15 FaceRig Alternatives – Free FaceRig Avatars 2024

Best Free Face rig Alternatives

1. F-Clone


F-clone is one such software that permits excellent features to make a special countenance by adding new characteristics of a privatethis is often possible through the utilization of webcams. F-clone is a superb alternative when it involves unique avatars with the simplest use of your creative mind.

2. FaceFX


As we all know FaceRig is a premium software. However, FaceFX is some things like FaceRig but free. this is often another excellent alternative to FaceRig that permits creating audio-based animation. To make a 3D avatar, you would like to possess an audio file. However, this alternative is a superb and affordable option that’s installed with many features. From custom slide to face graphing option, there’s plenty to use.

3. Muvizu Play

Muvizu Play

If you would like to convert your animated ideas during a jiffy and make an incredible avatar, use Muvizu Play to supply suitable results. Before buying the premium version of the software, try its free version to get good ideas about its features. However, on the premium vision, you’ll access different characters and objects to feature within the avatar and render it on YouTube.

4. MocapX


If you would like to use FaceRig for Mac, MocapX is another FaceRig alternative that gives a superb experience to make an incredible avatar with an exciting countenance. Here, you’ll animate the characters with real-time features within the camera. Moreover, using this software, you’ll record facial expressions within the offline mode. you’ll also add sliders, keypads, joysticks, and therefore the like options on the avatar created. Add eye movements to the avatar making it more fun.

5. iClone


If you would like to urge the fastest alternative to FaceRig, it’s none aside from iClone to try wonders in terms of making innovative face avatars. This software is suitable for creating a knowledgeable avatar because it is installed with a number of the simplest latest technologies and features.

With this, incorporating 3D animation becomes a simple task, and thus, the general use of the software may be a user-friendly one. to make classic animated images with the simplest use of the newest tools, this software is the correct one to use.

6. Gravity

This is another excellent alternative to FaceRig during which you’ll create an avatar adding different features thereto. a number of the features are showing high-five, dancing, running, and therefore the like. In this, you’ll customize your character by adding some fashionable designs and applying body morphing. to urge hands-on the software’s advanced quality tools, you’ve got to urge the premium version of the software.

7. Blender


Blender is another excellent alternative to FaceRig which will help to convert your avatar to an animated image. This free Facerig alternative enables one to make a special sort of avatar, compose it, render it, and make a game with the characters. However, this software is suitable to function with a special OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you’re a beginner who wishes to figure out an alternative to FaceRig, this will be an honest option.

8. CrazyTalk


This is among the favored alternative options to FaceRig which will help in creating interesting animations. Installed with a number of the simplest editing features, this too helps create lip-syncing and add other features. this is often free software where you can’t access all its features without subscribing to its premium version.

If you would like to supply video files, create a photo album, and make a video for marketing and training purposes, this software may be a suitable one. Even to make a video for comic purposes, this alternative is often beneficial.

9. LightWave 3D

LightWave 3D

For creating 3D graphics and pictures, this is often a superb alternative to FaceRig which gives free access to the app. In motion graphics, video games, music videos, advertising, and therefore the like options, this software is beneficial. One can work with both static and animated images on this tool.

When trying to find a reasonable and user-friendly one, LightWave 3D is going to be the last word choice. To bridge up 3D connectives and make fantastic images, use the free version of the software now.

10. 3DCrafter


For creating images, adding 3D effects, and other modeling, this 3DCrafter may be a good alternative option where you’ll use the drag-and-drop feature to make a good range of models. When creating animated scenes, you’ll position objects at every point on the screen and customize them as needed.

However, the above-said app is out there in three different versions, like 3D Crafter, pro, and its Plus version and every of those has different features. the professional versions are the paid ones.

11. Houdini


This is a procedural tool that permits users to figure out their free version. This app allows for creating repetitions and sharing them through other platforms. this is often a free app with easy-to-use tools. Here, users can explore different creative options alongside visual effects to use. So, to require creative decisions and make avatars, this software is often the right pick.

12. Animation Master

Animation Master

To work on both 2D and 3D animated images, and render them on different platforms, this is often the right software. Though this alternative is a complicated one, it’s user-friendly and affordable to use. Its versatility is another advantage as its ability to bring liveliness to different animated projects creating unique avatars using the software.

13. Gabsee

This alternative is ideal for Android and iOS, which enables the creation of customized and cartoon versions of a picture. The app features a link with the 3D version of the image utilized in Bitmoji.

14. Plotagon


Using this, you’ll communicate with others through a singular character. you’ll add instruction alongside demonstrations counting on things and make it work on different operating systems. you’ll customize the 3D characters incorporating them into 200 different scenes.

15. SplitCam

Using this alternative, it becomes easy to feature video effects alongside capturing the video source with ease from quite one program. This software is additionally suitable to use it for video splitting. It also supports the utilization of various software at an equivalent time.

16. MovieStorm


It is an efficient option that works fast and helps you recover hands-on media skills. This software is supposed to figure out regardless of beginner, professional, or whichever background you belong to. Even in several films and media-related editing, this software helps to make the specified results.


Therefore, the alternatives are mostly similar to a good range of features, making them great FaceRig alternatives. Before using the premium version of the tool, confirm that you simply access its features via the free version. To feature in real-time features to characters and share them via platforms, pick carefully.

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