How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online in 2024 (10 Methods)

Want to find out when someone’s birthday is but don’t want to straight up ask them? With the prevalence of social media and other online platforms these days, there are quite a few different ways you can look up someone’s birthday information online.

Here are 10 methods you can use to find someone’s birthday in 2023:

Check Social Media Profiles

One of the easiest ways to find someone’s birthday is to check their social media profiles. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will often have users’ birthdays listed on their profiles if they have chosen to share them publicly.

Simply search for the person online and scan their profile for a birth date. If it’s not publicly visible, you may be able to find it if you have a mutual friend in common.

Use Facebook Search Tools

For Facebook specifically, there are a couple of tricks you can use:

  • Facebook Graph Search – Type the person’s name into the Facebook search bar and select “Graph Search.” Filter by “Users named” and “Birthday”. This will show users with a matching name who have a visible birthday listed.
  • Facebook Friend Finder – Enter the person’s name and location. If they show up, click on their profile. Their birthday may be visible even if you’re not Facebook friends.

Check Public Records Sites

Many public record lookup sites such as BeenVerified, TruthFinder, and PeopleLookup compile information from public databases. These sites will often include birth dates and ages in their background reports.

Keep in mind you usually have to pay to access full reports on these sites. But they can help find birth dates.

Search Ancestry Websites

Sites like contain searchable birth records gathered from sources like birth certificates and census data. You can often find someone’s birth date by searching their name on Ancestry if they have records in their databases.

Other genealogy sites like and MyHeritage also have databases of birth records you can search through.

Look Up Voter Registration Records

Most US states provide online portals to search voter registration records. These records will typically include a registered voter’s full name, address, birthday, and voter ID number.

All you need is the person’s name and state to potentially find their voter registration and date of birth.

Try a People Search Site

Sites like, PeopleFinders, and AnyWho allow you to search for people by name and location. Along with other personal details, they may provide the person’s age or birthday in the results.

The accuracy can vary, but these sites pull from various public records to generate profiles. So if the person’s birthday is in public records, it may be included.

Search Public Business Records

For business professionals, sites like ZoomInfo, RocketReach, and LeadFerret compile profiles with work history and other details, including date of birth in some cases.

You can search by their name and company to see if their birthday is listed in their business profile.

Check Online Obituaries

Oddly enough, another place you may be able to find someone’s birthday is in online obituaries for relatives. Obituaries will often include the birthdays of surviving relatives.

Search the person’s name along with “obituary” to see if any relatives’ obits list their birthday.

Use Google Search Operators

You can use some Google search tricks to try to surface someone’s birthday. Try searching for their name along with these operators:

  • “Birthday”
  • “born on”
  • “dob”

Sometimes social media posts and public records with their birthday will show up.

Lookup arrest/court records

As a last resort, public arrest or court records may include dates of birth. But this should only be done if you have a valid reason to need to confirm someone’s age for legal purposes.

Using these various online data sources, you have a good chance of finding someone’s birthday and date of birth without directly asking them. However, always keep in mind that searching for someone’s private information without their consent raises some ethical concerns. Consider if you have a legitimate need to know their birthday before digging for it online.

FAQ about finding someone’s birthday online

Is it illegal to look at someone’s birthday online?

It is generally not illegal, as long as you use public sources like social media and public records. Hacking into private accounts would be illegal.

Is there a 100% accurate way to find someone’s birthday online?

Not necessarily. Public records and social media may have errors or outdated info. The only 100% way is to have them confirm it directly.

What if I can only find their astrological sign, not their birthday?

You can use astrology sites to convert their sign into a date range for their birthday. However, these are estimates and not always accurate.

What if someone has their birthday set to private on social media?

Then there is unfortunately no way to view it online unless they grant you access or make it public. You’ll have to find out directly from them.

What if I can only find a birth year, not the full birthday?

A birth year still gives you a range to work with. You’ll know their approximate age, even if you don’t have an exact birth date.


Finding someone’s date of birth online requires clever use of public records and social media profiles. With so many sharing their birthdays publicly, often all it takes is a quick search to uncover the day and date someone was born.

Just be mindful of privacy and only search if you have a legitimate reason to need to know someone’s age or birthday. In many cases, simply asking them directly can be the easiest and most ethical solution.

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