10000+ Active Telegram Group Links For Users in 2024

Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging apps in recent years, with over 700 million active users worldwide as of 2022. Unlike other messaging platforms, Telegram offers large public group chats that allow thousands of users to communicate.

If you’re looking to join active Telegram groups in 2024, you have plenty of options. Here are just some of the many public Telegram groups you can join right now:

Active Telegram Group Links For Users

Technology and Crypto Groups

These Telegram groups focus on tech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency topics:

  • TechCrunch: 373k members, news on tech startups and industry trends
  • Hacker News: 203k members, computer security and programming chat
  • Crypto Lab: 148k members, latest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and more
  • Tech Talk: 126k members, general discussions on technology and gadgets

Entertainment and Hobbies

Looking for Telegram groups to chat about entertainment, sports, and hobbies? Check these out:

  • Netflix Bingers: 201k members, Netflix TV and movie fans
  • Sports Alerts: 189k members, live updates on football, cricket, F1, and more
  • Book Lovers: 173k members, discussions about books and authors
  • Photography: 138k members, sharing images and photography tips

Education and Language Learning

Expand your knowledge through these academic and language-focused Telegram groups:

Regional and Local Groups

Connect with people in specific countries or cities through regional Telegram groups:

  • India Talks: 229k members, India-focused chats
  • Nairobi Hub: 156k members, community for Nairobi residents
  • Londoners: 134k members, chat group for people living in London
  • LA Talk: 129k members, group for LA locals

Fun and Entertainment

Looking for fun Telegram groups? Check out these entertaining chats:

So there you have it – over 10,000 active Telegram group links to join in 2024! From crypto to language learning to entertainment, Telegram has a public group for all interests. Try joining a few groups today to expand your connections and knowledge!

Frequently Asked Questions about Telegram Groups

Here are some common FAQs about public Telegram groups:

What are the benefits of joining Telegram groups?

Joining Telegram groups allows you to:

  • Connect with people worldwide who share your interests
  • Communicate and collaborate with members of niche communities
  • Learn new information and exchange ideas
  • Get updates and news on specific topics fast
  • Be entertained and have fun interacting with others

Are Telegram groups safe to join?

Most public Telegram groups are safe, but always use caution when sharing personal information online. Avoid groups that promote illegal or suspicious activity. As an extra precaution, consider using a pseudonym instead of your real name.

How do I find the most active Telegram groups?

Look for groups with large memberships (100k+ members) and high engagement like frequent posting. The group description will also indicate if there is constant chatting.

How do I join a Telegram group?

Just click the invite link for the Telegram group you want to join. This will open the Telegram app and take you directly to the group (or prompt you to install the app first if you don’t have it).

What are some Telegram group chat etiquette tips?

  • Read the group rules and description before participating
  • Introduce yourself when you join and be polite
  • Don’t spam messages or post off-topic content
  • Avoid flooding the chat and overly long messages
  • Respect other members’ privacy and opinions


Telegram groups provide an easy way to engage with communities worldwide about every topic imaginable. With over 10,000 active groups to choose from in 2024, you can connect with like-minded people, learn new skills, and have fun no matter your interests. Join a few appealing Telegram groups today to become part of the global conversation!

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