to the next step, which is to release the strain relief mechanism. This will relieve any tightness or stress on the wires.
  • To start the process of disconnecting, you have to take the water hose off the sink or the garbage disposer.
  • To start the process, turn the dishwasher’s fastening screws anticlockwise to loosen them. After this step, make any changes to the legs of the unit that are needed to lower the dishwasher to the position you want.
  • Take care to take the unit out of the box.
  • Disconnect the line from the Drain Pump.
  • It is recommended to start the flow of hot water through a hose to help remove debris that is getting in the way.
  • Using a brush to clean the hose for the first time is recommended if you want to get all the dirt out. After that, you should run water through the hose to get rid of any leftover dirt.
  • It is important to check carefully for any possible signs of hose breaking.
  • To make sure the pump works right, it is best to either replace the old hose or connect the pump to the one that is already there.

Once you’re ready, carefully follow the steps in backward order to put all the parts back together. When you turn on the machine, you should no longer see the ge dishwasher h20 error. But if this isn’t the case, please continue with the next steps.

  1. Changing Pressure Switch

H20 Error Code

The dishwasher pressure switch is the next part you need to pay attention to.  The pressure switch in the unit measures how much water it has, but if it’s broken, it won’t be able to tell how much water is in the unit.

To fix the h20 error code for good, all you have to do is change the switch on your GE dishwasher.


  • Stop giving them power and water supply.
  • Disconnect the hose from the sink or garbage disposal and feed it from the closet.
  • Next, take off the screws from the lower access panel and set the bracket away.
  • Use the pliers to take the water pipe part off the valve that lets water in.
  • Take off the cover of the Junction Box and untwist the wires!
  • With a flathead screwdriver, you can release the pressure relief.
  • Next, take out the screws that hold the dishwasher in place, and then lower its legs.
  • Take the unit out of the cupboard.
  • Then turn the unit over and lay it on its back.
  • Take off the cable from the Pressure Switch.
  • To get it out of the box, you need to turn it anticlockwise.

Now you can put in a new pressure switch and reconnect everything in the same way you took them apart.

  1. Verify Float Switch Function

H20 Error Code

The float switch on a ge dishwasher is often used to control the water level, which stops the valve.  Your dishwasher’s float switch may be broken, so it can’t tell how much water is in the unit and the inlet valve can’t fill it with water.


  • Make sure the power and water are turned off.
  • Open the machine’s door and take out the screws from the outside panel.
  • Separate the outer piece carefully and set it aside.
  • Take out the screws on the lower panel!
  • Use Philip’s screwdriver to take out the float switch from inside the tank.
  • Take the wires off the switch and use a multimeter to see if the switch works.
  • If the switch doesn’t work, you need to change the float switch.
  • Put everything back together the right way.

Attention: Make sure to use the multimeter several times before coming to a decision.

  1. Reset a General Electric Dishwasher

H20 Error Code

If all of the above troubleshooting steps have been tried without results, the h20 error code for the GE dishwasher may be still there because of a problem with the control panel.

The GE dishwasher system can sometimes break down or act strangely because the settings are wrong, which can cause an H20 error code problem.


  • To get the dishwasher to work, you have to turn on both the power source and the water supply.
  • To get the dishwasher to do what you want, keep pressing down on the Start or Reset button on the control panel.
  • Press the button and keep your finger on it for about 5 seconds.
  • To get the button to stop working, you have to close the dishwasher door at the same time.
  • A beep or the sound of a pump in action will let you know that the unit is ready for the reset process.
  • To get the movement you want, press down on the Rinse Button and keep doing so for about 5 seconds.
  • Tap the Rinse button again to start the process of resetting the device.

The process of resetting the machine is expected to take about 3 minutes. Please be patient while this is going on.

What to do if the h20 error code for ge dishwasher is still there?

In this article, we will talk about the possible ways to fix your dishwasher’s error code. But if the error code keeps coming up, you may need to hire a skilled technician.

Follow these steps to start talking to a service technician or get in touch with the company that made the device.

If the h20 error code only shows up during the 1-hour wash cycle, you should hire an expert to do a thorough check. You can make a service call to start a conversation with the dishwasher customer service support.

The following phone numbers are given so that you can get help easily.




In conclusion, if your ge dishwasher shows an “h20” error on the control panel, you need to make sure that all of the water taps in your home are turned off. This will make sure that the appliance gets enough water flow. In the meantime, you should check the Water Hose, Inlet Valve, Pressure Switch, and Float Switch so that you can replace the broken part more easily.

In this article, we’ll talk more about how to fix the h20 error code for ge dishwasher. It has been figured out that the problem could be caused by more than one thing. By doing a thorough review of each part, the real problem can be found. The goal of this guide is to give you enough information to fix the h20 error code for ge dishwasher. All the best.

Visit our blog if you want to see a full list of error codes and faults for GE dishwashers and other brands.


Q: What should I do if the H20 error code keeps coming up even after I’ve tried all the steps to fix it?

A: If the h20 error code keeps showing up after you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps, you should call a skilled expert or get dishwasher customer service for more help. They can give more detailed advice and help find a solution to the problem.

Q: Is it necessary to replace the parts listed in the fixing steps, or can they be fixed?

A: Replacing items like the inlet valve, water hose, pressure switch, or float switch may be part of the troubleshooting steps. Most of the time, these parts can’t be fixed and need to be changed if they are broken or worn out.

Q: How do I fix the h20 error code for ge dishwasher? Can I restart it?

A: Yes, if the h20 error number is caused by a problem with the control panel, resetting the ge dishwasher can sometimes fix the problem. To set up the dishwasher again, follow the steps in the book. But if the error still happens after the reset, you may need to do more troubleshooting or get help from an expert.

Q: How can I keep from getting the h20 error code for ge dishwasher in the future?

A: To keep your ge dishwasher from giving you an h20 error code, you can do the following:

  1. Make sure there is enough water: Make sure the dishwasher has a steady flow of water and that the water pressure is in the right range.
  2. Check the water outlet and clean it: Check and clean the water outlet and hose often to keep them from getting clogged.
  3. Keep the machine running: Follow the directions from the manufacturer for regular maintenance, like cleaning the filters and looking for leaks or other damage.

Where can I find help with GE customer service?

A: You can call the following lines to get in touch with GE’s customer service:

1-800-432-2737 or 1-800-626-2005

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