How to Fix Crunchyroll Error Code P-DASH-27 In 2023

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming services, providing access to thousands of shows and movies. However, many Crunchyroll users have encountered the frustrating error code P-DASH-27 when trying to watch their favorite anime.

This error prevents users from streaming content on the Crunchyroll platform. The P-DASH-27 error typically displays a message like “Error Code: P-DASH-27” or “Something went wrong. Please try again later. Error Code: P-DASH-27.”

So what causes this Crunchyroll error, and how can you fix it? This guide will walk through the common causes and solutions to resolve the P-DASH-27 error code on Crunchyroll.

What is Crunchyroll Error Code P-DASH-27?

The P-DASH-27 error code on Crunchyroll indicates that there is a problem connecting to Crunchyroll’s servers. It seems to occur when Crunchyroll is having issues verifying your account access or loading the content you requested.

Some common messages associated with this error code include:

  • “Error Code: P-DASH-27”
  • “Something went wrong. Please try again later. Error Code: P-DASH-27.”
  • “Error Code: P-DASH-27. Please exit and try again.”

The error prevents streaming and access to Crunchyroll’s library of anime shows and movies. It can occur on various devices from mobile apps to game consoles when trying to start playback on Crunchyroll.

Common causes of this error

There are a few common triggers for the P-DASH-27 error code:

  • Internet connection issues– Slow, unstable connections or using a VPN/proxy can create issues with video playback and cause this error code.
  • Outdated app– An outdated Crunchyroll app that needs updating may be the source of P-DASH-27 errors.
  • Crunchyroll server problems– Issues or maintenance on Crunchyroll’s end can lead to this playback error.
  • Cache and data problems– Corrupted cache/data files associated with the Crunchyroll app may need clearing to fix error P-DASH-27.
  • Account restrictions– Region locking, licensing restrictions, or other account issues could block access and cause this error.
  • Unsupported devices– Trying to play Crunchyroll on an old or unsupported device can prompt the P-DASH-27 error code.

Now that we’ve identified some potential causes of the infamous Crunchyroll P-DASH-27 error, let’s go through the various solutions and fixes for it.

Fixing Crunchyroll Error Code P-DASH-27

Here are the recommended troubleshooting steps to resolve the Crunchyroll error P-DASH-27:

Check your internet connection

Since internet connectivity issues are a leading cause of playback errors on Crunchyroll, first check that your WiFi or ethernet connection is strong and stable.

Restart your modem/router if needed and connect your device directly to the router if possible for faster speeds. Test streaming on another site like YouTube to see if the issue is isolated to Crunchyroll.

Using a VPN or proxy service can also trigger the P-DASH-27 error, so disable any VPN connection before streaming Crunchyroll.

Restart your device

Simply restarting your device like a quick power cycle is an easy first step when troubleshooting. Close all apps, power down the device completely, wait a minute, and restart it. This refreshes the operating system and clears any minor software glitches.

Update Crunchyroll app

Make sure you are running the latest version of the Crunchyroll app by checking for updates in your device’s app store. Developers frequently release fixes and improvements in app updates that could resolve playback errors like P-DASH-27.

Clear cache and data

Corrupted app data and full cache files could be preventing the Crunchyroll app from functioning properly. On your device, find the Crunchyroll app settings and clear out the cache as well as reset the app data. This wipes temporary files and resets the app to a clean state.

Reinstall Crunchyroll app

If you’ve tried updating, resetting, and reinstalling the app but still see the error, the last resort is to uninstall and reinstall the Crunchyroll app completely. This gives you a fresh install of the app which should resolve any lingering issues causing P-DASH-27 errors.

Use a VPN or DNS service

In some cases, using a VPN service or alternate DNS can resolve playback issues on streaming apps. Likely due to licensing restrictions based on regions, a VPN assigns you a different location which may grant access. Some DNS services like Google DNS can also get around these restrictions.

Fixing Error Code P-DASH-27 on Specific Devices

Beyond the general fixes above, here are some device-specific tips for fixing Crunchyroll’s error P-DASH-27:

On Xbox One

  • Check the Xbox Live status page for any known issues
  • Hard reboot the console by holding the power button for 10 seconds
  • Clear persistent storage – Settings > Devices & connections > Blu-Ray > Persistent storage > Clear

On PlayStation 4

  • Check the PSN status page for identified problems
  • Restart PS4 in safe mode and rebuild the database
  • Delete and reinstall the Crunchyroll PS4 app

On Smart TVs

  • Try rebooting the smart TV and reconnecting to the WiFi
  • Disconnect the VPN if enabled on the TV
  • Check for firmware and Crunchyroll app updates
  • Factory reset TV if still not resolved

On iOS devices

  • Check for any iOS software updates and install
  • Reset network settings under Settings > General > Reset
  • Delete and reinstall the Crunchyroll iOS app
  • Try toggling Airplane mode ON and OFF

On Android devices

  • Check for Android OS and Crunchyroll app updates
  • Clear cache and data for the Crunchyroll app
  • Remove and re-add an account in the Crunchyroll app
  • Try free VPN apps from the Google Play store

Contacting Crunchyroll Support

If all else fails, you may need to reach out to the Crunchyroll support team directly regarding error code P-DASH-27. Here are a few ways to contact them:

Submit a support ticket

Visit the Crunchyroll help center and submit a ticket describing the P-DASH-27 error. Include details like device, OS version, and troubleshooting steps tried. This will get your issue logged for their technical team.

Live chat with the support agent

From the Crunchyroll help site, use the option to chat with a live support agent. Explain your P-DASH-27 issue and they can provide personalized troubleshooting or account assistance.

Post on Crunchyroll forums

Search and post about your P-DASH-27 problem on the Crunchyroll community forums. Other users may offer helpful advice, and staff regularly respond to reported issues there.

Reaching out to Crunchyroll support provides the best chance for resolving stubborn P-DASH-27 errors not fixed by standard troubleshooting. Be sure to provide detailed information and error logs.


What is error code P-DASH-27?

Error code P-DASH-27 is a playback error encountered when using the Crunchyroll streaming platform. It indicates an issue connecting to Crunchyroll’s servers and prevents video streaming.

Why do I get the error P-DASH-27 on Crunchyroll?

Common causes include internet connection problems, outdated apps, Crunchyroll server issues, corrupted cache/data, account restrictions, and trying to use unsupported devices.

How can I fix P-DASH-27 without a VPN?

Try clearing the app cache/data, deleting and reinstalling the app, switching DNS servers, checking for app and system updates, resetting network settings, and restarting your device.

Is error code P-DASH-27 an Xbox issue?

The P-DASH-27 error can happen on various devices including Xbox. On Xbox One, try rebooting the console, clearing persistent storage, and checking Xbox Live status.

How do I contact Crunchyroll for error P-DASH-27 help?

If troubleshooting tips don’t work, contact Crunchyroll via support ticket, live chat, or posting on their community forums for additional assistance with P-DASH-27.


In summary, the Crunchyroll error code P-DASH-27 typically appears due to internet connectivity problems, outdated apps, server issues, account restrictions, cached data, or unsupported devices.

Following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide should help resolve the problem:

  • Check your internet connection stability and speed
  • Restart your device
  • Update the Crunchyroll app
  • Clear cached data and delete/reinstall the app
  • Use a VPN or alternate DNS service
  • Check and reset device-specific settings

For continued issues, contact the Crunchyroll support team via support ticket, live chat, or forum posting. Persistent P-DASH-27 errors require assistance from Crunchyroll’s technical staff.

Hopefully, this guide has provided the necessary fixes to get rid of frustrating P-DASH-27 errors and resume streaming your favorite anime through Crunchyroll!

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