Download PUBG MOBILE KR for Android Free 2023

PUBG KR is a version of the popular battle royale game that is made especially for players in Korea and Japan. PUBG Corporation made a pubg mobile kr version and put it on the market. This post gives a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to download the pubg mobile kr version.

PUBG KR is a version of the popular battle royale game that is made especially for players in Korea and Japan. PUBG Corporation made a pubg mobile kr version and put it on the market. This post gives a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to download the pubg mobile kr version.

The company KRAFTON, Inc. made the pubg mobile kr for Android 2023, which is a battle royale survival game. In January 2023, a new update came out. Several users, though, have said that they have run into a new bug that makes it hard to log in from places other than Korea and Japan. Some people have been able to play the game by using a VPN.

PUBG mobile kr version multiplayer game that lets people all over the world join in and play team fights with their friends. The goal is to win and be the last person standing. The game is made with high graphics quality so that it feels real and immerses you in the game. In the most recent update, version 2.7.0, the developers added new features and maps to improve the general game and make it more fun and interesting for players.

The APK file type can be used to download the pubg mobile kr version from apk pure, it’s important to know that you can download the pubg mobile kr version with the obb file, and a straight download link is given for what you need.

What is pubg mobile kr?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or pubg, is an open-world shooting game that is very famous. PUBG mobile kr is the name of the Korean version of this game. This version of pubg was made just for South Korean players. When it comes to how it’s played and how it looks, the pubg mobile kr version is a lot like the global version. Find the weapons, stay in the safe zone, and kill as many other people as you can. The last player standing wins.

How to play the pubg kr version apk?

There are many different maps to choose from, like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and more. You can play the game by yourself, with a partner, or with a group of up to four people. At the start of the game, you and up to 99 other people are in an airplane that moves around the game map. The players have to do a vertical movement by getting off the ground at their places.

When people get there, they find that they have nothing with them. Players have to move around the game map and fight other players to get the resources they need. By looting, they can get weapons, ammo, first-aid supplies, and armor. The main goal is to stay alive as long as possible while staying in a safe place and killing as many opponents as possible. The ultimate winner of the fight is the last person, pair, or team to stay alive. Also, users can talk to other players via chat and voice.

How to download the PubG Kr version on the TapTap?

TapTap is a digital marketplace that started in China. It has a wide range of apps and games that you can download. It is also used to pre-install certain games for trial testing. When this app is installed, users can also use it to get new and upcoming game experiences. This game can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store because it’s against the rules. Instead, you have to get it from the developer’s website.

It is easy to download the pubg kr version from the TapTap Store. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Go to the official website and download the TapTap store apk file. You can go there by clicking here.

Step 2: Turn on ‘Install from Unknown Source’ and install TapTap.

Step 3: Use the search bar to find the pubg mobile kr version after the download is done.

Step 4: Click the button that says “Download.” If you already have the game on your phone, the button you see will say “Update.”

Wait for Pubg Mobile Korea to finish downloading and installing, and then you can play it.

Download PUBG Mobile KR APK

Download PUBG Mobile OBB 2.7.0

Tips for pubg mobile kr version download from apk pure

  1. To start downloading a game, it’s best to use an internet connection that works well and doesn’t stop. To get the most out of your mobile data, you should make sure that no other apps are running in the background.
  2. Before you start getting a game, you should make sure that your device has enough storage space.
  3. If your internet link is slow, it’s best not to start downloading the update. This could cause the process to stop before it’s done.

How to install pubg kr?

  • Open the TapTap app you just downloaded or the one you already have.
  • Look for pubg on your phone
  • You’ll get a list of pubg games for your phone.
  • Just make sure it’s written in the Korean language.
  • Downloads it and waits for the full version to download.
  • It will set up itself, so you don’t have to do anything.
  • Once the download is done, you can open the Korean version to start playing.
  • The logo for the Korean version may be a little different from the logo for the international version.
  • If you find any mistakes, let us know in the comments.

Features of pubg mobile kr for android

  1. Dinosaur Theme Mode

  • The Dinosaur Theme Mode is a tool that lets users change how their device looks and how it works by using a dinosaur theme.
  • This mode has backgrounds and icons with dinosaurs on them.
  • Learn about the ancient creatures that live in the lands of Erangel and Livik.
  • Users can fly on Pterosaurs and move on the ground by riding on the backs of different dinosaurs, like the T. Rex. This gives users the chance to go on expeditions to discover the huge world we live in.
  1. The New Royale Pass

  • The latest version of the Royale Pass, A1, gives users the chance to buy clothes that can change colors.
  • Users can also get melee tools that can be upgraded, as well as the materials they need to make the upgrading process easier.
  • To get modification material, you have to collect and combine different pieces of modification material.
  1. The goal of World of Wonder

  • Creators on the World of Wonder website now have more freedom to do what they want to do.
  • The system has been improved by adding a guide for users with “creator” rights on their accounts on how to make maps.
  • Use the guide method to make a map that fits your needs.
  1. Classic Update

  • This update is a program change that aims to improve how it works and how well it works.
  • Both the M16A1 and the MK47 can be changed so that they can switch from “burst” mode to “automatic” mode.
  • Users can also explore the Monster Truck on the Erangel map and the UAZ car on the Sanhok and Miramar maps.

An update that adds companions with the power to spy and interactive emoticons

It is best to stay with your team until the job or project is finished. In observer mode, you can watch what your partner is doing. You and your companion can also do emotes that communicate with each other.


Q: What is the pubg mobile kr version?

A: PUBG mobile kr is a version of the famous battle royale game pubg mobile made just for the Korean market. It was made by KRAFTON, Inc., and it plays the same way as the global version of pubg mobile. However, it has some events and materials that are specific to Korean players.

Q: How does pubg mobile kr vary from the global edition of pubg mobile?

A: PUBG mobile kr is pretty much the same as pubg mobile everywhere else in terms of how it works and what it has. However, it may have some events, content, and promotions that are only available in Korea and are geared toward the Korean player group. Also, Pubg Mobile kr might have its servers to make sure that Korean players can play smoothly.

Q: If I’m not from Korea, can I still play pubg mobile kr?

A: Yes, even if you’re not from Korea, you can play PUBG MOBILE KR. The game can be played anywhere in the world, and if you follow the steps above, you can download it to your Android device and play it there. Keep in mind, though, that some in-game events or promotions may only be for Korean players or require a Korean phone number to join.

Q: To play pubg mobile kr, do I need a different account?

A: No, you don’t need a different account to play pubg mobile kr. You can log in and play the kr version of Pubg Mobile with the same account you use for Pubg Mobile. Your progress, items, and awards from the global version should also be in the kr version.

Q: Can I play pubg mobile with people from other countries?

A: No, Pubg Mobile kr has its servers, so you can’t play with people from the global version of Pubg Mobile. You will play against other people who are also using the pubg mobile kr version.

How often are changes made to pubg mobile kr?

A: PUBG mobile kr gets regular changes that add new features, make the game better, and fix bugs. Updates happen about as often as they do for the global form of pubg mobile. You can count on regular changes to keep the game running smoothly and keeping you interested.

Is pubg kr banned in India?

The Korean version of the app is not yet banned in India, but it is expected to stop working at any time. Many things contribute to this, and each one comes with its own set of beliefs. The first problem is that the KRJP systems are overloaded, which has led to an increase in glitches. Given that PUBG will soon be re-released in India, it is important to think about what could happen to both the Indian and KRJP versions of the game. Please let me know if you understood what I said before. If you got it, please comment below to get more solutions and questions about the game.


In conclusion, there are different ways to get the pubg mobile kr version. Some of these ways are getting it from APK Pure or using the TapTap app. It is important to know that the PubG Mobile kr version is not available in the Google Play Store and can’t be downloaded from there. In addition to the apk file, you can also get the obb file for a full download.

It’s important to know that you may not be able to access or play pubg mobile kr depending on where you live and any related restrictions or bans, like the one that is currently in place in India. Keep up with the latest news about when the game will be available in your area. If you can’t figure out how to download the pubg kr version in tap tap, leave a comment below and we’ll try to help you.

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